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How to Talk to Someone You Haven’t Talked to in Awhile?

Starting a conversation is by far one of the most crucial tasks that one is asked to do, especially when you haven’t talked to them for a while. You might feel a little nerve-racking out of your skin when you think about what to say to someone you haven’t seen in years. Even if you gather the courage to talk to someone, thoughts like “what will they think” and “it will be so weird” often pass your mind and you fall prey to the dilemma as to what to do and get confused. But on the other hand, even if you decide not to begin the conversation, you might later regret thinking that “why didn’t I talk?” or, might feel sorry. 

However, let’s make it a bit clear to you that there’s no big deal if you cannot decide how to talk to someone you haven’t talked to in awhile. Though you might end up getting a bit nervous if you are determined, there’s nothing that can hold you back. Maybe, you are just overthinking that the other person might consider you weird, but maybe, in reality, they would be quite happy if you reach them out all of a sudden. Or, maybe not. But you cannot let the dilemma overpower you in any case whether they are open for your friendship or not. It is important to be prepared for anything that comes along but before that, it is also important to try your best. 

We are going to suggest some situations that you might relate to if you are thinking about reinitiating a conversation with someone, you’ve lost touch with. 

  1. Contacting an old friend 

Friendship is something that hardly ever goes away, even if you have lost the touch for quite a while now. If your friendship is true, and there is no misunderstanding between you two, then starting a conversation might not be a big deal. Maybe you two just got too busy with life, and there cannot be any better time than this to reinitiate the long lost friendship. But if there is a misunderstanding still persisting between you two, then it is probably the time to put aside such misunderstandings and initiate the long lost friend once again. 

  1. Talking to a girl 

If you are thinking how to text a girl you haven’t talked to in awhile then probably it is the right time to do so. The situation may be like you two have already met, but somehow lost the touch due to certain circumstances. If the situation is like this, and you’re still interested in talking to her, then it is the right time to drop a text or a call, just to say “hi” or you can also ask about her whereabouts. However, if the situation goes otherwise, and if there is a bitterness persisting between you, then you can probably start with a note of apology and then see her reaction to it. 

  1. Communicating with a guy 

If you want to communicate with a guy you have lost touch with somehow, then you might think that it would be weird. But what if he is waiting for your text too? He may be your friend, just an ex, or a crush, you used to talk to; always remember that it’s never too late to reinitiate a conversation if both of you want to do so. Maybe he was thinking the same and was thus hesitating to talk to you. So, it’s time to break the ice and start communicating. 

  1. Speaking to an old colleague 

Do you have that one favorite colleague who always had your back in the workspace? But somehow you two have lost the touch? Then, why not restart it now? There might be a slight bitterness between you two but just sending a text saying, “sorry I haven’t texted you in a while” can melt all the ice. Who knows, maybe they also had a grudge towards you, and once they hear a sorry from you, all the misunderstanding might just take a backseat. 

  1. Reaching out a stranger 

It is probably one of the most asked instances where one gets confused. Maybe you have come across someone on a social platform but after that, the dilemma regarding how to text someone you haven’t talked to before can ruin the game. So, don’t let the confusion ruin your interest and instead, learn to overpower them. It might be the case that the stranger on the other side of the digital screen is thinking the same, and waiting for initiation from your side. So, it is always a better idea to keep aside your confusion and drop them a text. 

Now we will suggest some examples of ways that can help you to reach out to certain people. 

  1. Drop an email. 

If you have the mail id of a friend or a colleague then it is always a better idea to reach them out via email. Nowadays, everyone checks their mail inbox regularly, and thus if you reach them out there, you might get a faster reply. It can also be a situation that you do not have their number or they are not on social media but in most cases, they can always have a mail id. 

  1. Text them on social media. 

Nowadays, social media is one of the most common ways to reach someone out whom you have lost touch with. If you know their full name or remember their face, then it will be quite easy to find them out on social media. You can also search them through mutual friends that both of you might know on social media. 

  1. Call them up on their number. 

If you have their number and want to sort certain things out with them, then calling them up directly is probably one of the best ideas to do so. Even if they do not reply to your texts, they will be bound to hear your words when you call them up. 

I hope, now you know How to Talk to Someone You Haven’t Talked to in Awhile. Now that you have got to know about the ways that you can implement to talk to someone you haven’t talked to in a while, do not hesitate and use the moment to talk to the ones whom you miss, keeping your ego aside.

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