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How to Respond When a Guy Sends You a Picture of Himself?

“Send nudes!” is definitely not the only text types that are exchanged these days between a guy and a girl. Any of them may drop in the picture of holding their morning coffee mug, or their semester books, or their baseball winner cup, or anything in the inbox. However, it is no big deal (as we say so) in the above, it might be one if both of you are not just friends – friends, but trying to be more than just friends! 

While you can still get hold of a bunch of compliments, or can at least Google-Oogle it down when a girl sends you her pictures, girls go numb when guys do the same! Even in the time when there is no shortage of heterosexual replies, finding an appropriate reply as to, how to respond when a guy sends you a picture of himself, can be really a brainstorming affair. 

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After you chuck down the probability of the adjectives quoting “oh, what a beauty!”, “oh, so amazing!”, and ” oh, so handsome!”, it might seem like there’s hardly any of them left to compliment when a guy shares pictures with you. But we never said so! Once you give a read of what we have got for you, your adjectives can hardly ever fall short, especially while complimenting. 

First things first, when a guy shares pictures with you, know that “send me nudes” will eventually follow you. So, be prepared for it! 

No guy on the Earth will send you pictures and never text again! That’s not how it works. Maybe, he has already chosen the shirt for his date with you. 

Do you like him? If no, then there’s no point knowing how to respond when a guy sends you a picture of himself because a proposal is probably on the way already! 

Now that we have given you all the possible disclaimers for how to respond when a guy sends you a picture of himself, it is time to take you through a few of the instances that might help you in understanding the bigger picture! 



Now, that might be from just a good friend of yours, who has no malicious intentions towards you or, might be a very good friend, who doesn’t want to be friends anymore but is expecting something more! Did you notice the mention of the ‘special day’? Maybe, he is just going on making you feel jealous just to confirm the fact whether you have got any feelings towards him at all even. You can be polite and reply with a compliment, or if you already know about their intentions to make you feel jealous and do not want to take interest in it, then just ignore it right away! 


  • Hey, sexy! What do you think about this? 


Okay, now this is kind of desperate if the guy begins with sending you a picture, without asking for your permission. If the guy has done so previously and you do not really care, then probably the guy just wants to seek some attention. Or, if you have already got a slight crush towards them, and they have finally started taking interest in you having known the fact, then probably they just want to know how you think about them, or just want to get a compliment. You can write a really long essay text as a reply if that is your strength or can surf out a great adjective that can make them feel special. 


  • Hey sweetie! Check out my muscles.

To a guy, his muscles are as important, as is your Gucci bag to you! Do you get the drill? You’ll definitely not show it around to a layman out, and so not he, that is, you’re special! If you two are already in a relationship, then appreciating them or mixing up a bit romance to it by saying, “oh sexy!”, or ” wanna get them to grab me!” can work like wonders. Or, if you two are not in a relationship yet, or even not close enough, you can always congratulate them for their achievement by saying, “oh, nice!”, or maybe ” more to come, cheers!”, and that will be enough.

  • Babe, how do you prefer? With a shirt or without it!? 

Okay, now this is a clear indication of ‘I WANT YOU IN MY BED’ if the guy is directly sending you his bare-bodied picture, and that too, without asking you. If he already knows about your positive feelings towards them and feels the same for you, then he is probably trying to take it a step further, by mingling up! Or, if they are just spamming up your inbox just to get your attention, then the next message might be a picture with their ‘dick’ in it. So, better to block ’em up if you feel uncomfortable and do not entertain them with replies! 



  • Hey bud, how’s it looking for the party today? 


Now, there are majority chances that he wants to impress someone at the party, or will probably ask someone out at the party, and is thus asking about your thoughts on their look. It is probably not for you, as they have begun the text message by saying you ‘a bud’ – that’s affection, not crush or love! You can show a similar affection in return, and reply to them with something like, “oh, too good”, or ” what a gentleman”, and blah. Or, maybe, he’s not too good with vocabulary and is probably just checking out whether you are at all bothered about their whereabouts, and asks them back something. If you have got a crush for them, then either inquire or say good stuff like, “someone is makin’ the temperature rise today!” or, “love it, absolutely!”, or in other cases, you can just let go of it, and keep it simple by saying, “looks fine!”, or just “great”. If both are not the cases with you, then it’s probably just a friendly gesture, and you can get done by replying to something like “cool” and stuff! 

The Bottom Line

So, now you know how to respond when a guy sends you a picture of himself. Moreover, you can have your own version of responses for such photo messages as it also depends on who is sending you the photo. I hope you have understood it.

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