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How to Use Passport on Tinder?

How to use Passport on Tinder

Recently, I have shared a post about Tinder Boost which is a great feature offered by Tinder to be popular in your area quickly and find the best matches. Today, I am here to talk about Tinder Passport which is another great feature from them. Let’s talk about it then.

All of you know that Tinder is the leading dating app all across the world, and for the ones who enjoy dating, it is paradise. They offer various premium features to enhance your dating experience by increasing the chances of getting the best matches for you.

What is Tinder Passport?

You must have been reading everywhere how to fake the location on Tinder to get matches from different locations. And, you get tips like faking the GPS, and all because Tinder automatically takes your location as per your phone’s GPS data. So, by faking GPS you could fake your location but due to increased activities like this, Tinder introduced more intelligence to its core, and now you might be caught if you are trying to fake the location, and that may end up getting your account banned.

But, why fake the location when there is Tinder Passport

Yes, that is exactly the thing you want. 

Passport is a premium feature of Tinder that enables you to change your location to virtually be in the other city. However, at a time, you can be in one city virtually. You cannot use two locations at the same time.

That means if you are in Delhi, and you start using the Passport and switch your location to Mumbai. You automatically quit Delhi, and the location will show as Mumbai. Moreover, you can change to various other cities but one at a time.

How to Use Passport on Tinder?

Using Passport on Tinder is extremely easy. If you are a premium member of Tinder, you get the Passport automatically. Now, when you have it, you have to follow the steps below to Turn it on to change the location.

  • Tap the profile icon.
  • Tap “Settings” to open it.
  • Scroll down and tap “Location”.
  • Tap Add a new location.
    Tinder Passport

How to get Passport on Tinder?

To get the Passport on Tinder, you have to subscribe to any of their premium plans: Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.  As you subscribe to the plan, you get the Passport feature enabled into your account along with various other useful features.

Moreover, During the worldwide LockDown due to Coronavirus Pandemic, Tinder is offering Passport feature FREE to everyone till April 30th, 2020 to enjoy Online Dating.

How to Get the Benefits from Tinder Passport?

When you use any premium feature on Tinder, you would want to make most out of that since you are spending money on that. The same goes for Passport! Since you are spending money on it, you would want to get the most benefits. 

Here are a few things you can do to get the benefits of using Passport:

  • Spend time in Improving your Tinder Profile

The ultimate goal of using Tinder is to find the best match, and for that, you use Tinder boost, Tinder passport, and many other features. But, before using any good options, you must spend time to make your profile better because. No matter, how many times your profile gets swiped, if your profile is not attractive or compelling, your profile will end up in getting swiped left which means ignored

Thus, improve the profile first, and for this, you must use the best photo of yours in the profile, write an attractive bio, and add all the details correctly. Since the first impression is on the photos, you must finalize which photo to choose for the profile, or you can even use a tool called Photofeeler to know more about your photos. The photo for that you get the best results, use that in your Tinder profile.

It is indeed a nice tool to finalize the best image of you for your Tinder Profile. 

Once your profile is ready, use the Passport on Tinder.

  • Use Passport when you are free to talk

As soon as you change the location using Passport, you get a Boost from Tinder which is usual as whenever you enter a new location, you get an initial Boost from them free of cost. So, there will be more chances for your profile to get swiped. Hence, you may get people to talk. So, if you are free to respond instantly, then only use the Passport because the first impression should be good. You have to stay available to talk instantly if you get a match. So, to make most out of it, use it when you are freely available.

Would someone know that you are using Passport?

Though novice users may not find about it, expert users of Tinder can easily get an idea because Tinder takes the distance from your Phone’s location, and even if you change a location which is far from your actual location, Tinder will still show the actual distance from a particular user. For example, suppose you are in Mumbai, and you have changed your location to Pune. Now, other users of Pune will find you as a Pune user but, when they see the distance from their location to yours, they will easily find out that you are not in Pune but far away as Tinder will still show the distance from that user to your actual location i.e. Mumbai. So, it is likely that users can get the idea that you are using Passport in your Tinder Profile. Moreover, Tinder has an option that allows you to hide the distance. But again, if you have hidden the distance, users can get an idea that you might be using Passport thus, you are hiding the distance.

But, there are no issues, you can still use Tinder Passport, and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Tinder is the best Dating Platform, and you must know all the tips and tricks that help improve your dating experience. I hope you are now well aware of the Tinder Passport, and how to use Passport on Tinder as well. Just use it, and enjoy dating.

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