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How to Anonymously Tell Someone Their Spouse is Cheating?

“Cheating”, the word has the power to break relationships into pieces. Imagine knowing about your partner cheating on you – the emotional pain and the grudge you feel is hard to be expressed in words, and probably can’t be expressed at all. You cannot just come up and say your partner has cheated on you because cheating, itself, comes in a variety. It’s not as flexible a word as you think it is and thus cannot be confined in the frame of a sentence. It can be a scenario where your partner has just slept with someone or someone your partner is seeing online or has only talked over text, or it can be someone with whom your partner shares his/her thoughts – it can be anything that has made your relationship reach the devastating end!

How to Anonymously Tell Someone Their spouse is Cheating? 

If you intend to report someone about the infidelity of their spouse, then some people are not even going to assume you as sane in the first place. Some might immediately point out their fingers towards you saying, ” What’s the point?” or “What’s the need?”, but if it is bothering you, then you need to do what you have thought of, without thinking about anything. However, there are certain circumstances that you must be prepared for if you are thinking about letting someone know about their spouse cheating on them. 

  • The wife/girlfriend might not believe in your words: Wives or girlfriends do not tend to believe that their husbands/boyfriend is cheating, especially when it is in front of a third person. It probably seems to affect their self-esteem and thus they might end up blaming you as a fraud. 
  • Loss of contact with the cheater: It might be the case that the cheater you are reporting about, is your close ally or a colleague whom you work with. But such a situation might create a distance between you as he/she would make sure that you do not come across any updates regarding their personal life. 
  • You might receive threats: Threatening calls and messages to back off from what you are doing by reporting about their doings are too common a thing and might end up causing you physical harm. Or, if the individual is a senior or has any professional link with you, then your career might also get hampered here. 

Thus, it is always a safety measure to be anonymous while telling them about the deeds their spouse is committing. Below, we are going to tell you how to anonymously tell someone their spouse is cheating so that you do not fall prey to any guilt or blame further. 

  1. Send an Email 

If you are wondering how to anonymously tell someone their spouse is cheating via Email, then we have already extended our handful of suggestions towards you. There are a number of companies, which lets you create a mail id instantly and that too, without registering your personal details anywhere. However, make sure that you find a name and an address that would seem to be real and trustworthy. Also, do not forget to attach some proofs to your mail to support what you are speaking of. 

  1. Make a call 

If you are technologically ignorant or do not have much proves to show, calling the individual is probably the best idea. But while doing so, make sure that the number you are calling from is unknown. Nowadays, it is not much of a fuss to derive the details of a number even if it is not registered on their phonebook due to technological superiority. So, it is better if you can manage a new sim card or a number and then place the call. It would not leave any traces of you, and they cannot even find out who has called. 

  1. Send a text message 

If the individual you are going to talk to, knows your voice too well, then probably texting them the whole thing in written format is the best idea. You can just take a new number and send a text message by writing everything in it and that would help them know everything, without revealing your personal identity. 

  1. Reach out on social media 

If all the above steps seem to be too mainstream to you, reaching out on social media as an anonymous person might help. In case, the individual knows you, you can create a fake profile on any social media platform and reach them out to reveal what you have got to say. However, you need to make sure that the profile looks as real as possible, and you do not start with revealing everything because that might make you seem quite suspicious. Instead, talk about something, and enquire a bit just casually. 

  1. Write a letter 

You can get back to the primitive method and sit down to write a letter if none of the above-suggested methods seem right to you. You can write everything there and can even pin-up certain proofs or photographs, or what you have to that letter. But make sure that you never end up writing your own address on that letter as you might end up revealing your identity. 

Now that you know how to anonymously tell someone their spouse is cheating, you do not need to stay in the guilt of not telling the spouse that their partner is cheating, neither do you need to reveal your identity and give the dangers a call!

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Further, let me explain to you what kind of cheating exists, and commonly observed

Types of Cheating

  1. Physical Cheating 

If your partner is getting sexually involved with someone other than you, it can be called physical cheating. Among all the types of cheating, it is known to be a common one and can be seen both among men and as well as women. But it is often perceived differently by both the genders. You’ll hardly see a man reacting horrified at the fact of a man or a woman having sex with someone he/she is not in a relationship with. While on the other hand, a woman would react with awe and would sympathize with the man or the woman, who is being cheated.

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  1. Online Cheating 

Nowadays, online cheating has become quite a thing, some of which you cannot even refer to as “cheating”, but they actually fall into that category. There are a number of online applications, websites, and even social media platforms, which opens a number of scopes to communicate with other people, and get in touch with them. Such interactions might often lead to deep conversations and might result in interest, which might ultimately develop into a relationship. If you have access to your partner’s online devices, or if you can get it hacked somehow, then it will be easier for you to come across such proves and face the reality. 

  1. Emotional Cheating 

Emotional Cheating is something that is not quite definite to hold on to or to explain. It is when your partner tends to share a relationship or bonding in more depth than the relationship he or she shares with you in the relationship. Such a relationship need not necessarily be physical or intimate but can be a friendship also. The fact that is worth bothering is the fact that someone else understands your partner more than you and comes before you in the priority list. This particular fact might result in insecurities in your relationship. 

  1. Text Message Cheating 

Text message cheat is the most primitive method of cheating on your partner, and it has still not got out of the trend. There have even been quite a lot of media discussions and shows related to such a type of cheating to make people aware of it. In a survey, it has been seen that in such cheating cases, the majority of texts sent are explicit messages and have sexual indications in them.  

cheating texting
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  1. Cyber Cheating 

Cyber cheating is something quite new and has been only popularised recently with the rising popularity of the internet. Though the popularity of the internet has been a boon in certain circumstances, it has caused great problems in the relationships. It majorly includes a variety of cyber cheating such as pornography, online dating, and social communicating or flirting with strangers, or hook-ups. If you want to track the proof if your partner is practicing cyber cheating as well, then you need to first have access to their personal devices.


It is always good to speak about the wrong! I hope you now know the answer to this “How to Anonymously Tell Someone Their spouse is Cheating?” So, don’t stop yourself, and do let the people know if they are being cheated by their spouse. This can help save relationships or can help from saving people from cheaters.

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