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How to Respond When a Girl Says She is Busy?

Nowadays, Dating is ubiquitous. Especially, online dating. Since it is increasing, you would need some tips and tricks to perform well in the dating world. We have a few posts related to dating, online dating, and Tinder on this blog already. Today, we are here with a post that every Man would like to read, and in fact, that is the question every Men wants to ask “How to Respond When a Girl Says She is Busy?“. So, in this blog post, we are here to discuss it in detail. Stay tuned…

Often when you ask a girl out, it might happen that she turns you out saying that she’s busy. But, if you know how to respond when a girl says she is busy, then you already have the ball in your court. Nowadays, it might happen online, as well as offline, when you ask the girl out for a date, or to have coffee with you, or maybe just get on a call to chit-chat, and she ends up saying she’s busy. Though it might disappoint you a bit, if you know how to get along with the situation, then the same situation might not take place again. 

Few things that you must keep in mind first:

  • You should not ask her out right then

It is where most men tend to go wrong and ask the girl out for her next schedule just when she turns down the plan saying she’s busy. So if she says to you “Sorry, I can’t make it that day”, your reply should never be ” How about the next day?” That’s the worst thing that you can ever do! As soon as you suggest another date, you end up showing how desperate you are for her attention and that kills her interest towards you immediately. What you can do is, just wait a few more days and ask her out again, but at ease. If she turns you out again, then it’s probably time to move on and stop contacting her anymore.

  • Do not keep nagging her

Do not portray yourself as a cry baby and keep on nagging her or request her to go out, or to get on a call, or to reply to you. Assuming that she has some interest in you in the first place, doing this would make you seem like an emotional fool to her, and that would absolutely ruin her interest in you.

  • Watch out for her interest in you

The most important thing in your relationship with a woman is her interest in you in the first place and not your interest in her. So, before you end up learning every possible way regarding how to respond when a girl says she is busy, know whether she has any interest in you or not. There is hardly anything that you can do to instigate her interest in you. So, if you come to know that she doesn’t have any interest in you, there is no point in trying to win over it. 

How to Respond When a Girl Says She is Busy?

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Next, I’ll list down below certain instances to help you understand how to respond when a girl says she is busy. 

  • You ask her out for a drink, and she turns down saying busy

If you are asking her out for a drink and she is turning it down back to back, then probably she is not taking any interest in you. Or maybe, she is just thinking of you to be too desperate if you are asking her out just after talking to her for a few hours. So, if she has turned you down quite a few times, and she has denied, do not attempt the same again.

Moreover, it might be the case that she is actually very busy, and cannot take out time to go for a drink with you. So, in that case, you can just say “We can go some other time when you are free”. And, after that don’t ask too early. Give her some time, and then ask some other time. If she turns you down again and again, then you just give up on her and move on.

  • You have already sent her quite a few texts, and she has replied saying busy 

Girls like attention but not too much of it. If you are trying to be more interactive than she is, then probably you’re doing it wrong. Do not do the same and do not send her too many texts at the same time. She might think that you are just being too desperate for her attention and maybe that’s why turning down the deal. 

  • You ask her out for dinner, and she says she’s busy at the moment 

If she says she is busy at the moment, then that might be a good sign for you. She is probably truly busy at the moment and giving you the sign to ask her out later and not stop contacting. So, be compassionate, and understand her situation and spare her some time.

  • She says she’s busy and asks you whether you’re free the next day 

Hooray! That’s a great sign. It means, she is actually busy and is asking you out. She is actually taking interest in you and asking you out to meet up some other time. Always remember, a girl making time for you is the best thing you can expect! 

  • She says she is busy after the first date

Many times it happens that when you go on a date with a girl, and after that when you want to reach out to her and make some plans for hanging out, and she says she is busy, then it might be the case that when she met you for the first time, she did have the enthusiasm to know you but after knowing you she might have felt that there is no chemistry between you and her. And, again there are many cases such as either she didn’t like how you talk, how you look, how you behave, or how you treat her. Or, by chance, if you guys had sex on the first date, and then if she says she is busy when you ask her to chat or go out, that might be a case that she had not enjoyed the sex because of your low performance, and thus she doesn’t think she can be in a relationship with you. So move on rather than hitting on her again and again. 

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These all might be the cases if she is saying so.

Most importantly, when you ask for anything, and the girl says she is busy without leaving any alternatives, then you understand that she is not interested in you. So, move on instead of asking her again and again.

How to win over the girl?

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  1. Be understanding and compassionate.
  2. Do not give her much attention.
  3. Give her some space.
  4. Do not text her too frequently.
  5. Don’t be too much available. [/su_list]


At the end in the conclusion, I would only say that you have to understand what actually the girl means when she says she is busy. If she is actually busy, and wants to go out with you some other time or just talk other time then she might leave some alternatives such as, if you ask her, “Would you please go out for a dinner with me?

And, if she replies, “No, I am busy”. 

It might mean that she is not interested because she is not leaving any alternative. But if she replies, “No, not tonight because I am very busy. But, we can go some other time”. Then that may mean that she is actually busy, and will go later. But, the same girl if replies this another time again, then it might mean that she is trying to avoid you.

So, you have to learn to understand the meaning of her saying “She is busy”. And, accordingly, you can respond. That’s all.

So, this was about how to respond when a girl says she is busy. I am sure you have learned a lot about how a girl thinks, and how to understand what they actually mean when they say they are busy.

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