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What Happens When You Block Someone On Gmail?

Communication through email is considered to be one of the best communication networks for providing personal and business conversations. This is the reason that business houses prefer email communication to maintain professionalism. And when it comes to email, Gmail wins here as it has various features that you can control on your own. You can avail all the benefits from the Google-owned email service.  But there are sometimes when you get some unwanted emails in your mail folders and you are bound to block that particular mail address. Now, what happens when you block someone on Gmail? In this article, we will go through it in a detailed way. But before that let’s have a look at some of its features. 

Why Gmail is so important for businesses?

Following are the reasons which will justify this question of yours: 

  • Low-cost maintenance: Gmail requires zero manpower and low-cost maintenance as well as enough data storage. This means that you can access your files, documents, and other information. Gmail is developed in such a way that the user doesn’t require any IT administrator in creating accounts and then providing user access to them. You can do everything on your own. Additionally, the data get stored on the Google servers as it has about 15GB of storage per account which is shared across Google Photos, Gmail, and Google Drive. 
  • Enough storage: Gmail is featured with up to huge storage space of 15GB per person if you are not using any such client program for mails. Gmail provides 25GB storage space for business. This will allow you to store lots of emails that contain large files. 
  • Instant Access: One of the biggest benefits of Gmail is that you can access your Gmail account anywhere and anytime if there is internet access. If you use your own email server, you may find difficulty sometimes in accessing the email messages.  
  • Provides security: If you are using a business Gmail account, then you must back up it so that the platform gives proper service within time. Moreover, you can access your email messages and other information through a secured SSL so that no-one access your personal information. 
  • Synchronize with Outlook: You can synchronize your Gmail account with Microsoft Outlook, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and other platforms which are mostly used by many business houses. It provides lots of benefits especially when you are utilizing modern technology like smartphones. 
  •  Allows Video Conferencing: The Gmail is featured with other incredible features such as video conferencing and online chat through Hangouts. To run this you need just need a device with a webcam and a microphone. You can also continue your conversation with your client by sending text messages, in no time and further save the results for future use.

How To Block Someone On Gmail ON Desktop and Mobile?

There are lots of promotional emails that keep on disturbing you in general by sending the notifications. This is where the platform allows you to control as well as filter the messages you get by blocking that specific email address. But then what happens when you block someone on Gmail? Will the sender be able to send the emails to you again? Or can you send an email to that email address? How can you unblock someone again? We will discuss all the questions so just stick on to it. 

On Desktop 

Step 1: 

Spot the email which is constantly disturbing you and open it if you are willing to block.

Step 2: 

Now click on the three-dotted icon located opposite to the name of the sender. 

Step 3: 

Finally, select the block sender’s name and click on it.

How to Block someone on Gmail On Mobile?

The process to block a sender in mobile is also quite similar. Just open the mail address that you want to block and click on the three-dotted icon next to the sender’s name and there you go. 

Can the blocked sender be able to mail you again?

Now you might be wondering what happens when you block someone on Gmail? Can the blocked person still send you messages? Yes, the sender can still send you email messages. But the only difference here is the emails will not appear in your primary inbox. All the messages of the sender will get stored in the Spam folder. 

Will you be able to email to the block sender?

Of course, you can. Though the Gmail allows the blocked emails to move towards the spam folders. But if you wish, you can communicate usually with an email address. However, the conversation will be limited to the spam folder. 

Will the sender know if you blocked him or her?

If you blocked someone for the first time, you might be thinking will the blocked person come to know about it? The answer is ‘No’ as the Gmail does not send any notification to the sender about the action. Unlike any other platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook, Gmail believes in the silent block system. 

How to unblock someone on Gmail?

There are times when you block someone unintentionally. Now, how you can unlock the sender’s email address? Let’s check the steps given below: 

Step 1: 

Open your Gmail account and select the settings icon. 

Step 2: 

Now click on the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” option. 

Step 3: 

Here you will see the list of email addresses that you blocked on Gmail. 

Step 4: 

Now finally click on the unblock button. 

If you wish to unblock someone on mobile, you need to open the blocked email address and simply click the unblock sender button. 

The Bottom Line 

Gmail allows you to get rid of the irritating promotional emails from your primary inbox. But the platform still offers you an option to continue the conversation and this is where Gmail is different from other platforms. We hope we have answered all your question on what happens when you block someone on Gmail.  Please let us know your feedback in the comments section below.


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