10 Best Sites like Kahoot

Kahoot brought a compelling educational proposition that is capturing millions of users around the world. The platform has consecutive questions so that students can answer them as evaluations and obtain points. But that is not the most important thing, because the main dynamic is to create the atmosphere of a contest where the students are the participants.

However, relying on only one option for education is not always enough, and you never know what is coming on your way. So, if you want to know other alternatives to Kahoot, we will help you.

Alternatives to Kahoot

Now that we have told you the importance of using Kahoot, it is time for you to check out some of the options that we have in hand. These alternatives work similarly to Kahoot in one way or the other, and will hardly disappoint you.  Here are some of the best sites like Kahoot that you must check out:

  1. Classtime


Classtime is spectacular software with which you can reinforce the level of teaching. The responses generated can be commented by the facilitator to add feedback, to add corrections, and to finish giving the latest teaching data. In addition, this application has included more than 30,000 complete and complex questions for the students.

  1. Poll Everywhere

poll everywhere

Poll Everywhere is available for Android smartphones, iOS, iPads, and even its web version to access it from any browser and take advantage of all its functions. On the other hand, the purpose of this application is to allow you to make multiple encounters through various means to obtain accurate data.

In this sense, Poll Everywhere offers you the possibility of creating a voting system using SMS text messages from cell phones to obtain the answers automatically and detected by the system. All the information collected will also be analyzed while the application is in charge of creating a PowerPoint presentation to add them to the platform.

  1. Socrative

Socrative is a good option to work with. It has a series of dynamics to reinforce the content processed in a classroom through simple questions, exams, and evaluations, but with certified results, being one of the best alternatives to Kahoot.

To top it all, Socrative doesn’t just work for asking questions based on exams but also has some simple selection options. All this is done manually and automatically, and the data collected is sent to the teachers to evaluate.

  1. Hypersay


Hypersay is compatible with the live survey system. In other words, they can be sent during a particular time, and the responses obtained are shown in an automated counter. These answers have several options and accept open ones where the participant can write their opinion, although there is a lot to choose from.

  1. Mentimeter


Another one based on the live question and quiz system that you are sure to love is Mentimeter. This software only works online from its website, but it works very well to get quick answers and established time frames since there are several options from which to choose.

Even Mentimeter works from smartphones, through the browser because there is no application for these devices. The responses are generated progressively and are shown on-screen indicators if you choose that option. The truth is that it is simple but effective.

  1. Beekast


Among the alternatives to Kahoot, you cannot fail to mention Beekast, a platform designed for presenters, exhibitors, and great speakers, since it allows you to add dozens of interactive elements.

The best thing about Beekast is that it works perfectly live. In other words, when you are presenting your exhibition, you can add a survey and then send it to all those present, who you must ask to enter the suggested website.

  1. Acadly


Speaking of surveys, Acadly is one of the most comprehensive in its field. With it, you have so much to discover that you will not have to worry about paying anything because it is Open Source. But most importantly, now you can generate online surveys with multiple options. You have the opportunity to add limit stops, create interactive elements, use a GPS tracker to know the location of all the participants, and even generate random questions to work from there.

  1. Wooclap


To go to the polls, Wooclap may give you many more options from which to choose. This platform is rated as one of the best because it allows the opinion of several respondents to be known through multiple devices. The options that are selected can be answered from cell phones, smart applications, on your website, and through text messages, so that you have many more opportunities to certify.

  1. Quizalize

The days when you used a pencil and paper to take tedious tests are over. Now you just have to write your questions on a slide from the application using your cell phone and then send it to the platform. Students can access them through tablets and their cell phones and answer everything.

  1. Meeting Pulse

Meeting Pulse is software with which you can conduct surveys and questions to all audiences in real-time. These are answered with cell phones, and the data obtained is displayed on the official website so that you can keep a record online. It is a good proposal to measure and poll large audiences.


Now that we have given you an idea about the several Kahoot alternatives, you do not need to rely on only one application to do your classes. So if you looking for an education platform that is alternate to Kahoot, then use any of the above.

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