What Does WSP Mean on Snapchat?

As we all know that Snapchat is becoming a very popular multimedia messaging app nowadays. Snapchat provides us with a number of features. Also, users on Snapchat regularly create a new slang term every day according to their convenience like SMH, SS, SFS, SB, WSP, and so on. So we can say that Snapchat is also popular because of its slang and acronyms. Now you might have heard from somewhere or read about it that people want to know what does WSP mean on Snapchat? The answer to this question is quite short; WSP stands for “What’s up”.  But just knowing the abbreviation of the slang WSP can become complicated until we know the exact meaning and situation of the context it is being used. Therefore to understand its meaning in detail, let us explore WSP in more detail.

What does WSP mean on snapchat
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What Does WSP Mean on Snapchat?

Well, like any other abbreviation WSP also has a wide range of meanings. But the most common meaning of WSP in Snapchat is “What’s up”. WSP as “What’s up” is a very common and easy-going way to check someone on how they are doing. It can be referred to as an all-round way of greeting that can be used to ask someone about what they are up to right now or simply used if you want to start a conversation like “What’s happening”, “What’s new!”, “How are things going on with you?”. The meaning of WSP remains the same as for Instagram, WhatsApp, and also over text. It doesn’t matter how it is capitalized in a sentence “WSP”, “wsp”, “Wsp”, its meaning remains the same.

Important Note

WSP can only be used throughout the text on social media as well as with family and friends. It should never be used within any kind of professional and formal settings like business conferences, business emails, any kind of formal letters, and other formal situations.

WSP Meaning

In the above section, we have discussed what does WSP mean on Snapchat? In addition to Snapchat, the slang WSP is being used in many other ways also. So if you want to know the different meanings of WSP, you have to explore the upcoming sections more precisely-

WSP as WhatsApp

The meaning of WSP is “WhatsApp”– the very famous texting platform. Yes you heard it right many people refer to “WhatsApp” as WSP. So in future if any of your friends ask you to “Text me on WSP”, don’t get confused –He is just asking you to message him on WhatsApp. So WSP also refers to WhatsApp messaging app.

WSP as Web Service Provider

In the world of technology, everybody is familiar with websites. A web service provider indicates any kind of organization that hosts websites. There are many companies that work as web service providers like GoDaddy, WordPress or DreamHost. So in terms of IT sector if you want to know how a website is built then WSP is shorthand for “Web Service Provider”.

WSP as Washington Square Park

If you are going to sightseeing or if you are a citizen of New York City (NYC), then there the meaning of WSP stands for Washington Square Park. Washington Square Park is a historic park and is a very famous public square in NYC. It is famous for its large fountain and Italian-style architecture. But the thing to keep as a note is- there are many Washington Square Park in different cities, so just remember it as a regional reference.

WSP as What’s Popping

Another meaning of WSP is “What’s Popping”. It is being widely used for “What’s going on”. WSP as “What’s Popping” is being used as an irregular and fun way to know about what a particular person is up to.

WSP as White Skin Privilege

If you are taking any sociology class and studying European and western cultures then the meaning of WSP is White Skin Privilege.  It refers to the non-violent benefits the white people receive.

WSP Examples

After getting familiar with the meaning of WSP in different situations, now it’s time to understand its meaning in more detail by taking some examples of WSP in different situations. These examples of WSP also help you to understand the WSP usage in-depth, so next time whenever you saw WSP in a sentence you can easily manipulate it according to the situation. Some of them are-

When you meet with your schoolmate after many years of schooling and she ask you for your phone number

             Hey! Please give me your WSP number. Add me there.

           Here WSP means WhatsApp and your friend ask you to share your     WhatsApp number so that they can easily hang up with you.

When your friend builds a new website and wants a host for it. He asks like this-

“Adam! I am looking for a new WSP to host my blog. Can you help me?”

Here WSP means Web Service Provider that is being used while building a new website.

When your friend recently going to New York and he saw a square park there.

“Have you been to NYC? Did you see WSP there?” 

Here WSP stands for Washington Square Park in New York City.

Final Words

We hope now you know what does WSP mean on Snapchat? After reading this article now you are capable to understand the difference between meanings, examples and usages of WSP in different aspects.

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