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What is the Best Time to Use a Tinder Boost?

In the world we live in, social interactions are reducing, and people are finding friends and life-partner online. That is the reason, dating is growing all across the world. And, when it comes to dating, you cannot just start the talks without mentioning Tinder

What is Tinder

Tinder is the most popular dating network in the world. The app matches people with similar interests, likes, and dislikes which they fill in their profile. When someone likes you on the app and swipes right that means that the user likes you, and if the user swipes left, that means he/she is not interested in your profile. When two users swipe right each other at the same time, that is a “match”, and then they can chat on the app, and discuss whatever they would like to.

There is a lot of things that we can talk about Tinder, and we will discuss them all gradually on this blog. However, in this post, we are going to talk about the best time to use a Tinder Boost.

What is Tinder Boost?

Tinder Boost is a feature offered by Tinder which boosts your profile so that your profile becomes one of the top profiles in your area for 30 minutes. In this time period, your profile gets swiped 10 times more than normal which increases the chances to find your match quickly.

How to get Tinder Boost?

You get Tinder Boost when you subscribe to Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus. Moreover, you can buy it separately as well. And, when we talk about the charges, Tinder charges every user differently for the boost. And, that may depend on your age and location as well. Generally, older users have to pay more for the boost than the young guys.

What is the Best Time to Use a Tinder Boost?

what is the best time to use Tinder boost

As per a report by Tinder, Monday 6 PM to 9 PM is the peak time when users swipe on Tinder more than any other day and time. Some reports say that Sunday and Monday both 6 PM to 9 PM are the peak time. So, based on these reports, and a graph by, 9 PM is the best time to use a Tinder Boost as this is the peak time for users to use Tinder.

It is very simple science that when there is the most number of users are using Tinder, that is the best time to use a Tinder Boost to make most out of it.

Few reports say that when there is stormy weather outside, there are more users on Tinder swiping each other.

Keep these in Mind While Using a Tinder Boost to Make Most out of It

  • If you are busy, don’t use a Boost

When you boost your profile, there are likely to get matches, and then when you get the chat messages, you must have time to chat. So, use the Tinder Boost only when you have plenty of time to chat. Because if you are busy, and you don’t reply quickly to messages, the first impression will be bad which is not good when you are finding a match. And, most importantly, the money you used to buy Boost will go in vain.

  • When you Go to a New Location, don’t use Boost.

When you enter a new location, Tinder automatically gives your profile a boost in that area. So, why buy a Tinder Boost when you are getting it for free. So, don’t use it when you just enter a new location.

  • Before using Boost, Improve your Tinder Profile

No matter how much money you spend on Boost to get a match if your profile is not appealing. You will hardly get a good match. In the virtual world, your photo, and profile details are very important as they reflect your character. So, make your profile appealing first then use a Tinder Boost. So that when users swipe right to your profile, it can impress them.

Final Words

If you are someone who uses Tinder regularly, it is always great to know the tips and tricks related to it because when you know more than general users, you can increase your chances of finding the best matches. You can spend money wisely as well when you know the tips.

I hope you now know the answer to the question “what is the best time to use a Tinder Boost”. Enjoy “Tindering”, Enjoy “Dating”.

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