10 Best Sites Like Putlocker to Stream Movies and TV Shows

For years, Putlocker used to be the go-to site for movie lovers around the world. The site successfully met the growing needs of the millions of movie lovers that used to troop to the site for streaming the latest and most loved movies.

Sadly, Putlocker was shut down over the allegation of violating copyright laws: a big blow to movie lovers. If you are in need of a good alternative to Putlocker, you should consider 10 of the best sites that offer quality services like Putlocker. Here is a list of the sites like Putlocker you should check out:

  1. Solar Movie

Solar Movie is an extremely fast video streaming site and one of the sites like Putlocker for TV shows where you can view TV shows and movies for free. The first attractive feature of this site is its impressive user interface. It is very simple to use and ensure that you can easily stream movies even if you don’t have much computer skills.

The site has some bars that make searching for any movie of your choice to be fun. Solar Movie is a free online site like Putlocker where you will get access to a wide variety of movie and TV shows genres.

  1. Niter Movies

You only need a visit to this amazing website to understand why it meets the requirement to be ranked among the best sites like Putlocker. Niter Movies has a clean and well-designed user interface with a list of some of the best movies you can consider adding to your list of entertaining movies.

The TV Series menu offers you a list of the best TV series that you can watch at your leisure while you have the Coming Soon section for great movies that will soon hit the shelf. Check out the Recently Added Niter Movies section as well for the latest movies and enjoy a great weekend with your loved ones while watching your favourite movie on one of the best free online sites like Putlocker.

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  1. Vudu

Vudu is another great site where you can satisfy your quest for great entertaining movies. Whether you want interesting cartoons for your children or want to watch some great movies, Vudu has tons of great movies in its database to choose from.

You don’t have to check other sites like for TV shows as Vudu ensures that you are not left out. Check its TV menu, and you will be amazed at the number of TV shows for your viewing pleasure.

  1. House Movie

House Movie is literally the home of entertaining movies. From adventure to romance movies, cartoon to Sci-Fi movies, House Movie has them all.

Searching for your favourite movie is pretty easy on this movie site like Putlocker. You have the Movies, Genres, Serials, and other menus you can use for searching for movies in a specific genre.

Alternatively, use the search option to search for any movie, even if you don’t remember the genre. Just enter the movie’s name, and you will have it displayed for you.

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  1. Movie4K

Easy-to-use menus, ability to search movies by genre, quality, and release year are some of the outstanding features of one of the outstanding movie sites like Putlocker. Whether you are in need of animated videos, action movies, adventure movies, or biography movies, Movie4K has all these and more in its database.

You can also check movies by release year. At the moment, you can search for movies between 2011 and 2018, an assurance that you can lay your hands on the current movies that are making waves among movie lovers.

  1. Yes Movies

This movie site boasts of one of the most simple user interfaces. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t be taken for inferior services. Rather, behind the simple design lie some tools that make getting your desired movies stress-free.

Firstly, there are the menus where you can search for movies, both old and new.  Regardless of the genre, Yes Movies provides an abundance of great and interesting movies. Just as with other sites like Rainierland and Putlocker that know their onions, the site also has a search button and some menus to guide you.

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  1. Panda Movie

Panda Movie is a great alternative to Putlocker. The site offers you the opportunity to watch TV shows and movies online for free. For movie lovers from different backgrounds, you have nothing to be scared of because the platform offers movies in different genres such as Family, Sports, Documentary, Biography, Crime, Horror, and what have you.

Go through the list of movies in its menus, and you will have your full dose of entertainment from these well-scripted movies offered by great sites like Putlocker. If you are passionate about TV shows, you will also have your fill from this site.

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  1. WoLow Tube

A list of the best sites like Putlocker is incomplete without a mention of this repertoire of good movies. WoLow Tube offers you any genre of the movie of your choice to maintain its position as one of the other sites like Rainierland and Putlocker.

From the most popular movies to the latest movies, this amazing site has an impressive database of all movies. Go through its list of movies, and you will be amazed at the huge selection of movies you can select from.
Apart from movies, you can watch your favourite TV shows from the comfort of your home as well. The site has it all.

  1. Movie Night

Movie Night may not boast of the same database of movies and TV shows as Putlocker; it is obviously a modest alternative to the streamlining site. The simple website is designed to meet the increasing need of movies lovers for sites like Putlocker that can provide them with enough movies from any genre in the absence of Putlocker.

You can take advantage of the different sections on the site to feed your eyes with an impressive list of TV shows and movies you can stream for watching at home.

  1. WatchMoviesFree

You can watch the latest TV series and movies on one of the best sites like Putlocker. It has an amazing collection of movies and TV series and shows to keep you glued to your TV while you are entertained for hours on end.

You have multiple genres of movies to choose from whenever you feel inclined to watch great movies. Whether you are interested in documentary, game-show, romance, or any other genre of movies, WatchMoviesFree offers you all these movies without charging you a token.

While Putlocker has proved over the time to be a leading name in this industry, these sites are giving it a run for its collection of movies. Check this list of sites like Putlocker, and you will be amazed at what awaits you.

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