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How to Find Someone on Discord Without Number?

If you are a gamer, you would definitely find that Discord is one of the excellent and powerful components of your gaming strategy. It is one of the excellent communication tools that can help you engage in communication with your fellow gamers during gameplay.

Adding anyone to Discord will need you to know their  Discord Tag. But, what if you are looking to know how to find someone on Discord without number? It is not possible as such, but we can check out a few other options that can prove to be useful. However, we do not assure any guarantee. 

Discord – An efficient Communication tool for the gamers

Once you have come across Discord, you will definitely find it one of the excellent options for a fruitful in-game commination. The app provides you with an easy to use interface that resembles a chat app. We were definitely impressed with customisation options that the Discord app offers you. 

Discord provides you with access to several advantages. Maybe you found someone who you would want to get in touch with. You should be able to add them to Discord quite immediately. The best option would be to send them a friend request, and you would be friends as soon as the other person accepts your request. 

Can you add someone to Discord without number? Well, no. Discord does not allow you that in any manner, whatsoever. The right option to add a friend to Discord is to send a friend request, and you would need to have their Discord Tag or Tag number for the purpose. The tag number or Discord Tag can be found through the profile of the person you are interested in. 

You would need to have this Discord Tag for connecting with practically anyone on Discord. The Discord identity of any of the users would consist of three parts: 

  • The Username: This is what you would have configured at the time of creating your Discord account. 
  • The Hashtag: #. This would act as a separator or an identifier. The hashtag appears as the second part of every Discord user ID
  • The Tag Number:  This is the numerical four-digit number. Discord automatically generates this tag number when you sign up for the service. 

This is the number you need to have when you want to find someone on Discord without number. Unless you have access to this number, you would not be able to send a friend request to anybody as such. 

Before we can understand how to find someone on Discord without Number, let us check out how to send a friend request on Discord in the normal manner. 

Here are the steps involved:

  • Launch your Discord app and sign in to it. 
  • Locate the Friends on the left pane on your Discord dashboard. 
  • You would find the list of all the friends you already have on Discord app. 

You should find your friends marked in four different categories – Online, All, Pending, and Blocked. Online friends will be the ones who are currently online; the Pending list consists of the friends who are yet to respond to your friend request. The other categories should be self-explanatory. 

  • Once you reach here, click on the option Add Friend
  • Click on the option

  • You will be able to find the option for adding your friend. 
  • Add the Tag number of the person you would want to add. 
  • Click on Friend Request.

Your friend request will be sent. 

The rest of the process would be the same as in the case of the other social media services. Your potential friend will get a notification that you have sent a friend request and needs to approve you as a friend. Until then, your new friend should be visible under the Pending tab. 

But, how to find someone on Discord without Number? Well, that is a bit difficult, and you need to find alternate options to try finding the Tag number. You cannot add a friend without the Discord number. 

You can get access to the Tag number through the following options:

  • You can get in touch with the person you want to befriend on Discord and ask for the tag number. You can get the details through the social media network or through a Group Chat on Discord itself.
  • Once you get to the profile of the person, click on the profile of the person.
  • This should give you access to the user ID and Discord tag.

You can use this information to add the person as a friend on Discord through the above method. 

Use Right-click option to find Someone

You can even use the right-click option to find the Discord Tag and send friend requests. In fact, if your aim in finding someone on Discord is to send a friend request alone, the right-click option lets you do it straight away. 

Follow the steps here below: 

  • Find the profile of the person you want to find or add as your friend on Discord 
  • Right-click on the profile name 
  • Locate the option Add Friend 
  • Click on it.

That does it. The friend request will be sent to your potential friend. 

Find the Profile through a Mutual Chat

Is it possible that you have come in contact with the person through a mutual chat? In such a situation, it should be easy enough to get access to the Discord Tag rather easy enough. 

Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Go to the chat that you have found the person you are interested in
  • Locate the profile of the person you want to find on profile. 
  • Click on the profile to find the user ID and Tag number. 
  • If you want, you can right-click on the profile of the person and send the request right away.

Under the usual conditions, the chatbox will provide you access the Discord Tag and the user name.  

Join the Same Server as the same Potential Friend

This is yet another excellent option you can use to find someone on Discord without number. If you know of the server that the potential friend or the person you want to find on Discord is part of, you can have the best option to find the person comfortably. 

You can join the server by clicking on the  + (Plus) icon on the left-hand menu on the Discord dashboard. You may also search for the server if you are aware of the server name. 

Once you join the server, you should find the profiles of all the users on the server. Locate the person, and you can use the same methods that we have discussed above to add the person as a friend or find the Discord Tag of the member. 

The Closing Thoughts 

That would perhaps be the complete information on how to find someone on Discord without number. If you are checking out the best options to find someone on Discord without number, you definitely need to have access to Discord Tag. Without the Discord tag, it is quite impossible to find someone on Discord without Tag number. 

We find the above options outlined here to find the Discord Tag number should be helpful in more than one way to find the person on the gaming communication service rather easily. 

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