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How Does Location Update on Bumble?

Bumble is possibly the most well-known and one of the most widely used dating applications one can find. People have been using Bumble for years now, and there are many success stories where the dating app has helped people meet their soulmates. Even though people have for long been using the application, not all are aware of how it functions. Thus, today, I would explain to you how does location update on bumble app.

Before getting on to the location update, let us understand why does Bumble require the location information in the first place. So, Bumble helps people living or in the same area to connect. Thus, to make sure that Bumble can provide the users with the best match, Bumble provides a location update on the application.

So, here is how does location update on Bumble, When you first start on with your application on mobile, the app seeks permission to access your location. Well, you can surely deny location access, but then, in that case, the application would not start at all. Thus, you would have to give the application location access. Once the application is provided with location access, the application can now check out your location whenever it needs. 

The biggest question that you might be having in mind, if you are not one of those who look forward to travelling miles to meet their possible perfect matches would be, if the application is appropriately noting your location. This is quite a reasonable question that might have genuinely crossed your mind. Well, with years of experience with the app, I can assure you that the application comes up with the perfect location for you. Bumble checks on your location and then shows the closest and the most popular matches for you. That is precisely how their algorithm works.

Now that you know how does location update on Bumble, we would like to hit the point that there is a fundamental problem in the location tracker of the application. The application does not allow the user to choose the location by themselves; thus if you are interested in knowing how does location update on Bumble, you would also be interested to know, if you can change the location of the place as per your requirement. Well, you are in the right place. You can do that, and we tell you how.

The location feature becomes increasingly irritating if you are on a vacation and the location tracker helps you with matches at the place you are in. You may want to check out the matches back at your home. Well, if you are planning a vacation below seven days then, surely the Bumble team has some good news for you. The team allows you to set your location to a remote location for seven days. This means that you can set the location as per your requirement for seven days and enjoy the vacation. 

If you are one of those who do love going into long trips, well, then don’t think we won’t have a solution for you! We have one! Here is something that you can do. You can manually go to the application settings of the application and click on the location tab and close it before you move out of your hometown. The app would recognise you at this location, even though you might6 have moved out. Thus, you can enjoy the vacation and still be at your hometown on Bumble and check out the matches there.

With Bumble taking on your location, sometimes the most precise ones, you surely can doubt the integrity of the application. Well, let me assure you that Bumble is one of the best apps when it comes to correct usage of your data. Unlike most other applications, Bumble does not continue to track you after you have left the application. Bumble tracks you from the moment you enter the app to exactly the moment you leave the application. Once you leave, the app would only monitor you when you have a message or a match or when you log in. Thus, they help you in keeping your data safe and sound. This means that if other users log in when you are offline, they would not be shown the exact location of distance from you, but only the name of the city you last logged in from.

Thus, to conclude, if you had been looking on how does location update on Bumble, here we have tried to provide you with all the details that you might be needing. Besides, you would now also have a fair idea about how you can use Bumble while you are out on vacation. Thus we hope that this article did help you to understand how does location update on Bumble.

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