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Online dating: Is it a business or a real chance to find your love?

Before you go off on a tangent about finding your soulmate, you should learn a little bit more about Russian dating. You might have already read different reviews and tips on a huge number of dating sites. However, most likely, you haven’t found the main answer because the opinions are radically different.

Do not get mad; almost every feedback is based on someone’s sad, accidental or happy experience. Besides, some people try to play smart even without any experience. Anyway, it is better to try once, than to get lost in constant assumptions, guesses, and suppositions.

It’s all about scammers and someone’s business.

In an attempt to find honest feedback about this or that dating site, you will surely run into comments that there are only scammers, inadequate people and sex maniacs here. Actually, you can meet these people anywhere, not just on dating sites. Unfortunately, there is still no such program that would, through the monitor, recognize the adequacy of a person, their sexual preferences, and motives. You should use your brain and intuition on your own.

Yes, all dating sites have premium services and advertising, which they try to promote and impose. For example, promotion of the account, VIP statuses, additional photos and so on. Well, do they have a choice? Nowadays, advertising is a very expensive thing as well as hosting, work of programmers and designers. It all costs a lot of money. Therefore, all dating sites have advertising and additional services. If you want to use a modern site with a big audience as well as use premium services, you have to pay.

It’s a waste of time.

You have a 50-50 chance of finding your one and only, so your chances are not so small as the “experienced public” draws you, especially if you have a gut, sharp mind, and you know several tips on how to get the best of the process. There are many individual techniques, but, anyway, you shouldn’t waste time on all the dating sites you can find on the Internet. Of course, if there were two of them, it would be much easier.

Some people say that online dating is just a ridiculous waste of time, but often, this opinion is popular among those who do not use dating sites. People who try to find their love on dating sites walk up the streets next to you. The only difference is that they have said openly about their intentions, “I want to date.”

It’s all about love.

Love can be found anywhere, including on the web. Your relationship there starts with the first message. When you are alone with the screen, you talk to yourself, in a sense (although you address your message to another person) and therefore, you are franker. You have time to think over the words. On the one hand, someone can start being nervous in an attempt to achieve perfection, but on the other hand, it becomes a salvation for others. They can finally say exactly what they want, and they don’t need to pick up successful replies when the conversation is over.

In fact, you are not looking for love as such on the Internet; you are rather searching for someone you can love. Everything depends heavily on your ability to enter into a dialogue, open up, exchange joy with another person. Don’t limit yourself to any statement, do everything to find your love.

Literacy and humor, as well as the ability to show your strengths and hide the shortcomings, will only help you. It is possible to determine the main points with the first phrases: courtesy, respect for other people, the focus of interest, seriousness, the presence or absence of a sense of humor, the speed of response. Once you understand that you are interested in a person, you can move to the stage of the first date.

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