10 Best Sites Like Charahub

Charahub, also known as Characterhub, was a website specifically to list characters. The site used to track the information of those characters and expand them with some questions. Developed by a web developer named Keith Kurson and his friend Gemma Golland who is an illustrator, Charahub was an incredible platform to save everything about the character in a shareable and easy to use place. You could also add various information about the character such as description, personality traits, or text and visual details for referring back in future. Not only this but Charahub was also a great online tool for writers. It had community forums as well as tools and the site also mentioned that it is “Created by writers, for writers”. 

But unfortunately, Charahub was shut down on 1st March 2019 due to certain issues like the users used to upload the duplicate or adult contents due to which the site faced the difficulty in running ads. Another problem that occurred was the website was getting flagged due to the presence of some malicious code in some ads that lead the site in removing the advertisements altogether. But there are still some sites like Charahub where you can explore the same services. So in this article, we are going to discuss 10 different Charahub alternatives where you can showcase your creativity. 

10 Best Sites Like CharaHub 

  1. Royal Road Legends 

Royal Road Legends is an online content publishing platform where the aspiring writers, as well as the authors, can post their writeups. What makes Royal Road Legends different that the readers can make direct interaction with the authors and writers by sharing feedback and suggestions. It is basically a writer community support forum where the reading materials are being shared for free. The site mainly focuses on providing every information to the readers that they are searching for. 


Another site in our list of sites like Charahub is It is an online platform that contains a group of collaboration tools specifically developed for game designers, writers as well as roleplayers for creating stories or campaigns. The tool helps in increasing the creativity of the writers and developers and gathers characters and ideas. It contains various features such as Continuity Checks, Speeds up writing, Legendary items, Richer worlds, and Depper Characters. helps the content curators to brainstorm the ideas together and make a plan and finally create scenes and various other pages to meet the needs of the users. 

  1. World Anvil 

World Anvil is one of the best sites like Charahub that is full of amazing ideas. It is a one-stop tool that helps to fulfil all the world-building and novel planning needs. It has all set of tools for authors, writers and storytellers which will help in organizing as well as structuring their books and series. World Anvil contains helps you to keep track of every character and further subplot to timelines. The platform even lets the content creators earn money by monetizing their worldbuilding. Currently, it has more than 7,50,000 worldbuilders who are actively sharing their works and also helping the other aspiring writers.  

  1. is an amazing Charahub alternative that helps to build interaction between artists and character creators. Launched in the year 2017, the main feature of is featuring the character profiles. The character profiles consist of their personality traits, likes, and dislikes. As the platform doesn’t have many users so the artists don’t have to worry about the duplicity of content. Not only this the platform also allows its users to access a huge range of customization options. 

  1. Toyhouse

Toyhouse is an online community designed for creating the character, worldbuilding, roleplay, and trading. One can only get access to this site through invite and the premium users can only send the invitation to others. Toyhouse allows its users to customize their profiles and create characters and world, publish writeups, uploads art and design, and finally link one’s character to other user’s character. It also has various social functions such as bulletins, forums as well as comments on the user profiles. Hence we can say that Toyhouse can be one of the best sites like Charahub that one can go for. 

  1. Wattpad

Wattpad is another application which helps users to post stories based on the topic or themes. They can also find out various writeups such as articles, poems or stories that were already posted in the online platform. Additionally, users can also build the community with other writers through Wattpad groups. Launched in 2006, Wattpad has over 40 million users from all across the world.  

  1. World Scribe 

If you are one who wants to create a fictional setting for your next screenplay, comic or novel but you are facing difficulty keeping everything organized then World Scribe is the best platform for you. It helps to ease the process of creation by allowing its users to keep a track of each and every element. World Scribe is a great tool for a novelist, role player, or hobby writer to make their settings more than just fiction. 

  1. YARPS

A smart modern web application named YARPS can also be one of the best Charahub alternatives that consist of some fantastic digital tools specifically for live-action and pen and paper role-players The world elements of YARPS are divided into five different categories as per the convenience of its users.  The platform helps its users in creating, connecting and managing everything in their gaming world by adding the required components. It also has certain features such as detailed character portraits, interactive maps, customizable calendars, background music, and lots more. 

  1. Character Story Planner 

Character Story Planner is an application that is used for character development and novel planning. The platform contains a list of detail where they ask the users to fill the required information. Character Planner mainly targets the writer who writes for specific niches such as RPG games, books, and plays. However, it can be used by anyone who is willing to create detailed build worlds or characters. 

  1. Scrivener

Scrivener is developed for long writing projects where you can arrange your write-ups in any order, in segments as small or large as you want. It can be a go-to app for the writers and it is used on an everyday basis by novelists, fictional and non-fictional writers, screenwriters, lawyers, journalists, screenwriters, students, and translators. Scriveners don’t guide you on how to write, rather it simply offers everything that is needed to start writing the content.  

So these are the 10 best sites like Charahub that you can go for. As you have seen each site has its own specialty and hence you can choose any one of these as per your needs. You can also check all these sites and explore their features and let us know which site is convenient for you in the comments section below. 


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