Yify Proxy – Best Yify Movie Torrent Proxy List

A while back, it was not much difficult to pirate the movies and shows and to upload them online on file sharing sites like Torrent. But now the time has changed, and it has become illegal to share pirated stuff which includes movies, software online without the permission from the actual developer of that content.

If you remember, back then a collective made it easier for us to watch and download our favorite latest blockbusters online, the name being none other than the “YIFY Torrent” which focuses on the yify movies’ quality of the latest blockbusters hits and small file size. But the name YIFY torrent soon disappeared when a leader was discovered in the New Zealand Jurisprudence. This resulted in the huge loss for the YIFF Torrent. YIFY also was known as aXXo was an alias who were specialized in releasing leaked and pirated DVDs online that too most of the times under the size of 700-800 megabytes. Soon then Hollywood started taking necessary actions to take down BitTorrent Platforms. AXXO or YIFY was also waiting for the Hollywood wings to grab them. But luckily as these were accessed by everyone, they didn’t fell into the trap. What really happened was that the countries started blocking it.

So, Can I access YIFY now? You may ask. The answer is that you can, thanks to the various proxy servers which allow the user to access YIFY Torrents. In this post, we would answer the question, “Is Yify torrent movies good quality?” and would cover the YTS YIFY Proxy – Best Yify Movie Torrents Proxy list.

But at first, let us see what proxy servers are and how can they help accessing YIFY Torrents.

What are Proxy Servers?

A Proxy Server is an application level gateway which works by intercepting connection between the user and the source. All the incoming data from the source is forwarded to all the receivers through a single port.

In simple words, a Proxy or a Proxy server is a node which works as a hub that is it processes the requests of all the connected users.

When you connect to a proxy server, it acts as an intermediary between your machine and the source. It filters the web content, that is it checks the source and data to be transmitted against some criteria for which it is being programmed.

How can they help access YIFY Torrents?

In case you don’t already know, a torrent client connects to a tracker which contains the files that the user had requested for. These torrent files helped the user locate peers for that files, the users who have the files you are looking for and are seeding the files for you and other users.

When the download is completed, you continue to be a seeder who provides data in parts to other users requesting for the same files until or unless you uninstall the client or stop seeding the files.

Well, now you have read enough about what are proxy servers and how can they help accessing YIFY Torrents. Let us take a look at the list of YIFY torrents Proxy and YIFY Torrent Mirror Sites list.

YIFY Proxy List

Everyone loves watching the latest blockbuster movies in their home sitting on their couch. But downloading the pirated movies is an illegal thing to do. That’s the reason why so many Internet Service Providers and even Governments of some countries are blocking such websites which allows the user to download posted movies. That’s the reason that you weren’t able to access the YIFY Torrent site and to look for a solution landed here.

Well, you have landed at the right place for sure, as we are going to share a list of Proxy which would allow you to access the YIFY Torrents to download your favorite movie or show for free.

On YIFY, you’ll get almost every blockbuster hit in the best yify movies quality like 1080p, 720p, HDRip and that too highly compressed, most of them are under 1 gigabyte. You can download the movie that you want for free from YIFY Torrents with the help of this YIFY torrents proxy list.

YIFY Proxy List:

This list is in the order of the speed of the downloads for the YIFY Torrent files (Fast to slow).


Now, to access the YIFY Torrents just copy any of the above URL from the yts yify proxy list and paste in the address bar of your browser and hit enter. Search for the movie you are looking for and download it with the help of any torrent client like BitTorrent, UTorrent, Flud, etc.

There were a lot of simulators who tried to come up by leaking the Piracy Content. But unfortunately, None was able to match the standards and the speed of the YIFF or AXXO torrent leaks. Now, you may ask us the question, “Is yify torrent movies good quality?” Well, YIFF sometimes compromises with the yify movies’ quality of the videos just to make it less in size as big files are not suitable for every user. In case you are someone who prefers quality more than the size, then you should spend some bucks and watch the movie or show in the theater. It would help the creators of the content as well. That should answer your question, “Is yify torrent movies good quality?”.

YIFY Torrents went onto other famous torrent platforms as well. These files went quite popular with huge number of downloads. For example, thepiratebay has almost 66 YIFY leaks in its Top 100 Videos, which is a huge number.

Please note that through this post, we are not promoting any kind of piracy, we are against it and always will be. This post is only for educational purposes.

Anyways, You should be able to download and access the YIFY Torrents using any of the above yts yify proxy servers. If in case, you are stuck somewhere or have any doubt, you can leave it in the comments section down below. We would try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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