When Anime is mentioned, the first go-to place for most anime fans is KissAnime. This is because most people find it easy to use as it has good video quality, diverse content for different tastes, quick load speed, and an interactive discussion forum.

If you are an anime lover like me, I am very sure you also faced a lot of difficulty and frustrations when that “we have had trouble with our video host, we will open the site after migrating the site to the new video host. It could take 15 days – 1 month. Sorry for the inconvenience” appeared on your screen. What! Just when I was about to watch another episode of Detective Ocean? Hell, No! My search began.

The first problem I encountered was paying for what I have been enjoying free and also seeing those annoying pop-up ads and banners from similar websites. Thankfully, KissAnime is now up and running. But at times when KissAnime is not working, I need some good KissAnime alternative sites so that I don’t miss anime shows much.

This article will highlight 9 free anime sites like KissAnime where you can get a comprehensive list of amazing anime you can entertain yourself with at your convenience just like kissAnime below.

9 Best kissAnime Alternative Sites

KissAnime alternatives


  1. AnimeSeason.com

If you are one of those who does not like the annoying ads that display on websites, AnimeSeason is the best KissAnime alternative for you. It gives quality user experience to its customers by placing the most popular anime in the hands of its supporters by votes. It also has embedded video that plays anime episodes with captions and titles.

You can also easily search for your favourite shows on their archive and category.

Website: http://www.animeseason.com

  1. 9anime.is

This is a website for English speakers from other countries that don’t speak Japanese because it features dubbed anime in the English language. You can also request to watch animes that are not listed on the website which makes them have a very large database. You can download your favourite HD anime from this anime site like KissAnime and watch them offline later.

Website: https://9anime.is

  1. Gogoanime.com

This is also another website for English speakers as it has a collection of the database for English subtitled anime. The good news is that it also had the Gogo anime app for IOS and Android devices so its users can watch streamed anime on the go. You can watch your favourite animes on this website. This site is one of the good alternatives to KissAnime in many ways.

Website: https://ww4.gogoanime.io

  1. AnimeFreak.tv

If you are looking for exclusive anime and don’t mind short ads display, AnimeFreak is the best KissAnime alternative for you. The website has good anime that you can search by genre; watch the latest anime or the popular anime. If you have a specific anime in mind, the search box is at your disposal. Enter your search query, and you will have the anime brought to you. Users can also read interesting and lovely mangas which is also at no cost. All for free.

Website: http://animefreak.tv

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  1. MasterAni.me

If you are die-hard anime fan who is always anticipating for a new anime episode, MasterAnime is your bet and one of the best anime sites like KissAnime as well. This website has a ‘release schedule’ prompter that tells you the exact time to expect a new anime. You can easily plan your schedule to watch your favourite show without missing out. It also has a built-in library catalogue to saves your watched anime all for free.

Website: https://www.masterani.me

  1. Chia-anime.tv

This website has a database of the myriad of anime stream online. Anime lovers worldwide are satisfied with this website because it is very easy to use and has a very quick download speed. It also updates its anime series regularly. It also has a beautiful, user-friendly interface. It also hosts old anime from way back and can be followed through to catch the latest anime. You can download your favourite manga and anime soundtracks from this website. You can also download your anime in MP4 file format.  This is one of the good alternatives of KissAnime without any doubt.

Website: http://www.chia-anime.tv

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  1. Animestreams

The simplicity of this website has made it a good anime website on our list and a good KissAnime alternative as well. It is a very neat website and has a very easy navigation. Users can also download anime movies and watch at their convenience. Hundreds log into the website watching different anime every time. There are multiple links to quality video contents at no cost.

Website: https://animestreams.tv

  1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll has a very good interface for downloading anime series. It is a good site and a good alternative of KissAnime for anime fans to connect as they also organize events. The website has spam free ads to make the interface engaging and enjoyable. It has a one-click video playing experience which makes it more desirable. To enjoy the full benefit of this website IDM downloader will make it easier for you.

Website: http://www.crunchyroll.com

  1. Soul-anime.us

This website has an impressive database of entertaining anime for your viewing pleasure. It has a long list of anime to choose from. You can also watch anime movies or select random anime at no cost. Searching for your favourite or any recommended anime is easy. It has a search box for making a direct search for a specific anime. You obviously will be satisfied with this site.

Website: http://soul-anime.us

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KissAnime has been delivering good quality anime content to its fans until its temporary shutdown some months ago. The above websites can also serve as great alternatives to KissAnime for anime lovers around the world. You also get to enjoy what you love without paying for it. Choose your choice. I hope you have found them helpful and interesting.


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