6 Free Apps like Popcorn Time for Android #Best

PopcornTime is free software with media player integrated into it. It provides its users with a free alternative to some video streaming services that are subscription-based, such as Netflix and the rest. It is an app for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Best Free Apps like Popcorn Time

While Popcorn Time remains a leading name in among its users, other apps like popcorn time have come to break the monopoly of this app. Some of the Popcorn time alternatives are:

  1. Couch Potato – Best App like Popcorn Time for Android

Couch Potato is one of the best alternative apps to popcorn time that you can always use to watch TV shows and movies instantly. The app provides high-quality images and HD videos so that you can enjoy your movies and show without a quality problem.

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This app is supported by a wide range of platforms such as MAC, Windows, Linux, OS X, and the likes. The app comes with an auto download option if you want to download movies and TV shows.

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With its subtitle facility, you won’t have a problem using this app, even if English is not your first language. You can equally create a list of your favorite movies to watch while the app helps you to automatically update the list.

Couch Potato

  1. Stremio – Another App Like Popcorn Time

Stremio – if you want to enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, live TV in one place, Stremio should be your go-to app. The app provides all these services and much more to ensure that you don’t miss out on entertainment.

You can also watch movies instantly with the app. However, you need to download Stremio app on your computer before you can take advantage of that feature. When you are through with that, you already have all the movies moved to your home.

Stremio supports a wide range of platforms such as OS X, Windows, Linux, Android, and others. With its subtitle option, you can select your preferred subtitle language and enjoy your favorite movie, even if the movie is not done in your language.

Stremio allows you to watch movies from a host of sources like Amazon, YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix.

  1. Hulu – Paid Alternative

Hulu is one of the most popular sites with an amazing app that allows users to watch movies and TV shows wherever they are without hitches. Hulu supports most of the available options such as Android, OS X, Windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad, and the likes.

Hulu allows you to pause a video whenever you want and resume at your convenience. The app also provides video clipping services also so that you can always have access to movies to watch at your convenience.

However, Hulu is not a free platform. With a monthly subscription of $5.99 after the initial 30 days free services, you will have access to tons of movies and TV shows to keep yourself entertained always. That’s the reason why Hulu continues to gain more popularity among online movie streamers.

  1. ShowBox – A Good Popcorn Time Alternative

ShowBox is another free app like popcorn time for android with amazing features that users will find attractive and worthy. The app offers users a vast collection of TV shows, movies, and series to explore. If you are interested in streaming your favorite content, the app makes that very easy to do.

If you are using the app, you can use it with the major platforms such as iOS, Mac, and Blackberry. That gives you the flexibility to use in on multiple platforms. What is more, unlike other apps where monthly subscription is a requirement for enjoying their services, Showbox app offers free services. That is refreshing as you can watch movies on end without growing grey over monthly charges.

Therefore, regardless of your financial status, you can entertain yourself at any hour of the day with this free app.

Does the no-subscription mean poor-quality images? No, the media content offered by this app is in HD format, the best quality format.


  1. PlayView – Similar App like Popcorn Time

PlayView is one of the best Popcorn Times alternatives that are specifically built for Android users. Android users can watch movies and TV shows in different languages on their devices with this app similar to popcorn time.

The app provides movies and TV shows in both English and Spanish, making it available for non-English speakers as well. For movies, the app can be used to stream high-quality movies for future watching.

PlayView has been found to work perfectly with a good number of video streaming services such as Nowvideo, VK, Putlocker, AllMyVideos, Streamcloud, Moevideoes, and the rest. If you have a preferred platform, you can easily choose it and enjoy your movies or TV shows.

The app contains a list where you can find different genres, news updates, and categories. There are also trailers for different movies that are yet to be released. The larger percentage of these movies has links in more than one language to make the app appealing to non-English speakers.

You can equally make use of the subtitle feature if that’s your choice or watch any movie in Spanish or English. That is in addition to the quality of the movies that is second to none.

You can download PlayView at to your device and watch movies and TV shows at any time.

  1. Movie HD – Best App like Popcorn time for iOS / iPhone

Movie HD is one of the best alternatives to Popcorn Time. If you are passionate about watching TV shows and movies in any genre or if you have a preference for a particular genre, then visit Movie Hd.

The app also allows you to watch 3D movies, one of the strongest points of this app that makes it a worthy contender for the best alternative to Popcorn Time. You can either directly download a movie or save it with the app, giving you a variety of easy options to choose from.

If you have the Movie HD app on your device, you can watch TV shows, films, and movies at any time. However, the app is exclusively for iPad or iPhone users because it is an iOS app.

You can try any of these apps if you want a worthy replacement for Popcorn Time on your device. For sure, you will enjoy these free apps like Popcorn Time for Android!



  1. I’ve used almost all these popcorn time alternatives for Android and the best I’ve tried out is Movie HD. It allows me watch and save any movie I want. And come back any time to watch again if I wish. Plus, I can also download anyone I want to my phone’s storage and share with friends too.

  2. Among all apps like popcorn time, the couch potato is my favorite media player app similar to popcorn time. It shows very high-quality video and auto downloads movies I can watch later. Best of all, it helps update my list of movies and so I always have something new to watch.

  3. I love these apps that are similar to popcorn time. I’ve been searching for popcorn time alternatives for android video streaming for months. I stumbled upon this post and I’m glad I did. I’ll start with MovieHD because I’m a big fan of TV shows

  4. These are an awesome list of apps like popcorn time. I’ve been using showbox for months and I must say it’s a must-have app for your android phones. If you love watching clean HAD movies, then get showbox or any other similar app .


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