10 Best Sites like Refinery 29

The trend of shopping from websites or online platforms is growing day by day and it has an integral part of our lives. There is nothing that is not available online, and thus over time, a number of shopping sites have sprung up worldwide as well. These shopping sites offer everything from fashion to lifestyle and much more. One such site is Refinery 29 that absolutely does justice to the fashion needs of the women worldwide.

Refinery29, in the mainstream media, is just an amusement site, which basically centers around ladies. Right now, it has in excess of 249 million crowds from the whole way across the world. For a very long time, the site has been engaging its crowd by introducing allure narrating, which gives the message on new viewpoints. The site has nearly everything, for example, diversion, design, style, and way of life, explicitly for females. The tips and deceives that they give through their articles will make your life simpler in this confronted paced world.

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Though there are ample sites that host the products that are widely available but then there are sites that take care of the unique needs of ladies. There are sites like refinery 29 that come as pioneers in the field of feminine products. They focus mainly on females their fashion, style, lifestyle, entertainment. Searching through the alternatives to refinery 29 for some of the best feminine products can be mind-boggling and thus we have sorted some of the best ones among them.

Alternatives to Refinery 29

1. The Every Girl


It is the go-to website for all the needs of a woman. It is the most trusted website for any girl and us much more than being a replica site for Refinery 29. Right from buying a dress to home or even planning for a solo trip can be achieved with the help of the website. It is therefore a life savior website for any girl and thus justifies the name Every Girl.  It publishes some of the best articles on travel, well-being, fashion, career, style, and anything under the sun that relates to a lady. The best of the site is that it deals with matter and puts up the best content for the ladies to read and make informed decisions. The site has the best outfits and at the best prices along with day to day guide for dressing up. 

2. Glamour


Glamour is a very interesting website that just makes the followers come time and again. There are new articles posted on the daily basis. The content is unique with an additional dose of creativity that looks like a movie. The tips from the site will help you to look like a diva and also feel like one. Fashion ideas are inspired by celebrities and adapted to suit your daily lives.

3. The Fifty Factor

the fifty factor

The site is based and focuses mainly on women over 50. Leading life after 50 is very different for every woman and poses a different set of challenges for them. Most of the sites like Refinery 29 cater to the needs of young ladies but then this site is an exception and focuses on the needs and requirements of ladies above 50 years. There are new recipes, medical suggestions, and style for women above 50, and a journey above 50. Therefore if you are above 50 then you need to visit The Fifty Factor.  

4. Style Line

It is another alternative to refinery 29 is the Style line it targets to help women with the latest fashion trends. The Style Line aims to help people with ideas about fashion and the common fashion mistakes that girls can often make. It is a site like Refinery 29 but with a bigger outlook. The site helps the readers to get information about culture, religion, lifestyle, and the modern generation in our daily lives. It is a New York-based boutique that creates compelling stories with diverse communities in a wide array of topics. 

5. Target Style

Target Style is a site like Refinery 29 that caters to the females. The site focuses on makeup and fashion for the females along with some amazing insights on the two by means of tips and tricks. The site has amazing deals, and discounts on groceries or other household products. The site publishes blogs that provide deep insights on the utility or the needs of the products and use them in your life.

6. Who What Wear


The website is another site like Refinery 29 that provides valuable content on celebrity fashion. Therefore if you want to dress up as your favorite celebrity or be the next style icon then this is the site where you can buy all the latest trends and with ways to style it like a pro. Who What Wear your style and fashion police and helps you to stay updated.

7. Darling Magazine

It was started as a print magazine but then took a leap and established itself as an online magazine portal also. Darling Magazine positively motivates and inspires its readers with a better and brighter outlook towards life. If there is a new visitor to the website then its easy to read the blogs and there are special recommendations for its readers about the specific topics. The site displays a positive aspect of life without any backlashing or negative comments.

8. BlogHer

It is another site like Refinery 29 but with a unique aspect that it is run by women for women. Thus women from any age group or walk of life can get blogs on a variety of topics as per their outlook on the site. Blogs right from parenting styles, to food, to politics BlogHer has everything for the women. It also a safe haven to grow for the budding entrepreneurs and content writers as they can connect with each other and convert their passion into learning.

9. Salty

Salty amplifies the sound of thoughts of ladies and trans people. It is another site like Refinery 29 but then caters to varied people who otherwise are neglected by society. They offer positive notes on body positivity, Me Too, and other motivational thoughts that can provide inspiration to the masses and bring a positive note to their life.

10. Create & Cultivate

Create and Cultivate is an online space that conducts offline conferences for ladies with useful career tips. The site aims at helping women to build their careers and achieve their desired goals. The women here are successful women entrepreneurs and share their real-life experiences and antidotes of their professional life to inspire and help other women who are having any issue. 

The above was the best sites like Refinery 29 and keep the women informed about daily life and share tips on all aspects of life. Be a part of the websites and enjoy the journey. 

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