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What Does SS Mean on Snapchat? [SS Meaning And Usages]

Just found an SS in your texts? The acronym used here can confuse you in many ways. In Snapchat, if you chat with your friends or send photos or videos, then sometimes you might notice some kind of acronyms they are using like SFS, WSP and SS, and so on. Here, SS has many relevant meanings, So sometimes it becomes difficult for readers to decode this acronym. But we have got you the solution for this. Just read on to know an extensive look at what does SS mean in social media and also what else it can stand for in specific situations. So in this article today we will discuss what does SS mean on Snapchat? After reading this article I am sure you’ll be an expert on it.

ss mean on snapchat

What Does SS Mean on Snapchat?

SS typically abbreviated for “ScreenShot”.

We have often heard the phrase that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and hence SS completely justifies it. Today we all can relate how screenshot can be helpful to us. SS-ScreenShot saves our time as if we want to describe someone what we are doing, rather to describe the whole document we can simply send a screenshot of our work. SS- it is the image of the phone, Laptop or computer screen. It is basically used for online purposes where a screenshot is referred to solve the computer or mobile issues. This feature is basically used in Snapchat, where screnshotting happens regularly. So next time whenever in social media setting or in any text, if you find SS, then it’s easy for you to assume that they will ask for ScreenShot.

Let’s take few examples to better understand it.

  • “SS this and send it your mother”.
  • “Please don’t SS this. I will never do it again”.

SS mean “Speak Soon” in Snapchat chatting

If you are using Snapchat as your primary messaging app, then sometimes your friends with whom you haven’t chatted from a long time, can also send you message having “SS” in it, So here they are not asking you for screenshot but they want to talk with you or want to start a conversation or want to speak with you. So here SS means Speak soon.

Let’s take a few examples:

  • “Hey Dear!  From Long time no call no msg! SS please”
  • “Want to talk, need to SS”.

Here your friends want to SS with you means Speak soon with you.

SS Meaning

As we have already discussed, the meaning of SS in Snapchat is ScreenShot and Speak Soon. Similarly, the meaning of SS totally depends on the condition or situation where you are using it. SS stands for Short Stacked – it points out a condition in poker or any card game that you are playing in which you have a very low number of chips with you but not the fewest. Similarly, SS stands for Shortstop –it refers to a baseball abbreviation that is being used for one of the most important positions in baseball, basically location between 3B and 2B. This can be commonly seen in baseball line-ups and fantasy baseball. Another meaning of SS is Miss or Missing, Shocked or confused. But it’s true, in MOBA(Multiplayer online battle arena) games such as League of Legends (LoL) and Defence of the Ancients (DotA) SS is very commonly used abbreviation used whenever an enemy champion has gone missing from his route. SS is used here instead of Miss or Missing because SS can be typed faster than other words because in these games as you know you cannot remove your right hand from the mouse. So next time whenever you are going to read SS, just abbreviate it according to the place and context of use.

SS Examples

After knowing the meaning of SS in different aspects, just explore the examples of SS that will help you to understand the meaning of SS more appropriately in social media or in common use. Here we are going to make you understand through some situational SS examples, so that you can easily figure out the SS Usage on social media.

When you are studying online and want to share the contents within the chatting group.

Hey! I have send SS of today’s learning. Please acknowledge

Here SS means that you are taking screenshot of the learning and then sharing it with them.

When you and your friend are playing a card game and you are having low amount of chips but still you won, then your status would be like-

I was SS in the middle of the game but won a big into double-up and get back in it.

Here SS means Short Stacked that means you are having low number of chips in the card game.

When you are a basketball game lover and showed your concern towards your team like this-

I wish we have a SS with an avg above 400 in 10 years.

Here SS means Shortstop that means you want that in your basketball team you want a player that is a shortstop for a particular position in the game.


This page simply explains what does “SS” means? The article include various definitions, meanings and its usage with some examples are tried to be described more precisely. Hope now you will never get confused.

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