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How To Increase Audio Quality on Any Android Device

There are many android phones comes with awesome features but in audio they all sucks. So Today we gonna show you how to increase audio quality on any android device.I know there’s more than a dozen ways to improve your audio quality, such as using equalizers like ViPER4Android, codecs like aptX for Bluetooth, and modified audio libraries.


This is where developer UltraM8’s Ainur NERO audio mod comes into play. UltraM8 has skipped past hijacking the audio signal with equalizers and gone straight to removing the entire standard Android audio API, the part of your phone’s software which dictates how audio processing is handled. This means that after flashing NERO, sound will be pushed directly to your phone’s digital-to-analog converter (DAC), which will greatly amplify audio quality and even the output volume.

What do you need?

1 .A Rooted Device

2. Twrp Custom Recovery Installed

How To Increase Audio Quality on Any Android Device

1.First of all download Ainur 

Download From Here

2.Once you’ve downloaded the file, reboot to TWRP, By holding Volume Up and Power Button

3.Before proceeding take a whole ROM backup [Optional]

Tap on Backup and Check the Boot, System, and Data boxes, and then swipe the bar along the bottom to back up.

4. Tap on install select Ainur From there, simply swipe the slider at the bottom of your screen to confirm the flash, then your phone will automatically reboot when it’s finished installing.


5.Boom! all Done soon you will notice a significant bump in audio quality.



Will these mods work with v4a (Dolby, MaxxAudio, Other ports)?
Yes it will work

Will it work with other mods from xda?
It might work – simply install the other desired mod first & then particular Ainur version

How can i uninstall these mods?
Simply dirty reflash your rom

Can i mix Ainur mods?
Having KRONOS or Atlant means u don’t need to install Pandora. It’s better to use them separately





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