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PIN Genie Smart Lock – Secure Your Home in A Smart Way

This is one of the smart ideas to ensure the high-quality security for various places like home, office, company, etc. As the technology improved, we are experiencing different and advanced operations in multiple fields. In this post, we are talking about the smart lock which is designed to lock your home and office securely. I am talking about revolutionary PIN Genie Smart Lock which is an intelligent home security system used widely to ensure the security of our home and office. PIN Genie has come up with this smart lock after two years of struggle in development, testing process, and few other security certifications.

By using PIN Genie Smart Lock, you can control access the smart lock from anywhere using your Smartphone anytime. This feature allows keeping your home and office safer even if you are away.

The PIN Genie Smart Lock price tags are set from $199 to $259 based on the design and technology used. It received plenty of feedback from the experts as well as customers about the performance and its operations which helped them improve this Smart Lock even better. You can check the performance of the PIN Genie Smart Lock from the comparison of different smart lock systems to know that PIN Genie intelligent home lock is unique from all the other systems.

Below are a few features of PIN Genie Smart Lock

Reshuffle Security PIN Code

PIN Genie Smart Lock offers 10 numbers from 0 to 9 distributed in 4 buttons as you can see in the above image in which both PIN Genie smart lock (left) and Traditional PIN Pad (right) are shown. All the numbers reshuffle after every use which is great because even if a person watches you while entering the password, he still cannot know it. Hence, solid theft protection is offered.

Easy to attach

PIN Genie Smart Lock is easy and simple to connect to any existing doors. People who choose this lock can be safe and satisfied with the installation process. It can support any existing hole and also attached easily with the reference of manual instruction guide provided by the technical team.

Bluetooth connectivity

PIN Genie Smart Lock can connect to your phone through Bluetooth connectivity which is used to activate the door. It will ensure the security system of your home from theft or any other problems.

Security Alarm Alerts

PIN Genie Smart Lock has the certificates from different labs which ensure the safety of this device. It is one of the most recommended and high-security standards with the built-in alarm which indicates the damages from the door through the burglar alarm. It will get activated whenever any damages or issue with the door announced with the alarm sound.

Few other features

It has plenty of unique features such as the automatic lock after the 30 seconds which solves your worry of not locking the door. It uses 4 AA batteries which offer 12 months of power backup.  You are also notified with alert sound to indicate the battery issues as well. By using this smart lock system, you will get know few other features as well.

If we compare PIN Genie Smart Lock with its competitor Smart Locks, you will find it far ahead of the best ones in the market which is why we call it “Better than the Best”.  You can see the comparison table below that speaks everything.


If you feel to use a smart door lock system to control and monitor your home, then PIN Genie Smart Lock is the best choice. We are sure that you would love to try it out for your home and office. If you have got any questions, ask them in the comments.

You can buy PIN Genie electronic Smart Lock from as well.

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