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Where & How to Buy NEO Cryptocurrency?



From the past few days, you might have heard about an Altcoin called NEO which was earlier called as Antshares. NEO is one of the powerful Altcoin which has given huge profits to its investors.

Currently, while I’m writing this post the price of NEO is around $32 and it is also expected that it will cross $100 by December 2017.  Everyone is saying that NEO is the next big thing…

But do you know How to Buy NEO Coins and where to store it? If not, don’t worry!

Today in this post I’ll share the easiest method which you can use to Buy NEO Coins.

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Buy Bitcoins to Buy NEO Coins

To buy NEO Coins, first of all, you should have Bitcoins with you so that you can Exchange your Bitcoins with NEO Coin. You can buy Bitcoins from various sites like Unocoin, PocketBits, Coinbase, Poloniex etc…

If you already know How to Buy Bitcoins then you can skip this part otherwise I’ll show that How you can Easily Buy Bitcoins with PocketBits.

How to Register on PocketBits?

  • First of all, Sign Up on PocketBits
  • Enter your Phone Number, Password and Verify your Phone Number via OTP.
  • Enter PocketBits Referral Code: BU99-B003
  • Click on Sign Up Button and complete the Registration Process.

Note: Once your Account is created Enable 2FA for more security.

PocketBits Promo Offer

PocketBits is currently having a Promo Offer where you can Earn Free Bitcoins as per your purchase.

Who doesn’t like Free Bitcoins?

  • Earn Free Bitcoins Worth 100 INR on a purchase of Rs.2000 or more.
  • Earn Free Bitcoins Worth 200 INR on a purchase of Rs.5000 or more.

There is no such PocketBits Promo Code available just go ahead and make your first transaction and you will receive it accordingly…

How to Buy Bitcoins on PocketBits?

  • First of all, Open PocketBits Dashboard.

Now as you can see there are 2 wallets one is the normal Bitcoin Wallet whereas the other is the INR Wallet. Bitcoin Wallet is just like any other Bitcoin Wallet. INR Wallet is like your PocketBits Wallet where you’ve deposited or withdrawn funds from PocketBits.

  • Click on the Deposit Button from INR Wallet.

  • Next, you’ll be able to see the Bank Details just pay the Payment via IMPS, NEFT or RTGS.
  • Once you’re done with Payment just Enter the Amount and the Reference No. along with the Payment Method.

This will just add funds to your INR Wallet. Now once you have funds in your INR Wallet you’re ready to Buy Bitcoins.

  • Click on Buy BTC from Dashboard.

  • Now just Enter the Amount in BTC or in INR and click on Buy Bitcoins.

Convert Bitcoins to NEO Coins

Now as you purchased some Bitcoins it’s time to Buy some NEO Coins!

The easiest method is to use an Exchange like Bittrex or a Converter like Changelly.

First of all, let’s try buying NEO Coins from an Exchange like Bittrex…

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How to Sign Up on Bittrex to Buy NEO?

  • First of all, Visit Bittrex and click on Sign Up.
  • Next, Enter your Email and Password.
  • Tick on “I Agree to Terms & Services of Bittrex”
  • Click on Sign Up Button.
  • Next, Verify your Email Address.

How to Deposit Bitcoin in Bittrex Account?


  • Click on “Wallets” Tab.
  • Now search for the BTC because you’ve to load Bitcoins and Click on “+” icon.
  • Next, just the Copy the Bitcoin Address and send the desired amount of Bitcoins you want to Trade.

How to Buy & Sell NEO on Bittrex?


  • Click on The Bitcoin Market Tab at the Top.
  • Now you can see the chart of the selected NEO Coin or you can also select any Cryptocurrency which you would like to buy from Bittrex.
  • Select the NEO Coin and the Graph will be Loaded scroll down and you can see the section for Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies.

  • Next, Enter the Units (No. of Coins) of the NEO Coins which you want to purchase and accordingly the Fees will be Charged.
  • Select the Bid Option to Last only to get it faster and at the current rate.
  • Click on the Buy Button and complete the process of buying.
  • If you want to sell your NEO Coin then scroll down on the same Exchange Page.
  • Next, Enter the Units (No. of Coins) of the NEO Coins which you want to sell and accordingly the Fees will be Charged.

To Track your Order Reports just Click on Orders Tab.

Another Method to Buy NEO Coins is using an Exchange Converter like Changelly.

How to Sign Up on Changelly?

  • First of all, Register on Changelly
  • Click on Sign Up Button.
  • Next, Register your Account using Facebook, Google+, Twitter or you can also use Email.

How to Buy & Sell Neo from Changelly?

  • First of all, Visit Changelly
  • From the first drop-down, choose the currency which you would like to exchange and From the second drop-down, choose which you want.

For Example, I’m converting BTC to NEO using Changelly to buy NEO coins.

I would like to purchase NEO Coin of 1 Bitcoin so just Enter 1 BTC and it will automatically convert that How much NEO Coin you will get for 1 BTC.

Note: If you wish to Buy with Credit Card then choose USD

  • Once you have Entered the data Click on Exchange.
  • Next, it will show you all the details including fees of 0.5% for each transaction.
  • Now as I’m buying NEO, I have to Enter Address of NEO. (You can get the Address from Bittrex)

  • If you want to sell your NEO Coin on Changelly simply Enter the Amount of NEO Coins you’ve and convert it to any other Cryptocurrency.

One main problem with Changelly is it’s just a converter which lets you Exchange your Cryptocurrencies but doesn’t allow to store them.

In this case, you can store NEO on Popular Exchanges (wallets) like Bittrex.

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If you wish to cash out your NEO Coins to Bank Account then the simplest method is convert your NEO Coins to Bitcoins and then use any Indian Bitcoin Exchange and then withdraw it directly to your Bank Account.

These were some of the easiest methods to Buy & Sell NEO Coins and you can instantly Buy NEO Coins from Bittrex or Convert it from Changelly.

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If you found this guide on How to Buy NEO Cryptocurrency helpful, then do share it with your friends and help them to buy as it is expected that NEO can cross $100 soon!! 😉

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