How to Change Your Country on Netflix Account?

If you are a movie lover and love TV shows as well, the first thing that should come to your mind is Netflix. It has been a popular video streaming service and is available in over 190 countries globally. However, the library that the service offers you isn’t same across all the regions. It has different shows and library designed for multiple countries. There are several reasons for this to happen.

Do you want to know why Netflix offers differential services across regions? Are you looking for how to change your country on Netflix Account? Let us check out the reasons in this post.

How to Change Your Country on Netflix Account?

When you are in a dilemma as to how to browse all movies on Netflix, the best way you can use to watch a particular show on Netflix is to trick Netflix into believing that you are from a particular country that you want to watch the show from.

There are a few options you can use to achieve this task. One of the major options is to use a VPN service. For instance, ExpressVPN that has more than 1500 servers in 90+ countries, which will help you to change the country on Netflix Account. Now let us know, why would one want to change the country on the Netflix Account?

Why does Netflix offer different content for every region?

At times you must be wondering why does Netflix have no good movies? To answer this, let us first know is it something with Netflix or your region.

The major reason for the difference in the library is the territorial licensing used in media streaming rights acquisition. Producers of a TV show or movie will look for highest returns on their investment. Thus, they distribute their shows to different distributors across the globe. In this scenario, it is the highest bidder that wins the rights.

Netflix, while buying the rights for a particular region, checks out the interest level in any country for the show. Suppose, the movie A has high interest in India and the US has no interest in the movie, it will buy the territorial rights of the movie for the Indian region. Thus, the Netflix users in India will have the Movie A in their catalogue, while it will not be available in the US.

That apart, some local governments may not allow a few shows in their region. Referred to as the regional blocks, you will not find the movie in the concerned country. There is also a case where a studio will enforce copyright restrictions for a particular country. In such cases, the chosen show will not be available in the said country.

The studios may also demand differential pricing for each of the regions. Basically, all this would be a matter of supply and demand. Netflix will only obtain rights where it sees profits.

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The reason why your chosen movie or TV show cannot be accessible on Netflix, can be any of the above reasons.

How to Use VPN to Change Country on Netflix

The steps would be simple and involve using a VPN service of your choice. Make sure that the VPN service you choose has a server located in the country that you want to change your Netflix account to.

The steps involved will be as follows:

  • Configure and login to your Netflix account. We assume you already have a plan activated on your Netflix account.
  • Download, install, and login to any of your preferred VPN service. Make sure that you are using a paid VPN service. A free VPN service may not be reliable enough. Of course, you can check out a trial version of any reputed VPN service initially.
  • Connect to server from your preferred country.
  • Launch Netflix, and you will be taken to the country specific site that you are connected to.

That should do it. You will be able to browse all the movies and watch your preferred content without any issues as long as your VPN service in working.

Which is the Best VPN for Netflix?

Well, there are several VPN services which help you to change the streaming country on Netflix. But, we would suggest not to go with any free VPN services. Any free service is bound to be using some means to make itself sail through. Just like DNS Proxy services, the free VPN services may sell your data for a price which might turn to be a big loss.

A few good VPN services we would suggest include following:

ExpressVPN– Best Unblocker for Netflix

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular services in the VPN arena for changing the country of your Netflix account and enabling you to browse all the movies on Netflix streaming from different regions.  The service does have more than 1500 servers in 94 countries. That would ideally leave you capable of accessing practically a huge country-specific libraries of Netflix.

Studies and user accounts have confirmed that ExpressVPN can unblock the content from US, UK, Japan, Canada, and France. In case, any of the servers you have chosen does not connect; you can get in touch with customer care. It supports AES 256 encryption which has been considered to be the military grade security by any standard. The perfect forward policy and a capable Kill Switch are the two features that would make your connectivity through VPN more secure.

IPVanish (No longer recommended)

This is yet another powerful option and loves to call itself The World’s best VPN service, however, this is definitely not the best for Netflix. It has over 1000 servers across 60 countries worldwide, and possibly the only service that has a compatible client for every conceivable platform. The servers are primarily located in Europe and North America.

Faster speed and zero traffic logs are a few features that would make it a great option. The tests have indicated that almost all the servers offer a decent speed and performance. The download and upload speeds offered by IPVanish are within the respectable limits. It truly offers the complete anonymous experience for you. They operate under a strict no logging policy, and thus your private data is secured.

Netflix has been very vigilant in blocking IPVanish services. However, there are few servers that might occasionally get through. Thus, if you desire a consistent VPN service, IPVanish is no longer recommended to change your country on Netflix account.

Private Internet Access (No longer works on Netflix)

This is one of the best options if you are looking for a low-cost VPN services. The service is available in the US and provides you with acceptable speeds. Of course, it is not a service that does not stand out in its own way as the best VPN service. But a good option for you if you are looking for a budget option for how to change the country on Netflix.

The service comes with the lowest ever pricing for a VPN service and offers a few decent security and privacy services to opt for.

You can go with any of these services and choose the server for the country for which you would surf the content for on Netflix.

How to browse all Content on Netflix?

In any case, you may have found that Netflix is difficult to browse. If you are trying to find a simplified single list of all the shows on Netflix, you may find it really difficult to get access to. The following tips should be helpful for the purpose.

When you launch Netflix, you will find a selection of movies categorized in different genres.

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Of course, you can check out the movies and TV shows through the Search functionality as well. However, on the homepage, Netflix always tries to push their Original Titles. But what if you want to check out the entire category and all the shows available? Here are a few ways –

  • Search for the content through where # stands for the unique identifier for the category. Of course, there are several categories you can go with, but it may be hard to remember them. Of course, there is a Chrome extension for the purpose.
  • Use options like Flixable which let you browse the content across multiple Netflix genres. It acts as an extended search engine for Netflix.
  • You can search for a movie from Netflix library even if it is not available in your region. Search in Google with the keyword Movie name Netflix. Since Google searches through the movie library across multiple regions, it will list out where the shows are available. You can then use an appropriate VPN service to watch the movie.

A few good movies on Netflix can be summed up as –

Use DNS Proxy to access to change the region on Netflix

There are a few DNS proxy services that claim to unblock Netflix and a few other streaming services. In fact, the proxy services offer you the IP addresses to use with services. If the IP addresses provided by the Proxy services are not blocked by Netflix, or for that matter any service, you should be able to access the content easily.

But, Netflix can easily block the DNS Proxies. Thus you will end up finding the service not reliable, and you may end up getting your Netflix account from another region being inaccessible. And then, the Proxy services come with yet another issue – they do not encrypt your connection. This can result in a serious security and privacy concern. Moreover, the DNS proxy services tend to be free, and they may sell your private information to third parties.

In Conclusion – How to Change The Country on Netflix?

Well, that was all about how to access the content available for another country on Netflix which isn’t accessible in your country. In fact, changing the country on Netflix should not be a difficult task as such. Opting for a perfect VPN service for accessing the best content on Netflix even if it is not meant for your region shall do it all for you.

Which methods did work for you and which VPN services did you choose to go with? Share your experiences with us for a better experience and enjoy the content available worldwide without any issues.


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