7 Dirty Google Secret Tricks : You Wouldn’t be Aware of

7 Dirty Google Secret Tricks

Artificial intelligence has taken a new leap, and I am actually surprised why this didn’t create headlines.

Google Translate recently achieved something called “Zero Shot Translation”. You will get to know what it is and why you should be giving a damn about it in a few seconds.

Google’s Multilingual Neural Machine Translation System now allows it to translate content between language pairs it has never seen before. For example, if it knows how to translate from A to B, and B to C, it can translate from A to C as well. That’s Zero Shot Translation?

Why should you care? Well, Google has been affirming that machine learning and artificial intelligence are booming under their shelter, and this achievement proves their word. AI is becoming smarter day by day, and you can expect better translations from the software now.

Still not convinced? Consider this as a starting point of a big revolution.

Why didn’t it create news? Well, Google announced it officially on their research blog, but maybe the media was too busy talking about other important stuff.

Google has got some really good secrets out of the reach of the general public. I would like to throw some light on a few of these through this beautiful infographic:


Google Secrets Infographic

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