Bitcoin Doubler [ALERT] – All About Free Bitcoin Generators

Recently, there has been an increasing campaign about Bitcoin Doublers. If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you probably have heard this. If you are familiar with the term, that’s fine. If not, this article is designed to shed more light on that term.

What is Bitcoin?                          

Bitcoin is the first digital currency with global recognition and acceptance. The first digital currency to enjoy decentralization was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Over the years, it has become the most important digital currency used as a means of exchange and acceptable by scores of countries and organizations around the globe. From Asia to America, Africa to Europe, this coin has turned millions of cryptocurrency investors into millionaires.

Although there are 100’s of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, NEO, QTUM, etc.… still Bitcoin is the most famous having the largest market capital in the crypto industry.

What are Bitcoin Doublers / Free Bitcoin Generators?

Bitcoin Doublers are investment programs that promise their investors of increasing their investment by as much as 2 zeros. Literally, the program is promising as much as 100 times an individual’s investment in less than 24 hours.

As against Bitcoin Doubler, there are some Free Bitcoin Generators also. These are some referral programs, which offer you free bitcoin for one-time registration. Such referral programs are legit and give bitcoins without any investments.

How do Bitcoin Doublers work?

According to them, blockchain (the technology behind Bitcoin) has a small weakness that can be exploited. This loophole allows them to multiply any Bitcoin deposited into their account by as much as 1,000%. From this Return on Investment (ROI), they promise to repay any investor in hundredfold of their investment after removing some part of the ROI for operating expenses.

The ROI promised by these doublers is tempting. Getting a hundred-fold profit on investment is an irresistible order for anyone, especially since the profit will purportedly be given just within 24 hours.

beware of bitcoin doublers

Are Bitcoin Doublers Legit?

While I am not out to give outright condemnation to these free Bitcoin generators, it is advisable that you exercise patience here. However, it won’t harm you if you conduct due diligence on these doublers. For instance, you should consider these factors before you commit your hard-earned money to the program:

  1. Is the offer plausible? This is obviously the first question you need to ask yourself. How feasible is the offer? Is it really possible to turn 1 Bitcoin into 100Bitcoin within 24 hours? Think about that.
  2. How much information do you have about the owners of the website? Are they faceless people or do they have their personal information on their If the latter is true, you need to tread with caution. Otherwise, you may proceed with the transaction.
  3. Is the site linked to any credible website? Credible websites are known for their penchant for linking with other credible websites. They do this for the mutual benefits of such linking. If credible sites link to the Bitcoin Doubler’s website, that’s a proof of its credibility and you can rest assured that your money is safe. If such linking is absent, that’s a red flag. Be cautious.

You can search for other useful tips that will help you determine whether a Bitcoin Doubler is legit or not. Don’t be in a hurry to deposit your Bitcoin. Rather, be patient enough to conduct due diligence and be convinced of their credibility first. The extra hours you spend doing that will spend you the headache of losing your coins to fake traders.

Popular Bitcoin Doublers

There are tons of Bitcoin Doublers with different doubling promises. Some of the top Bitcoin Doublers are:


Bitcoin Doubler is a BTC doubler site that is fully automated. The website claims to operate on full automation with the exception of server maintenance that is done by human. Everything from Bitcoin transfer to the generation of profit is done by their system.

This platform offers to double investor’s coins in just 10 hours. The minimum investment is 0.02 BTC while the maximum investment is 10 BTC. The interface is very easy to you as you can easily find your way around the website if you want to double your coin.

#2 BitcoinGenerator

BitcoinGenerator – Just as the name implies, this company promises to generate more Bitcoins for investors. The website contains a step-by-step explanation about how investors can invest on the platform and have their currencies doubled in no time.

As a proof of their dedication to helping investors get their Bitcoin doubled, the website display a list of numerous investors that have got their investment doubled within the promised time.

#3. PayForYou

PayForYou is another doubler with irresistible offer. The website offers to double Bitcoins in less than 24 hours. As a result, investors can get twice their investment within 24 hours after depositing their investment.

To help investors understand what they are into, the website contains Terms & Conditions for investors to go through before making any investment.

A year old Reddit Thread claimed PayForYou as a scam! So be sure before risking your investments!

#4. DoubleBitcoin

DoubleBitcoin website’s name has said it all. It is another popular website that offers to double investors’ Bitcoin. The website is not cumbersome and can easily be navigated by first-time visitors to the site.

Just like BitcoinGenerator, DoubleBitcoin also has a list of the beneficiaries of their offer on their website. The goal is to encourage more people to take advantage of their offer to increase the values their Bitcoins.

DoubleBitcoin also has another offer that promises investors of a daily return of between 1 and 6% on their investments forever. Depending on your choice, you can earn Bitcoins every day for the rest of your life according to the website.

Final Verdict

These are just a handful of the numerous doublers with the same promise: deposit some percentage of Bitcoin and get it doubled for you according to their terms.

If you actually want to earn from cryptocurrencies, then trading on exchanges like Bittrex, Poloniex etc… is recommended. If you are involved in trading, then please be sure that you are tracking your portfolio very well. You may use some crypto apps to track your portfolio too!

As a reminder, it is important that you carry out a comprehensive research on any of the sites related to Bitcoin Doublers. You can go ahead with your investment if you are convinced of the legitimacy and credibility of a site. That way, you can save yourself from becoming a prey to scammers & on a personal end, I would never risk my money on any Bitcoin Doubler!

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