10 Best Sites Like Watch2gether

Watch2gether is an entertainment platform that is created for the movie bugs and wants to watch full-length and high-quality movies for free. It allows the viewers to watch films from their personal computers. Interestingly the best aspect of watch2gether is that it allows the viewers to create their personal chat room and watch the films and videos together with them. The app helps the viewers to synchronize their media platforms and watch films together. The process of watching the film is very simple and starts with the creation of the room. Once a room is created, the creator can invite friends and start the beautiful and fascinating journey of watching films on the common platform with friends. There is no registration charge to make the room. Apart from watch2gether, there are several other alternatives, which are equally good. 


 Alternatives to Watch2gether 

1. BlaTube


BlaTube is a web-based platform that facilitates the users to watch movies along with friends. The platform is beautiful for the fact that it allows the viewers to share the feelings of watching movies and videos and enjoy with friends, but due to the distance between them, an online platform is to be used. The procedure to use the app is simple and straightforward and starts with inserting a link or by the creation of a new session. After the first step, all it requires is to watch films with friends. The users can create their channels and also name the channel. The users get the benefit of designing the channel and also enjoy being the moderator of the channel. It is now available in the form of a browser extension. 

  • The app helps to watch videos together. 
  • Helps to share impressions.

2. TogetherTV

Together TV

Another watch2gether alternative is TogetherTv. Like the name, it is the best web-based source that lets the users watch movies and videos with friends by overcoming the difference of distance between them. The users can simply synchronize playback across all people in the ground with an integrated text and audio chat function. Therefore you watch the film and also communicate with your friend, and this is like sitting in the same room to watch films. The three significant aspects of the app are synchronized playback option, audio chatting, and support for a multitude of sites.  

  • It is compatible with most of the video streaming. 
  • It helps easy sharing of websites to watch videos together.

3. Rave


The best way to go social is with Rave. It helps visitors with a unique feature of watching movies and videos together and also listen to music. Rave is popular as a media-viewing center and enables the users to get the benefit of watching movies and also combining other functions of mobiles at the same time. Thus watch the film and also review it at the same time with your friends. The app also has the added advantage of storing the videos. It also provides the perks of enjoying global movie nights to local music parties. The Rave connects users to Android and iOS smartphones. Also, with Rave, your mobile phone converts in the best gadget or speaker for the international karaoke events.  

  • The tool is based on playback synchronizing technology.  
  • Converts the mobiles to wireless speakers and adds a high quotient of global entertainment in life.

4. Syncplay


Syncplay is another amazing example of a watch2gether alternative. It helps in shared viewing experience irrespective of the physical distance between the viewers. Therefore, connect with all your friends and family. Binge watch or watch the full movies, serials, series, anime, and other videos all-together. The format of the app is simple; the Syncplay Client launches as a media player on the system and connects the Syncplay server and joins a virtual room on the server.  

  • Can stream YouTube videos.
  • Works with Skype so needs no account with.

5. &chill

and chill

Another great Watch2gether alternative is &chill it is an online platform that can be accessed through a web browser. It permits a theatre type view, and this feature makes it the best watch2gether alternative. Interestingly if you are a person who has specifications regarding your seat in the theatre, then bingo the app provides you the incredible feature of selecting the seat. Select the seat like you do in a cinema hall and a similar view from your system concerning the selected position. There is a chatbox that helps in interacting with others. It can be seamlessly connected to Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit and let people know what you are watching. Others can join by invitation with the help of a link and watch together in real-time irrespective of physical distance.

  • It provides theatre-style viewing.
  • Connects with Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.
  • It helps to watch in real-time. 

6. Showgoers


Showgoers is the best platform to watch Netflix even when not on the same system. Share the Netflix movies that need to be shared and then ask the friends to join the platform and view it. Watching Netflix with other people is very simple on the platform. Apart from friends, there is an option in the setting to connect with the general public for viewing. Share the URL with friends and enjoy viewing with friends. One can also play, pause, and resume the video to a specific spot in the movie. 

  • Interact with friends while watching. 
  •  Simple and user friendly.

7. Sync Video


Sync Video is the most popular Watch2gether alternative that helps you to watch YouTube and Vimeo videos together with friends. It is a free service and can be used by unregistered members also. There is an invite button that helps to invite people and thereby share the link of the room. A randomly generated username creates the chat room. The feature of a random name helps in keeping the identity safe. Thus there is no requirement to share personal information as it’s required on Facebook and Twitter. Note the link address and share it with friends over the chat room.

  • The identity is not disclosed.
  • Unregistered members can also join the chat room.
  • Interaction with friends is done in a chat room that is located under the media player.

8. CyTube


Cytube is a good option apart from Watch2gether to watch videos with other users. Just log in and create an account to play the videos and connect with friends to watch them. In real-time, the videos can be watched, and this is the best aspect of the app. There is an option that if you want to watch a channel search for the name and join the chat room. The chatbox facilitates interacting with others, and it is placed next to the video player. Therefore, over a smartphone or computer from the web browser connect and join the room of your interest.

  • Watch videos in real-time.
  • Easy to use and access platform.
  • In case to view from channels, search the name and join the room. 

9. MetricStream


MetricStream is a browser-based platform that helps to watch videos together with other people. Create a room and add videos in it to play and view with other users. The room has a feature where it can limit the number of viewers or even made private or public. Copy and paste the link of the room on other platforms to connect with users. It will require an extension on Chrome and Firefox to play the media. Create playlists and watch the videos back to back with your friends in real-time.

  • Watch videos or shows with friends in real-time.
  • Needs extension on Chrome or Firefox to play.
  • Create playlists and watch videos one after the other.

10. Let’s Gaze

lets gaze

Let’s Gaze is the platform that gives a distance movie-watching platform. The platform is the best option to enjoy long-distance movie night. It is a web-based program that allows us to watch videos, shows, movies, and more with friends and family irrespective of physical distances. It has the feature of video calling, synchronized watching videos, watching own video files, instant interaction with people, and get the best content to watch. It has a benefit that if the users don’t have their video files, the platform has a unique and wide array of collections in its library.

  • Synchronized video watching and chatting at the same time.
  • It has a wide range of videos in the library to access by viewers.

The above-listed entertainment platforms are watch2gether alternatives, and all are free. There are no charges levied to watch full length and high-quality movies. The best part? These media platforms can be synchronized with friends and viewed.  So, enjoy it!

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