Prank Call Ideas For Family

This blog post is about Prank Call Ideas for Family in which I am going to list out some of the best prank calls ever. Please play the prank in a light mood and situation so that it doesn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments. So, stay tuned….

As we all are in self-quarantine now with our family for a long time, we often get bored. So you might have lots of amusing ideas that are stored in your brain to get rid of the boredom. We also have some amazing ideas where you trick your family and one of such ways we would like you to implement is making prank calls. Have you heard about prank calls before? Prank calls have always been funny as well as simplest ideas that can trick your near and dear ones within minutes. You can mess around almost with anyone you know like friends, family, and colleagues and play with your sense of humour.  

Prank ideas
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When you have nothing else to do, making prank calls can definitely be the fun way of passing time and boosting mood. But while doing so don’t crack an old joke as the receiver of your prank call will identify it, so make sure you come up with an innovative and funny idea. So in this article, we have come up with amazing prank call ideas for family which will make you chuckle like anything.  

Prank Call Ideas For Family

You’ve won a free trip or Rs 1,00,000 cash 

Well, this is one of the common but at the same time, shocking prank call ideas for family which often work out well. All you need to do is just dial your sibling’s phone number and talk like an executive from a leading travel company. Once your sibling picks up the phone, start speaking fast by giving a brief about the company. Then congratulate the person for winning the lucky coupon and offer them the reward. You will notice that the person will remain confused for a few moments and will ask you about it. But you need to ignore his or her question continue discussing the rewards which include Rs 1,00,000 cash or 6 nights 7 days Europe trip. So they need to choose one of these for availing the price.

Scare the receiver with some statements 

The second idea in our bucket list is pretty much entertaining where you have to call your sibling of course and scare him or her by saying a random statement like ‘I will say about your college activities to your parents’ or ‘I have been watching you’. These are just examples but you can also use other dramatic languages that you think can scare the person.  We would recommend you to make it over dramatic and annoy the person till the end. As you are his or her sibling, obviously you will know his or her personal records, use those and prank. Trust us this will be one of your best prank calls ever

Why did you call me? 

You can use this idea with elderly people like you Mom, Dad, Uncle, Aunt, etc. Just call any of them up and once they receive ask them why they called you. You will notice that the receiver will get furious instantly. You have to say this a couple of times and the person will remain silent. This can be an amusing idea specifically when you get bored. You can call your family members and play this prank to see their reactions. We are sure you will enjoy it. 

Call as the mobile operator 

You can call your family members and pretend as the mobile operator. All you need to do is just say that you are conducting a mobile phone checkup. Ask them to conduct this mobile phone check-up. But always keep one thing in your mind that while making the prank you need to repeat the same phrase again and again. 

You need advice 

This is also one of the best prank call ideas for the family which will help in enhancing your storytelling skills. You can apply this trick to any member of your family. Just ring up a number and start telling a fake problem by pretending that you are facing it. You can begin by describing that you have lost your wallet or is in depression all the time. The other side of the phone call may ask you several questions but it’s totally up to you on how you can manage. You can also spice up the story by adding extra problems.

Send Anonymous Fake SMS

You can send free anonymous SMS to your family members or friends to play pranks with them. In this video, it is well explained as how you can do it.

Fake surveys 

This can be the best prank call idea if executed well. The survey prank call is an amazing way to keep the person busy in questioning so that they can’t even doubt on the caller. Call a person and start asking some ridiculous questions such as “Have you watched Big Boss latest season?” or “Have you tried eating snake?” You will notice that the answers you will be getting are so hilarious. Likewise, you can still throw some serious questions to keep the person engaged. 

You have a haunted house 

You can definitely try this prank particularly on someone whom you know will never get angry. Ring up the person and tell them that you are the previous owner of that house and you want to confess something. Then start saying in a hushed voice that a few years ago a girl committed suicide in the house and her soul keeps on roaming all around the house. You need to pretend that you are saying the truth and you are confessing. Having said that if you notice that the other person is getting nervous, then make sure to tell him or her that it is a prank. This is one of the best prank call ideas for family that you can try.

So these are some of the best prank call ideas for family that you can try and we bet you that all of these tricks will work perfectly. Being on the receiving end of the prank call can be very annoying unless it is executed well. You can try these prank call ideas with anyone. To make your plan successful you can also pre-record the statement and play that over the phone to make it sounds more genuine. Do let us know in the comments which prank call ideas for family did you like the most?

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