10 Best Shows like Spartacus

Only a few movie lovers prepared for what Spartacus brought to the screen some years ago. Spartacus was notorious for its brutal fights, blood, half-naked women and men, as well as a huge abundance of sex. Of course, the show has its plus too. Its acting was impressive as well as the fights. They brought events of some millenniums ago into life with incredible acting and editing.

If you are a Spartacus fan, there are other shows that will keep you on the edge of your seat for long. I am sharing 10 of best shows like Spartacus that you should add to your bucket list.

10 Best Shows Like Spartacus

  1. The Shannara Chronicles

This show is an adaptation of a series of novels sharing the same name by Terry Brooks. The show was developed by Miles Millar and Alfred Cough. It was started in 2017 and has continued to experience a good turnout of audience since it was released to the public.

shows like spartacus

After civilisation has been destroyed, the hope of the world seems to have been dashed, until three young guys offer themselves as the last hope for salvation from the invading demons that are determined to eradicate humanity.

The Shannara Chronicles is one of the best shows like Spartacus on Netflix. You can watch or streamline it directly from this video-sharing site.

  1. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is arguably the most popular show like Spartacus. The game offers everything that Spartacus offered, even more. Game of Thrones is a show that was built on a fictional land where 7 kingdoms are at loggerheads with each other over who is the rightful owner of the kingdom of Westeros.

shows like spartacus

Each episode of the show raises a new question, new expectations, suspense, and what have you. With indiscriminate killings here and there, including the fans’ favourite character, you never can tell what the next line of action will be. Games of Thrones is a must-watch if you enjoy watching Spartacus related movies.

  1. Vikings

Vikings is one of the great TV shows like Spartacus blood and sand you should consider including on your bucket list. The movie is also entertaining, action-packed, and equally filled with suspense, making it a must-watch for all movie lovers, including you.

shows like spartacus

In this historical drama created by Michael Hirst, the creator follows the story of the transformation of a farmer who later turned out to become a Scandinavian king after a successful raid of England with the full support of his warriors and family. The show continues after the death of the king as attention is now turned to his sons through their adventures in Scandinavia, England, and the Mediterranean. Vikings is a perfect combination of action and adventure. You’ll simply fall in love with this show like Spartacus.

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  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This show also makes this list. It is an awesome fantasy drama that spans seven seasons. The series has Buffy Summers as the protagonist. This young girl slays demons and vampires in her attempt to fight against the dark forces that reign supreme in her environment.

shows like spartacus

You shouldn’t miss this fantastic movie with an impressive underground as Buffy goes about liberating her people from the hands of malicious demons and vampires while trying to live a normal life as a teenager. If you haven’t watched this show like Spartacus, you shouldn’t hesitate to do so.

  1. Arrow

Arrow is another epic movie that deserves a mention here. It is one of the few movies that have continued to get positive reviews from both movie enthusiasts and critics alike.

The movie starts with the story of a missing billionaire. He eventually returned home after 5 years, a different person. His experience during the five years equipped him with the information he needed to identify those working behind the screen to bring his city down.

shows like spartacus
Armed with a bow and arrows, he steps out to the right the wrong, brings the offenders to justice, and restores his city to its past glory. Of course, not without some resistance from the powers that be. Check out this show like Spartacus and entertain yourself with it.

  1. Dexter

This show is about Dexter Morgan. He is a Miami-based blood spatter expert and murder case solver. Ironically, Dexter does more than solving murders, he’s also a murderer. It beats people’s imagination to realize that this professional is also a criminal who justifies his criminal activities by claiming to kill the bad guys only.

shows like spartacus

Although his sister (a cop) and his co-workers in the Miami Police Force are ignorant of his double life, his father is fully aware of his activities and is responsible for honing his skills. Don’t miss the show.

  1. Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels is another interesting movie set in the post-civil war America. The movie focuses on a war veteran who accidentally gets himself involved in some secret affairs while trying to find the killer of his wife.

shows like spartacus

This show also has a good dose of passionate sex, gruesome murders, a dark sense of humor, and a chain of love affairs. The movie is entertaining and portrays the everyday struggle for survival among the people.

  1. True Blood

True Blood is a vampire movie with a little deviation from the norm. The movie also has its own share of sex scenes, sometimes backed up with an interesting story to make the scene attractive. Of course, you shouldn’t expect anything short of bloodletting and violence from a vampire show.

shows like spartacus

The show is set up in an alternative universe that has vampires in existence as the vampires attempt to coexist with humans after they have successfully publicized themselves through The Great Revelation. They are out to achieve their dream with the assistance of a special drink, TruBlood. The drink was created to serve as a replacement for human blood. If you have a soft spot for vampires and can stand the sight of blood, go for this movie as one of the best shows like Spartacus.
As previously mentioned, each season takes place in a different setting. Thus, you will be privileged to follow the story as it unravels from one place to another. It promises to be fun.

  1. American Horror Story

This is another one of the fantastic shows like Spartacus that you can watch in lieu of Spartacus. This horror-drama is an interesting anthology where each season of the show takes place in a new environment or settings entirely.

shows like spartacus

It revolves around a family of three who is haunted after relocating to Los Angeles from Boston to enable them reconcile past anguish. Rather than have it smooth, they have a tough challenge of dealing with demonic creatures that keep taunting and haunting them.

  1. Xena: Warrior Princess

This is another fantasy television series. This series has Xena, a warrior princess as the lead actor. Although she has a dark past, Xena is determined to right the wrongs and get over her past. She eventually teams up with another Amazon, Gabrielle, to fight against the oppressive Gods and Warlords.

shows like spartacus

The show like Spartacus focuses on the life of Xena as she makes frantic efforts to seek redemption for her dark past while assisting the vulnerable and defenceless people with her amazing fighting skills. The show is a good combination of dark drama, lowbrow comedy, and satire.

I have compiled this list of the top 10 best shows like Spartacus which you can watch. You will enjoy every minute of these shows.


  1. Game of Thrones is my next best movie aside Spartacus. It is suspense-filled and has lots of interesting events that would keep you hooked to each episode. I enjoyed each season that until today I keep checking to see if a new season has been released. It’s amazing really.

  2. Arrow is just the perfect movie to watch if you loved Spartacus and a great fan of the movie. It is very intriguing and leaves its viewers hanging on their seats while imagining what would happen next. It sure is an amazing movie and a must watch for people who love movies like spartacus.


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