Why Are Linear Actuators So Expensive?

When looking for an upgrade for a mechanism, users and engineers often face the necessity to buy a linear actuator. Large enterprise buyers or small boat owners that would like to add some automation to their machine, anyone could need an actuator.

What are Linear Actuators?

The linear actuator is a type of actuator that creates the motion in a straight line which is in contrast to the circular motion of a conventional electric motor. This type of actuator is used in many mechanical tools like in computer peripherals such as disk drives and printers, in valves and dampers, and other different machines or peripherals where linear motion is required for smooth processing.

The modern market creates many obstacles for the buyers. The wide variety of products on offer makes a choice difficult. If you have never worked with a company’s products, how can you know what type of products they manufacture. Whether the product’s quality is awesome or just inferior! That is what makes things tough for buyers. They are in the dilemma whether they are really the best? And how can you be sure their prices are justified?

Price is one thing that influences the decision-making significantly. Many people would rather buy a cheaper product than a better quality one. And it is quite all right: every customer has a different purpose.

Here are some things you need to pay attention to when choosing your budget for a linear actuator:

  • Technological features

There are some simple actuators out there that are able to meet only a limited number of needs. There are also complex systems that can make a difference as elements of powerful machines. Depending on your goal you could either choose the cheapest product or an expensive one. For example, eBay offers both small actuators starting from $1-$6 per item and complex solutions costing around $40,000.

  • The country of origin

Tools of this type are mainly constructed in China. If the actuator was made in India or Bangladesh, it would be a bit more expensive. And, of course, if it was produced in Europe or the US, the price will be even higher Difference in quality is a whole other topic, but if you would like to run your business with providers from the western countries, you need to be prepared to spend more money.

  • The demand

Linear actuators are in great demand right now. The structure and principles of the modern market require higher prices for the products that are highly demanded. No matter what industry we are talking about, this rule will apply. Linear actuators find their application in various mechanisms and are required worldwide, so it influences the price as well.

In Conclusion

The prices for linear actuators may vary. If you are looking for a powerful solution that was developed somewhere other than China, you will need to spend a bit more, but the product will be worth it. There are tons of offers on the Internet, and you will be able to find a product that suits your needs.

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