Why Does Netflix Have No Good Movies?

Well, Netflix has been one of the prominent options you can use for an enhanced experience of enjoying your favourite movies. But, have you found that Netflix does not have the movies that you really want to watch? Or have you ever experienced that Netflix is only showing kid shows. Of course, it is indeed a devastating experience. But did you know that, Netflix does have some few good movies collection?

How Netflix Works?

Most of the reasons across the question why Netflix does not come with good movies as you can see in your account is due to the licensing option that the streaming service opts for. This has more to do with the concept of territorial license.

how Netflix works?

Netflix licenses the movies and TV shows from the studios depending upon the demand for the shows and movies. You may have found that the number of movies being dropped from the library sometimes exceeds the number of movies added during that particular duration.

Netflix is primarily an operator or streaming service that works on an SVOD model. The SVOD model or Subscription Video on Demand platform needs to source the movies and TV shows by striking the licensing deals with movie studios and distributors. If the movie is quite popular enough, the studio will naturally demand more money from the streaming services like Netflix.

Why Does Netflix Have NO Good Movies?

Several times you might have got a thought that why does Netflix have no good movies or why Netflix is showing only kids shows?

Netflix does have very good movies and TV shows, but there is a possibility that you might not be able to view them due to the content not being licensed in your country. A simple trick could be to use a VPN and change your country in your Netflix account to browse their content.

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How Can You Watch Good Movies on Netflix?

Well, now that we are aware of why not many good movies are available on Netflix, what about those movies that are available in a particular region? If the best movie is available in a particular region and not in another, the best option to get the movie is to use a VPN service.

So, what is a VPN service? A VPN service is a Virtual private network, and it works by tricking Netflix into believing that you are visiting the site from a different region than you are actually visiting it from. Thus, if a particular movie is available in the US, but not in your region – you can use a VPN service and make use of the server location of that region. The VPN service will connect to Netflix on your behalf and present you the site meant for the region you have configured your VPN to.

Some of the good VPN services you can opt for include:


One of the cheapest VPN services, NordVPN makes use of the OpenVPN protocol. You will also have access to the military level AES 256 bit encryption. In fact, it is one of the most preferred VPN services because of the efficiency that it offers you.

Some of the features worthy of mentioning include

  • It comes with the strongest features and add-on functionalities. One of the best options it offers includes the IP hiding and Netflix access.
  • They also have access to Kill Switch. You can opt to either switch off a particular application or decide to go with a system wide kill.
  • You can opt for six simultaneous connections.
  • The service has over 5000 servers globally; They operate from around 62 countries.

The NordVPN can work seamlessly with multiple operating systems as they have clients for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android.

VPN Area

Operating from Bulgaria, the VPN Area is one of the new and trusted VPN services around the globe.   They have over 70 server locations across the world. The VPN service offers it services spread across multiple platforms Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and VPN for Router.

Some of the elements that will make it a great choice will include

  • The connection speed is one of the best in comparison to most of the competing VPNs.
  • It comes with a simple and user-friendly interface. That should be one of the best options for the newbies and not so tech savvy persons.
  • It offers you an excellent browsing security and safety. It does not keep the logs of your online activity.
  • DNS leak protection is one of the features that make it a great choice. It lets you conduct a DNS leak test for your servers before you actually connect with them.
  • You can also get access to a private server for your needs.

Netflix Only Showing Kid Shows?

Further to using a VPN service for unblocking the geo restrictions, have you ever wondered why Netflix is showing only shows for kids? This could be  primarily because of some parental controls that might have got applied.

Netflix has an option to apply soft controls to your profile, with which a parent can ensure that their children are able to watch only that content, which is suitable for their age.

Thus you might have to unblock the parental controls on Netflix to watch shows other than the kids shows.

Why Do We see Not many movies on Netflix?

In fact, Netflix wants to have more exclusive content. That precisely what would explain the lack of many movies not being able to be found on the service. If they are able to show the movies that are not available anywhere else, it would mean that the service will become more necessary.

Apart from that, yet another excellent option that Netflix indulges in is to offer more of the content that is produced by themselves. In fact, the world’s best known streaming service has almost doubled its own production since 2016. Isn’t that an excellent option to provide exclusive content to its viewers. Such content will obviously not be available on any other platform. That way, Netflix will be able to tackle competition and keeps adding value to its content library. This value also lets Netflix charge more for its services.

What Determines the instances of movies leaving Netflix?

Netflix licenses movies and TV shows from the studios as we have already indicated. These licenses are typically acquired for a particular period of time. Yet another factor that can play an important role is the territorial licensing that Netflix (or for that matter any other movie streaming service) indulges in. The licensing involves a lot of money, and if Netflix wants to earn profits, it will want to find what kind of movies are in demand in the specific regions that it operates.

From that perspective, Netflix will only opt for the licensing of a particular movie only if it is profitable for a specific region. Thus a movie on Netflix may be available in a particular region while it may not be available in another region. However, in such situations, you should be able to watch the movies and shows using a good VPN service.

When the license for a particular movie expires, Netflix may or may not decide to go with the renewal of the license. The factors that would decide the renewal would be dependent on the following assessment –

  • Is the studio ready to renew the license?
  • Is the licensing cost involved is worth the investment?
  • Are there any seasonal and regional factors involved?

These things should ideally explain why you are not able to find good movies on Netflix. The basic issue with the Netflix is it is a Subscription based service, and this will not guarantee a complete return on the movies and shows that the service has acquired. In sharp contrast, a Pay Per View model would be more profitable and as such these services have a huge library of almost all movies at all times.

The Difference between Streaming sites and Pay Per View Services

The lack of availability of good movies on the streaming services like Netflix can be best understood if you get to know more about the differences between the two models – the SVOD and Pay Per View.

The SVOD model works on a subscription based option for all the content available on the streaming site. For a particular amount that the subscribers pay, they will be able to access all the content that the service offers. There will not be any differential pricing for the titles, and thus the profitability will entirely be dependent upon the number of subscribers that the service can garner.

In sharp contrast to the SVOD model, the pay Per view model will charge the viewers on the basis of each of the movie. This can guarantee a more streamlined revenue. In fact, studios tend to sell their movies and shows to the services offering Pay Per View model than to the streaming services. The studios will earn more revenue through the pay per view services than from the streaming services like Netflix.

Since the pay per view services do not need to pay any upfront charges and earn only when the viewers watch any show on the service, they can continue to have all the movies and shows available on the platform all the time. In contrast, the streaming services need to pay upfront charges to the studios and then look for the ways to earn profits from these shows. This should explain the reason for the frequent addition and removal of movies from the platform from time to time. Netflix thus keeps adding and removing the movies and TV shows at regular intervals. In fact, this can also be one of the reasons why we do not find good movies on Netflix quite often. Popular and good movies will come with a higher licensing cost and Netflix may not be ready to shell out the amount if it is not sure of earning enough revenue from the show or movie.

Concluding Thoughts

Well, that should clearly explain why does Netflix have no good movies and TV shows. Of course, almost all streaming services come with this inherent issue of licensing and other related aspects of regionalized content. Netflix lets you share your thoughts about the unavailable content and request them, but there isn’t any assurance that the content requested will be added.

If you are unable to find the content you are looking for, you may need to search for it elsewhere or opt for a VPN service if the content is available for another region. This will help you to answer your quest why does Netflix have no good movies.

What would you think to about the quality of movies available on Netflix? Share your views on how would you deal with it.

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