What is the best social network for sharing your blog content?

There are a lot of platforms and factors to choose from when marketing your blog or a website. You can rely solely on search engines, but this is generally not a good idea. Promoting your blog will work wonders in generating traffic and converting visitors into subscribers, and there’s no better platform to promote than social media!

Facebook: Facebook has over 2 billion active users every month. This makes Facebook the number one spot for an audience. Granted, you won’t have access to all online users, but there are ways to ensure your blog gets highlighted on multiple feeds.

The best method is by sharing your blog posts on your feed. Facebook notifies all friends on your list of the post and you, in turn, get viewers and likes. But a key here is to get every viewer to then go ahead and share your post on their wall, so your post is exposed to a new set of people. This will happen ONLY is if your article is a good read. This is why the quality of content is crucial to a blog’s success. At this point I’d like to mention, hiring a professional writer to write or curate your article is a good idea. You can easily hire qualified writers online, on platforms like Contentmart.

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Twitter: Twitter is probably the only platform where common folk, politicians, and celebrities all mingle with each other, making it a brilliant spot for blog promotion. But Twitter’s character limit makes it a challenge to make your tweet as attractive and eye-catching as possible. With just 140 character limit, you need to describe your post and also convince the audience why they must read it. Fortunately, you can hire professional writers to write quirky or professional descriptions that the Twitterati will appreciate.

YouTube: I know what you’re wondering, YouTube for blog posts? Many popular bloggers have turned to YouTube to promote their blogs. You can make a short video describing your blog, or you can directly convey the article’s message in the video. The icing on the cake is to add a link to your blog post in the description, and viewers on your channel will convert to visitors for your blog.

YouTube descriptions are also a form of art and go through the same screening by search engines as articles. It is best to approach a writer who is well versed in SEO and eloquent to write a catchy description.

These were our three, top social media spots to promote your blog. If you’ve noticed, apart from the platform’s popularity itself, the content you post plays an important role in popularizing your blog. That is why I’m digressing to give you a few tips on where you can hire content writers for either the entire blog article, or just for the social media tagline or description. The popular online content marketplace Contentmart hosts a wide range of qualified writers. It is extremely simple to use. You can simply post an order with your requirement and the price you’re willing to pay and pick from an array of qualified content writers.

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