10 Hottest Plus Size Girl Anime Characters – 2023

Anime is something that’s always changing and showing us different parts of life and culture. Lately, it’s been doing something pretty cool – breaking away from the usual idea of what’s considered beautiful. Instead, it’s starting to embrace characters who don’t fit the typical mold. Sure, we still see plenty of slim and attractive characters, but there’s a new appreciation for plus-size anime girls. These characters are like a breath of fresh air because they challenge what we’re used to seeing. So, let’s get to know 10 of these awesome plus-size anime girls who have won our hearts.

10 Hottest Plus Size Girl Anime Characters

1. Hanako Ohtani (Persona 4: The Animation)

Hanako Ohtani is a character who initially appears as a stereotypical chubby anime girl used for comic relief. Her love for food is a central aspect of her personality, and she won’t let anyone get between her and her tray of delicious treats. What sets Hanako apart is her unapologetic and confident attitude. While her weight is often played for laughs, she doesn’t let it define her. She’s a second-year student at Yasogami High School, and her close friendship with Ms. Kashiwagi adds depth to her character. Hanako’s presence as one of the Sexy Chubby Anime girls in “Persona 4: The Animation” challenges stereotypes about plus-size individuals, showing that they can be self-assured and proud of who they are.

Hanako Ohtani

2. Shigemi Kubota (Sakamoto desu ga)

Shigemi Kubota is a delightful character who defies expectations. As a motherly figure, she is frightening but in a loving way. Shigemi is clear about her appeal and looks, and she embraces her identity with confidence, making her one of the Plus size anime girls who are memorable for their warmth. Her character experiences a reawakening of her maternal instincts, adding depth to her personality. Shigemi’s presence as a Sexy Chubby Anime girl in “Sakamoto desu ga” showcases that plus-size characters can have multifaceted and endearing qualities that go beyond their appearance.

3. Satomi Ishihara (Plastic Neesan):

Satomi Ishihara is a character who oozes confidence and charm. She’s cheeky, narcissistic, and unafraid to speak her mind, often to the point of being offensive. What makes Satomi captivating is her unapologetic nature. She not only accepts herself but projects an image of self-assuredness that makes others drawn to her. Satomi’s strong character in “Plastic Neesan” serves as a reminder that self-confidence and a bold personality can be incredibly attractive, challenging stereotypes about Plus size anime girls.

Satomi Ishihara

4. Tamako Inada (Silver Spoon/Gin no Saji):

Tamako Inada is a character in “Silver Spoon/Gin no Saji” who leaves a lasting impression. She is one of Hachiken’s cohorts, and her businesswoman aspirations reflect her ambition and determination. Tamako’s genuine nature is both her strength and vulnerability. Her pride in her size challenges societal norms and expectations related to beauty standards, making her a standout Plus size anime girl. Tamako’s character highlights that Plus size anime characters can be confident, successful, and proud of who they are.

Tamako Inada

5. Yukino Itou (Real Drive):

Yukino Itou is a character in “Real Drive” known for her quiet and chubby appearance. With her black eyes and dark hair, she has a distinctive look that sets her apart. Fond of tying her hair in a ponytail, Yukino’s adorning face often makes others jealous. Her character emphasizes that beauty comes in various forms and that self-confidence is an attractive quality, regardless of body size. Yukino serves as an example of Plus size anime girls who possess a unique allure.

Yukino Itou

6. Mirei Yajimma (Genshiken Nidaime):

Mirei Yajimma is a newcomer character in “Genshiken Nidaime.” She stands out as an individual who can be recognized from a group of different individuals. Her attire is unbiased, and she appears stocky and overweight. Mirei’s character reflects reluctance regarding her appearance, highlighting the societal pressures that Plus size anime characters may face. Despite her reservations, she challenges stereotypes by being herself and representing Plus size anime girls with authenticity.

Mirei Yajimma

7. Minori (No-Rin):

Minori is one of the hot Plus size anime girls in “No-Rin.” Her striking green eyes and noteworthy figure make her a standout character. While she may come across as over-protective, Minori’s character challenges assumptions about Plus size anime characters. Her appearance is notable, and she reminds us that beauty is not confined to a single body type. Minori’s character adds depth to the story and showcases the diversity of attractiveness in anime, especially among Plus size anime girls.


8. Minamo Aoi (Real Drive Sennou Chousashitsu):

Minamo Aoi is a character who faces the challenges of being one of the few realistically portrayed plus-size anime characters. Aged fifteen, she starts as an intern and gradually climbs the ladder in her job, ultimately achieving success. Minamo’s journey in “Real Drive Sennou Chousashitsu” demonstrates that Plus size anime characters can overcome societal expectations and achieve their goals, emphasizing that success knows no size boundaries.

Minamo Aoi

9. Witch of the Waste (Howl’s Moving Castle):

The Witch of the Waste is a character who embodies both power and malevolence. She’s not just another mean character; she is the definition of evil itself. What makes her stand out is her narcissistic nature, leading her to use magic to make herself younger and more beautiful. Her character serves as the main antagonist in “Howl’s Moving Castle.” The Witch of the Waste’s backstory hints at societal pressure and expectations regarding beauty, shedding light on the complexities faced by Plus size anime characters who don’t conform to traditional standards.

Witch of the Waste

10. Nikuko (Please tell me! Galko-chan):

Nikuko is a memorable character throughout the entirety of “Please tell me! Galko-chan.” As one of Galko-chan’s schoolmates and a member of the girls’ group, Nikuko defies stereotypes by proving that being a Plus size anime girl doesn’t equate to being unfit. She earned the nickname “Sonic Meat” from the boys of her age due to her surprisingly fast pace. Nikuko challenges the misconception that Plus size anime girls are not active or agile, showcasing that appearances can be deceiving. Her vivacious and confident demeanor makes her one of the Sexy Chubby Anime girls who break barriers.



1. Why is there a growing trend of plus-size anime characters?

The trend of plus-size anime characters is growing because it reflects a desire for more diverse and inclusive representations in anime. Where a huge number of people are obsessed with slim-figure women, there are still many people who love plus-sized characters that pretty much look natural. It challenges traditional beauty standards and allows for a wider range of character types and personalities.

2. Are plus-size anime characters becoming more common in recent anime series?

Yes, there has been a noticeable increase in the inclusion of plus-size anime characters in recent years. Anime creators are recognizing the importance of representing a variety of body types and are actively introducing more diverse characters into their stories. The days where people loved slim zero figure anime girls are going away because now it is the trend of more natural body type, and sometimes plus sized too.

3. How do plus-size anime characters challenge stereotypes in the medium?

Plus-size anime characters challenge stereotypes by proving that beauty and appeal are not limited to a single body type. They showcase that individuals of all sizes can have unique personalities, strengths, and attractiveness. As the trend of zero figure went popular, plus sized woman are seen as too fat, and thus, everyone was trying hard to get slim. But, slowly people are understanding the importance of every body type, and plus-size anime characters challenge the stereotypes in a big way.

4. Can you provide examples of plus-size anime characters who have gained popularity?

Certainly! Some popular plus-size anime characters include Hanako Ohtani from “Persona 4: The Animation,” Tamako Inada from “Silver Spoon/Gin no Saji,” and Nikuko from “Please tell me! Galko-chan.”

5. What impact do plus-size anime characters have on viewers and the anime industry?

Plus-size anime characters have a positive impact by promoting body positivity and inclusivity. They offer viewers relatable and diverse role models while encouraging the anime industry to continue evolving and representing a broader range of characters.

Plus-Sized Anime Characters list Summarized in a Table

Hanako OhtaniPersona 4: The Animation1. Food enthusiast

2. Arrogant attitude

3. Second-year student at Yasogami High School

Shigemi KubotaSakamoto desu ga1. Sweet and caring

2. Maternal instincts

3. Embraces her appeal

Satomi IshiharaPlastic Neesan1. Cheeky and confident

2. Narcissistic

3. Strong character

Minamo AoiReal Drive Sennou Chousashitsu1. Climbs up the ladder in her job

2. Sister of Souta Aoi

3. Realistic portrayal

Witch of the WasteHowl’s Moving Castle1. Powerful and mean

2. Uses magic for beauty

3. Main antagonist

NikukoPlease tell me! Galko-chan1. Member of girls’ group

2. Proves being overweight doesn’t mean being unfit

3. “Sonic Meat” nickname

Tamako InadaSilver Spoon/Gin no Saji1. Strong and genuine personality

2. Proud of her appearance

Yukino ItouReal Drive1. Quiet and chubby

2. Black eyes and dark hair

3. Fond of tying a ponytail

Mirei YajimmaGenshiken Nidaime1. Unbiased attire

2. Stocky and overweight

3. Reluctant regarding appearance

MinoriNo-Rin1. Over-protective character

2. Striking green eyes

3. Noteworthy figure

Final Thoughts 

These diverse and well-developed Plus size anime characters contribute to a more inclusive and representative portrayal of beauty standards in the world of anime. They challenge stereotypes and emphasize the importance of embracing one’s individuality and self-confidence, regardless of body size. The presence of these Sexy Chubby Anime girls and Plus size anime girls serves as a reminder that attractiveness knows no boundaries in the world of anime.

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