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9 Sites to Watch Dubbed Anime Online Free of Cost



There are actually two ways of watching anime: subtitled and dubbed. Subtitled has the original language playing but the meaning is being subtitled as text below the screen while dubbed means the voice has been translated into another language (English) without text below the screen. I actually prefer the dubbed anime to subtitled because it offers me the opportunity to concentrate on animation without bothering myself with the caption.

Some people complain that there are so many crappy dubbed anime which is the reason why they don’t like it. Never too worry, this article is the perfect answer to your questions “Where to watch dubbed Anime?”.

9 sites where you can watch dubbed anime free online

9 Sites to Watch Dubbed Anime Online Free of Cost


If you are a newbie to anime or an otaku, 9anime is actually the friendliest website to visit. It has a whole lot of genre of dubbed anime that are of good quality. You will love this website because it gives you the option of downloading your dubbed anime as well. Not only can stream dubbed anime but you can download and watch it later too. You don’t have to worry about the language barrier. That’s taken care of.


  1. Gogoanime

Gogoanime has a very good reputation for updating its websites with new series of anime regularly so that you can watch dubbed anime online for free. There is a very high chance of getting addicted to this website because you can never get bored of its large database of dubbed anime. It also has a calm and cool user interface to keep you glued to your screen. If you are the savvy type, you can download the Gogoanime app for your Android and IOS devices.


  1. Kissanime

Well, this website is the giant of online anime streaming. It has the largest fan of anime lovers worldwide; this owes to the fact that they have a community of fans discussing and giving feedbacks on anime. If you are looking for likeminded people, connect with them here. It also has good quality video content and quick load speed so that you can watch anime online free English dubbed without any issues. To get the full benefit of KissAnime, you will have to register for free to be able to download and engage in the forum discussion. There is also a kissAnime app for Android and IOS devices.


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  1. AnimeSeason

AnimeSeason is simply one of the best sites where you can watch anime dubbed in English. In addition to being ads free, it also rates the most popular Anime based on users’ votes on its website. That affords you the opportunity to be conversant with the latest anime and entertain yourself with them at your convenience. AnimeSeason has a clearly categorized collection based on recently added Anime, recently rated Anime, recent Anime recommendation etc. for easier search. You can personalize your search according to your preference and watch dubbed anime free on this anime streaming website.



As the name implies, this website features dubbed (English) anime. They have a huge collection of most of the popular anime you are looking for. They partner with other websites to keep their anime library updated for your viewing pleasure. They also have a good and responsive customer service to listen and respond to your suggestions and complaints. Therefore, whenever you are planning a long weekend, keep yourself busy with some anime from watchdub. That decision will liven up your weekend. This is a very good site to watch anime online free English dubbed.


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  1. Anime Heaven

AnimeHeaven allows you to stream dubbed anime’s ongoing series and episodes in different video qualities. There is also a search bar for you to type the title and keyword of Anime that you want. It is also classified into the genre, year, and popular today. The long list of anime you can find on this platform makes it



Animefreak is for you if you are very obsessed with Anime. You will not only get good quality dubbed (English) Anime, but you also get to read Manga too. Yes, there is a high possibility of getting addicted to Anime and everything related which is Manga.  They have different categories based on popular, new and favourite anime.


  1. Soul-anime

Soul-anime should be one stop to watch anime online free English dubbed in HD quality. It is simple to use and also the embedded player plays fast without interruption. They update their library to feature newly released episodes. It is a reliable site as the search bar is very quick. There is also a popular “Anime Updates” section along with their snippet on their homepage.


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  1. Animeplanet

Animeplanet has a huge database of Anime that can be searched by genre and title for easy streaming. This ensures that you will never run out of options whenever you need some interesting anime to keep yourself busy during the holidays.  The downside to this website is the frequent pop-up ads that interrupt streaming. It is actually a good website if you can ignore the ads. There are other benefits of the site like a community where you can discuss and give an opinion on anime.



Just because you are not a native Japanese speaker, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the interesting, enlightening and educative narrative of Anime. And of course, there are so many free dubbed Anime websites but most of them are substandard and of low quality. They translate entirely different meanings thereby confusing your lovely brain.

You can stream and download your good quality and original meaning English dubbed Anime from any of the above-listed dubbed anime sites. You also have access to all of them free of charge. We are sure that you have a plenty of sites to watch anime online free in English dubbing.

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  1. Nemesis

    March 13, 2018 at 12:03 pm

    Thanks for sharing on how to watch dubbed animes. You can also try to download them by using Acethinker free video downloader. This website will help you download videos from all video sharing sites. It is very easy to use and absolutely free

  2. Jane

    March 18, 2018 at 11:04 pm

    I am already addicted to Gogoanime. They have a very large database and are constantly uploading new dubbed anime movies so you can never get bored. They are all free to watch and so you don’t have to worry about paying to watch your favorite anime.

  3. Angela

    March 18, 2018 at 11:05 pm is actually a very good site to watch anime online free English dubbed. They have lots of dubbed anime movies that would keep you entertained all day. I always visit the site whenever I have a sit in the weekend. I never get bored on such days.

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