KuCoin (KCS) – The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

The trade in the crypto market has drastically increased. This trade is carried out on well-known Exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, etc. But it shall be noted that Binance and Bittrex have stopped accepting further registrations (as on 13th January 2018).

Register on KuCoin Exchange before it stops excepting new registrations (check your spambox for email confirmation link)!

So, for the newbies, there is no place for disappointment as we are here introducing you to the upcoming exchange!! KuCoin Exchange!!


KuCoin is an international blockchain assets exchange. It became live on 13th August 2017. It was found by a team of blockchain enthusiasts who had already worked for industry giants like Ant Financials, GF Securities, etc. It aims at providing a safe and convenient exchange for trading in digital assets. Also, it is now getting into the run with very well-known competitors like Binance, Bittrex, etc. KuCoin has currencies paired with BTC, ETH, USDT, KCS, and NEO.

Decent Security

Almost every exchange for crypto trading has made Google Authenticator Code mandatory for the security purpose. Indeed!! It is one the best ways to secure our crypto banks from being hacked.

On the other hand, KuCoin although has not made Google 2FA mandatory, it does enable the user to activate Google Authenticator Code for login purpose.

It is the user’s concern for security, and also its responsibility to activate the Google Authenticator Code to protect the account from the risk of hacking. The login, withdrawal, and trading activities are protected with this Google 2FA.

In case you want to change your device, you can unbind the Google 2 step verification by yourself. You simply need to go to Settings-> Google 2 step verification-> click “unbind Google 2 step verification”.

Also, there is no option of blocking IP, like Bittrex, wherein, if you are login-in with a new IP, a mail is sent to you on the registered e-mail ID. This can be implemented to make the exchange more secure place for the users.

Low Trading & Withdrawal Fees

KuCoin charges fees on trading @ 0.1%. This fee is equal to the fee on Binance (expect for the payment on Binance via BNB, which charges 0.05% in the 1st year). But lower than the charges at Bittrex which is 0.25%.

When withdrawing cryptocurrency from the exchange, the user will be charged with a fixed tiny amount of withdrawal fees which is fixed as per the policy of the organization for different coins. These are fixed charges and do not depend upon the size of the transaction (~upto 50 BTC the charges per withdrawal transaction will be fixed)

Android & iOS KuCoin Apps

KuCoin has come up with the Apps for both Android and iOS users. The apps are available at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. The KuCoin team is constantly working on these apps and are continuously trying to make them better regarding its use and security for the users. These apps are very much in line with the KuCoin website. It enables the user to carry out the entire trading process on its Android or iOS devices. However the app needs much more improvement to become one of the best crypto apps.

Coins on KuCoin

Currently, there are around 42 coins which are currently being traded on KuCoin, and regularly more coins are getting added for trading. Coins like RedPulse (RPX), Snovio (SNOV) and its very own coin KCS, are exclusively listed on KuCoin and have shown significant growth in past few weeks. Let’s take a bit about these coins:

KCS Coin

KuCoin Shares also known as KCS which is a token issued by KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. In this growing market of cryptocurrency, KuCoin exchange can indeed be viewed as a viable platform and is currently growing much in volume, as many international exchanges have closed new registrations.

The market cap of KCS increased from $324,897,231 to $1,759,962,806 in a week’s time. Also, the price per coin has increased from $3.57 to $19.33 which shows around 400% growth. This makes KCS a great investment deal.

Project Review of RedPulse Token – RPX Review

RedPulse is a project undertaken in China wherein the analysts give concise two paragraph research notes covering major events in China like the change in any legal policy, major corporate restructuring events, industry developments and as we all know the list of happenings in China can never end. Currently, RedPulse is covering the Finance, Tech & Internet and Consumer sectors for the content. The analysts conduct a deep study and make available the polished information on a real-time basis to the customers which enables them to make planning and investment decision making.

RedPulse(RPX) Coin has been growing drastically. The market of RPX has gone up from $203,945,316 to $436,999,984. Also, the price per unit of RPX went up from $0.375349 to $0.804272 in just eight days which is around 114% growth.

Project Review of SNOV Coin

Snovio (SNOV) has come up with an idea of decentralized lead generation service. It functions by crowdsourcing data collection and blockchain technology. It aims at solving the problem of both the businessmen by providing the high-quality updatable contacts (leads) which are needed to carry out the process of data collection and of data distributors by providing with fair revenue distribution model by selling data through the transparent and audited economy.

Snovio(SNOV) Coin is another coin which has shown tremendous growth. The market cap of SNOV went up from $12,548,925 to $168,536,988. Also, the price per unit of SNOV went up from $0.030985 to $0.0.416138 in just nine days which is around 1200% growth.

Buying & Selling

Buying and Selling coins are pretty much simple on KuCoin. If you have your Google 2FA enabled, then during the logged-in session, for the 1st buy/sell order, you’ll have to input the 2-Step verification code, after which for all the trades in that session will not require the 2-Step verification code.

While transacting, double check the bid/ask prices and the number of coins that you are trading, and directly the transaction will be executed.

Trading Charts @ KuCoin Exchange

The candlestick charts on KuCoin are supportedby which means you can get the best experience of analysing the charts. You can easily draw trend lines, various patterns like ABCD, triangle etc.… and use take help of several indicators like Bollinger Bands, RSI etc.…

Promotions @ KuCoin

Recently, RedPulse and KuCoin have together come up with a huge giveaway in celebrating its success.

They have come up with the giveaway of one Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0T and 2,50,000 RedPulse tokens. For trading in RPX on KuCoin, it is giving Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0T and 1,50,000 RPX tokens and 1,00,000 RPX tokens for re-tweeting the tweet. You simply need to re-tweet, take a screenshot and upload it to the prescribed form.

Apart from this giveaway, KuCoin will share 50% of its trading fees collected, to the holder of KCS coin!

KuCoin keeps coming up with many bonus offers for the existing users! 🙂


All in all, KuCoin is one of the best international cryptocurrency exchanges, which is currently open for new registrations. It has multiple markets and is very user-friendly. Its growth from the day it is launched is mesmerising to every user.

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