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Best Romantic Comedy Movies on Netflix



Romantic Comedies or RomComs as they have been called have been one of those rare genres that have been observed to be an excellent option for the moviegoers. In fact, the genre is so wide that it can include the high school romance to a musical to a stoner movie. If you are one of those who have been craving for a good dash of romantic comedies, Netflix offers you an enviably good list of movies at your disposal. We will review a few select romantic comedy movies you can enjoy on Netflix today.

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Best Romantic Comedies on Netflix in 2019

Netflix has constantly been overhauling its collection of movies, and the Romantic Comedies are not an excuse either. If you are a Netflix fan for the best in a romantic comedy, we assume the following list should provide you with a good list of the best romantic comedies on Netflix.

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#1 Laggies- Cute Funny Movie on Netflix

  • IMDB Ranking – 6.4
  • Netflix Link – Link
  • Year of release – 2014
  • Director – Lynn Shelton
  • Starring – Keira Knightley, Chloë Grace Moretz, Sam Rockwell


The movie is all about the crisis we feel at quarter life. The protagonist is past 30 and has a boyfriend. But, when he proposes to her, she is confused. Feeling lost, she is drawn to a 16-year-old girl who leads a simpler life. Juggling between the teens and adulthood, she has two romantic feelings and feels lagged.

Why not get a taste of the movie through this trailer?

Why should you watch the movie?

The movie brings about the teens and their feeling really well. We would definitely think that you will relate to the movie at one or the other scene. The identity and confidence crisis has really been well portrayed. The movie is funny and relatable enough. It is one of the good romantic comedies to watch for the rom-com lovers.

The movie is not available in the UK.

#2 Love Actually – Funny Rom Com on Netflix

  • IMDB Ranking – 7.6
  • Netflix Link – Link
  • Year of release – 2003
  • Director – Richard Curtis
  • Starring – Hugh Grant, Martine McCutcheon, Liam Neeson


The plot is about a host of interrelated stories and all about love, and the quest for happiness. The script is lovely enough and compelling. Focussing on irony and satire, the movie brings forth the subtleties of love and romance to the core. The characters are quite humane and live up to the expectations.

If you are interested, get to know more through the trailer here –

Why should you Watch the movie?

The movie has heart and style … and soul. It is all about taking chances with respect to the love of your life. The scenes and the characters have been created in an endearing and vivid manner. You have comedy, laughter, and irony – all rolled into one.

The movie is available across almost all major regions.

#3 Obvious Child- Good Romantic Comedy to Watch

  • IMDB Ranking – 6.8
  • Netflix Link – Link
  • Year of release – 2014
  • Director – Gillian Robespierre
  • Starring – Jenny Slate, Jake Lacy, Gaby Hoffmann


The protagonist is open about everything she does – including her sex life. But suddenly she becomes pregnant after a one night stand, and all hell breaks loose. She already has her share of issues as she has been dumped by her boyfriend, but this sudden pregnancy and single motherhood take her off her feet.

The trailer here should provide you with an insight into the movie –

Why should you watch this movie?

Obvious Child is a movie that does so many things all at once. It has empathy, a lot of subtle and bold humour and authenticity. What makes the movie even more powerful is it does stop from being judgemental or even sound clichéd. Maybe a little predictable, but still it is a good option for its wit. This movie adds to the list of funny rom coms on Netflix and thus is a good watch.

The movie is not available in India and France.

#4 Sleeping With Other people- Best Romantic Comedy

  • IMDB Ranking – 6.5
  • Netflix Link – Link
  • Year of release – 2015
  • Director – Leslye Headland
  • Starring – Jason Sudeikis, Alison Brie, Jordan Carlos


The movie is about sexual preferences and the mutual attraction between the two people who do not believe in monogamy. So, they have been the serial cheaters, and this is their attempt at love? Will they succeed? They plan to keep their relationship platonic, but it isn’t a thing that much easy to keep.

Here is the trailer to get you into the mood –

Why should you watch the movie?

The chemistry between the two protagonists is awesome and should be the prime reasons you should watch this movie. It is all about the amorous on and off crush we have always had. In fact, you will relate to the movie and its concept. If you have kids, you may need to take care because there are several suggestive sex scenes and swearing words.

The movie is not available in India.

#5 Drinking Buddies- Friends to Lovers Movie on Netflix

  • IMDB Ranking – 6.1
  • Netflix Link – Link
  • Year of release – 2013
  • Director – Joe Swanberg
  • Starring – Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick


Luke and Kate are friends and spend time together drinking. Both of them have their own romantic interests and are in a steady relationship. They are compatible with the core and attracted to an extent. But the line between the friends and more than friends seems to blur. When the couples go on a trip, they begin questioning each other’s priorities.

If you need a little time to understand it better, this trailer can give you an idea-

Why should you watch the movie?

Of course, the plot may appear slack at times, but overall it is riveting. It will definitely make you rethink over your relationships. There is a lot of ambiguity involved, but all of that has been evolved in a systematic and well-mannered way. The movie subtly questions a male-female relationship.

The movie is available across all major regions.

#6 Sliding Doors- Comedy Love Story on Netflix

  • IMDB Ranking – 6.8
  • Netflix Link – Link
  • Year of release – 1998
  • Director – Peter Howitt
  • Starring – Gwyneth Paltrow, John Hannah, John Lynch


Narrating the two possibilities of life for Helen, the movie discusses the life of the protagonist from two angles. She is cheated by her boyfriend and finds her interest in a handsome hunk. The movie makes use of the “what if” scenario and creates an endearing experience of the possibilities that life throws at you. Two parallel stories of a single human.

Here is a trailer for a clear understanding of what you can expect from the movie –

Why should you watch the movie?

If you are fond of the “What If”  genre of movies, this is an excellent option for you. The movie is full of artfulness to the core. It makes an attempt at discussing the possibilities of life taking different turns, but eventually, come to the same conclusion and ending.

The movie is not available in the Philippines.

#7 Chocolat- Original Movies Comedy

  • IMDB Ranking – 7.3
  • Netflix Link – Link
  • Year of release – 2000
  • Director – Lasse Hallström
  • Starring – Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench, Alfred Molina


Set in rural France, the story is about a woman- a single mother who sets up a chocolate shop a few meters away from the Church. The village overseer finds her unwelcome and makes every attempt to drive her away. The movie won the Oscars for the leading lady of the movie.

You can watch this trailer for a better insight into the movie –

Why should you watch the movie?

Well, the movie is all about chocolates, and of course, the fairy tale like structure will make it an excellent choice. The fantastic comedy coupled with romance should ideally make it a great option in recent times. An outsider coming and playing with the status quo of a village should make it an excellent option.

The movie is not available in the UK.

#8 Beautiful Girls- Comedy Love Story Movie on Netflix

  • IMDB Ranking – 7.2
  • Netflix Link – Link
  • Year of release – 1996
  • Director – Ted Demme
  • Starring – Matt Dillon, Timothy Hutton, Noah Emmerich


The protagonist heads back to his small hometown. However, it is a crossroad for him both professionally and personally. With all his friends still having that trophy mentality of girlfriends and wives, he cannot even take a call on whether he wants to marry his long term girlfriend.

Here is the trailer if you can’t wait to watch the movie –

Why should you watch the movie?

Sassy and savvy girls and an unforeseen ensemble relationship comedy. A really calm and gentle take on a group of childhood friends. The crossroads that the protagonists are symbolic of the transition between adulthood and teens. Of course, the movie is unique and unusual.

The movie is not available in the UK.

#9 Meet The Patels- Funny Netflix Original Movie

  • IMDB Ranking – 7.1
  • Netflix Link – Link
  • Year of release – 2014
  • Director – Geeta Patel, Ravi Patel
  • Starring – Ravi Patel, Geeta Patel, Champa V. Patel


The movie is a part home movie and part documentary. The protagonist, who is an Indian American has moved past 30 and begins looking for a wife in the traditional Indian manner. It can be your best bet for a laugh out loud and real-life romantic comedy. An attempt by the brother-sister duo, the movie is exceptional with fresh content.

If you want to know more about the movie, this trailer should help you –

Why should you watch the movie?

You will definitely relate to the characters in the movie if you are from a traditional family – not necessarily Indian. Inexperience, indecisiveness, pleasing – they are just a few adjectives we would use to describe the movie. The movie brings forth the exact dilemma of being forced to live a dual cultured life.

The movie is available across most of the major regions.

#10 Blue Jay- Cute Funny Movie on Netflix

  • IMDB Ranking – 7.3
  • Netflix Link – Link
  • Year of release – 2016
  • Director – Alex Lehmann
  • Starring – Mark Duplass, Sarah Paulson, Clu Gulager


Two strangers have left their hometown for the first time and getting used to the ways of the huge city. They appear awkward initially, and gradually their friendship begins to blossom forward. This seems to be one of the cute funny movies on Netflix. Amanda is reserved, while her newfound friend is talkative enough. They keep running into each other rather frequently and quite out of coincidence.

Watch this trailer for an insight into what you can look for in the movie –

Why should You watch the movie?

Well, the story is quite simple and layered enough. The director showcases the experience he has gained as a long time cinematographer. He is a master of creating awkwardness in its full glory. In fact, like one of the reviewers put it, he creates awkward out of minimalism. In all, a movie full of such moments and created in a beautiful way. A must watch for the fans of romantic comedies.

You can watch the movie across all major regions.

#11 The Incredible Jessica James- Good Rom Com on Netflix

  • IMDB Ranking – 6.5
  • Netflix Link – Link
  • Year of release – 2017
  • Director – Jim Strouse
  • Starring – Jessica Williams, Chris O’Dowd, Lakeith Stanfield


Struggling from a breakup, the protagonist covers her frustration with the in your face honesty. While teaching, she comes across a newly divorced computer guy. They are both recovering from their breakup, and thus they begin getting along well. They are both honest and complement each other. She can’t stop fantasizing her ex-boyfriend, and this makes their relationship getting back to where it was.

Here is the trailer to help you out in choosing the movie –

Why should you watch the movie?

The movie is all about Jessica James, and she carries it on her shoulders really well enough. The chemistry between the lead actors is quite terrific. The wonderful performances along with the bright direction, you will find the movie really impressive. We would indeed expect the movie will appeal to most of you out there who like the emotional plays and family bonding. Indeed! This movie adds to the romantic comedy series on Netflix.

The movie can be watched across regions.

#12 Adventureland- The Original Romantic Comedy

  • IMDB Ranking – 6.8
  • Netflix Link – Link
  • Year of release – 2009
  • Director – Greg Mottola
  • Starring – Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Ryan Reynolds


The protagonist of the movie has a dream of a summer European tour, but his plans are ruined when his parents face a severe career setback and are forced to go through the financial woes. He is forced to take up a job at the amusement park and rues his life. But, only until he gets along with the witty co-worker. The newbies in love experience the love, life, and trust until James discovers what exactly his values are.

Here is the trailer for a clear picture of what you are set to get –

Why should you watch this movie?

Though the movie looks like a crude and irrelevant and celebratory option, you will begin experiencing something different as the movie unfolds. It is completely about romance and a complex romance at that. The lead actors are skilful and live up to the expectations. The movie is definitely a decent entertainer and offers you an excellent performance. This seems to be original movies comedy on Netflix.

The movie is not available in India, the US, and Germany.

The Concluding Thoughts for Best Romantic Comedies on Netflix

The Netflix original romantic comedy is indeed a great work of art. The best romantic comedy is all about excellent cinematography. The genre is filled with a huge list of movies, but not all of them are worthy of being on this list. We have listed out the best romantic comedy movies you can watch with your family on Netflix. This list possibly should give you an insight into good romantic comedies to watch on Netflix.

And now with VPN, the accessibility should not really be an issue. Choose the movie and you shall be able to watch it in any country or any part of the world.

Watch them if you have a Netflix account and share your opinions about the movies included in this compilation.



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