10 Best Alternatives to Picmonkey

The majority of the world relies on applications these days, to edit their pictures and share it on social media. The name that goes around and comes up again and again when we talk about applications for editing pictures, is Picmonkey. It has it all, top-notch features, excellent user interface, and conveniently laid functions that caters to every individual out there. But every best thing, ever made, has a flaw too. Are you using PicMonkey for quite a while now? Or, your device isn’t supporting PicMonkey? Then, it is probably time to shift on to some other application. These applications, which have been suggested below, have certain features similar between them and have thus been quoted as the alternatives to Picmonkey

Picmonkey alternatives

10 Best alternatives to Picmonkey

  1. Adobe Lightroom 

For the professional photographers out there, the Adobe Lightroom serves as one of the best alternatives to Picmonkey. The particular application has been now divided into two different applications, which are known as Lightroom Classic and Lightroom. While Lightroom Classic provides a much-advanced layout and comes with features that can be used to edit professional photographs, the Lightroom comes with a much simpler interface. The amateurs, who are just new to editing and photography, can use the tools to practice and learn to edit from the tutorials. 

Features: Comes with automatic face detection, and gives suggestions for color adjustments.  

  1. Paint.NET 

Windows users often tend to complain about not getting enough scopes to avail of editing applications, especially when it comes to sites like Picmonkey. To them, the Paint.NET comes as a savior. Designed only for the Windows users, the particular application comes with a modern, yet user-friendly interface, which does not make it a fuss to use it. Initially, it was known to be just an alternative application to Microsoft Paint, but eventually, it scaled up its features with the inclusion of filters, blending modes, special effects, layers, and unlimited undo, and became a new favorite of the majority users. 

Features: Flexible editing procedures, and allows the addition of texts and images as well. 

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  1. Luminar 4 

Among the Picmonkey competitors which you do not get to hear too often, the application has a lot in store to offer to its users. Though not an online editor, the application boasts more features than Picmonkey has itself. The tools featured by Luminar 4 are not only easy to use but are quite powerful too. It can support Al technology, which is capable of saving up your time during editing. One of the most notable Al features that it possesses is the AI Sky Replacement, which changes the color of the sky with just a click. Apart from that, it also offers layer-based editing scopes, led by a range of preset options to choose from.

Features: Equipped with Al-Powered Skin and portrait tools, the Luminar 4 makes it easy to handle commercial portraits. 

  1. Pixlr

If you do not really prefer a lot of editing, and your concern is just some effects and overtones, then Pixlr can ideally meet your expectations. Though it is not user-friendly as the other sites like Picmonkey, still it is widely preferred by a major number of users. It remains packed with filters, effects, borders and so much, with a couple of adjustments that make it an ideal application for the ones who have literally no knowledge about editing. Even if you are a learner, it’s blending mode, and history and healing tools will definitely cater to your interests.

Features: Avoids the fuss of downloading as it is a completely web-based application. 

  1. BeFunky 

Not all of us are satisfied with the moderate adjustments and toning of the pictures, but some like to take it to another level, by adding some fun elements to it. Unlike other alternatives to Picmonkey, BeFunky boasts its countless number of online features of the templates. The best about these templates is that they can be customized, and adjusted according to the requirement of the individual. If you are someone who needs to do a lot of graphic designing work or just some professional edits, you can never go wrong with BeFunky. 

Features: Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through the application and use it, without any prior knowledge. 

  1. LightZone

Even if you have got no photo editing experience beforehand, using the LightZone application is absolutely easy. The application also comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to be used even by a layman and the features provided are quite simple as well. The filters and the effects to be applied depends solely on the type of style you choose. Once you’re done choosing the style, you can go forward and adjust the overtones, fix the red-eye, and balance the colors accordingly. 

Features: Helps to edit the picture within a few minutes without involving much fuss. 

  1. GIMP 

If you are someone who has used Photoshop application before to edit photographs, then the GIMP has a lot in stock for you. Similar to Photoshop, the particular application offers a variety of editing tools, which ensure intricate work and perfect definition. Features like eraser selection, exposure controls, special effects, and photo filters, are widely available in the application. However, it might not be able to support files that are too big. 

Features: It comes with regular updates and you can even take the help of the tutorials that are readily available on the application. 

  1. Canva

Trusted by millions of photographers and graphic designers, Canva is by far one of the most trusted editing tools that you will come across. It is basically used to create designs but to utter surprise, does not include fuss solutions at all. It comes with a series of free and paid templates as well, where you can incorporate images and texts of varied types, to come up with your own design. However, it has listed quite a number of frame choices for you to choose from, and use for your design. Especially, if you create posters and stuff, the particular application is ideal for you. 

Features: The drag and drop functionality, along with the free stock of photography, makes it easy to work with.

Bottom Line

Editing photos has become the trend in the age we live in. Thus, these photo editing tools can be of big help. I hope you like these alternatives to Picmonkey.

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