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How To Unblock Someone On Discord?

This blog post is about How to Unblock Someone on Discord but before we start talking about this, let’s talk more about Discord and a few related stuff. If you want to know how to find someone on Discord without the number, you can check this link

If you are an online gamer then we hope you may be familiar with Discord. But if you didn’t use this app earlier then it may take some time for you to get familiar to Discord. Discord is specifically designed for helping online gamers through which they can communicate with each other through private servers. The app has certain features that will allow you to coordinate with other players via voice chat as well as text messages. The app supports both PC, as well as mobile along with the combination of exciting features, chat lobby or a VoIP chatting system in just a single app. 

From playing online games with your group of friends, having a group chat to listening to music altogether, Discord will help you explore all of its features. Not only this, but you can also have a group video chat with up to 10 people. Isn’t it great? 

As the app is designed keeping gaming in mind, so you can explore most of its features in PC but there is also a mobile app where some of its features are the same. But because Discord allows all its users in creating private as well as public groups, it can create huge risks depending upon how they use it. So in this article, we will completely focus on privacy as we will talk about how to unblock someone on Discord 

Is Discord Safe? 

If you use the app with strict monitoring and the right privacy settings, then it’s completely safe to use Discord. Having said that you may also face risk in terms of apps as well as sites with open chat. As the app has got huge popularity because of games such as PUBG and Fortnite, it has faced safety problems which has led to serious crimes against human trafficking ring and teens. Hence the safest method to use Discord is to accept friend requests and then participate in various private with the friends you know. Although we know the malicious activities are very rare these days as most of the server moderators take strict action against such behaviour. But you should still know how to handle the platform safely. 

Does Discord have any privacy settings? 

Discord contains lots of privacy as well as safety settings which lets its users in controlling who has the ability to send the messages and adding them in the friend list. The Safe Direct Messaging feature of Discord will automatically scan and then delete the malicious messages. Apart from this Discord, also allows its users whether the app will collect their data for analytics and customization purposes. If you want to view and change your privacy settings, all you need to do is choose the “User Settings” icon by the username and then select the “Privacy &Settings”. Now let us discuss how to unblock someone on Discord on Android. 

How to block someone on Discord? 

But before discussing how to unblock someone on Discord, let us first know the method on how to block someone on Discord. The app lets people message you but there are times when people keep you disturbing, you can block them. Here we will discuss how to block someone on Discord. 

Block someone in Discord from PC 

If you are using discord from the computer and are willing to block someone, then all you need to do is just right click on the particular person’s name. There you will get lots of icons from where you have to select “Block”. 

Next  the system will ask you for the confirmation for blocking that particular person. Once you block, all their messages will be disappeared. 


Block someone in Discord from Android or iPhone 

If you are willing to block someone in discord from Android or iPhone, then its quite simple. Just go to the profile of the person you want to block through direct messages (same as PC). Then you will see the three dots situated in the top right corner of the menu bar. You will get two options that are “remove as a friend” and “block” from where you need to tap the “Block” icon. 

What happens when you block someone in Discord? 

Once you block someone on Discord, you will notice two things: 

  • The particular person will get removed from your friend list, if he or she was present already. 
  • Secondly, if you were sharing a server with that person then all your conversion with him or her will get hidden. 

When you block someone on Discord, the users will not get any sort of notification from the system that you did so. And if they try to ping you, they will get an error message which shows that they are accepting text messages only from friends.  

How to unblock someone on Discord? 

Firstly, the main question is how to see blocked users on Discord? Well, it’s very easy to find out. Once you open Discord in your browser, you will get the dashboard, click on the blocked button just near to the add friend option. 

Once you click on the “blocked” button, you will see all the users that you have blocked earlier. 


How to unblock someone on Discord on PC? 

  • As we have mentioned above, once you have blocked someone, all their messages will get hidden behind a message which reads. “Blocked Message – Show Message” for revealing the message. 
  • Once you display the message, all their username will get revealed. Just Right-click on it. Then select “Unblock” button situated on the bottom right corner. 

How to unblock someone on Discord on Android or iPhone? 

  • In a particular server that you share, you will find their messages. If you have blocked them, all their messages will get hidden just behind the grey bar which show “Blocked Message”. Click on it for showing the message. 
  • When the message gets revealed by you, it will show you the sender’s profile picture and username. All you need to do is tap on his or her photo.

  • Once you open the profile, click on the three dots situated in the top right corner. 

  • Finally, tap on the “Unblock” option from the menu bar. 

Having said that if you haven’t shared a server with that particular person or cannot find his or her messages, you can directly unblock him or her from your “Blocked” list. So this was about how to unblock someone on Discord. The platform offers all the required tools that are needed to maintain a happy and healthy conversation.  

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