Reasons To Use A VPN On Your Smartphone

When it comes to using a VPN, many think it is only meant for our laptops and computers. If you are from that school of thought, you are not alone. In this article, I will give important reasons why you need a VPN on your Smartphone.

Is a VPN Necessary?

Many business travelers, students, and people who love downloading large amounts of information into their devices understand this better. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is critical if protecting your data online is of any importance to you.

If you download data over a mobile network, it is even more necessary than for users of a fixed home network. If there is a device that should be kept safe from hackers, it is your smartphone. This is because we use them everywhere. But for a PC, it is restricted at home or in the office.

At the same time, we tend to use our phones to do more transactions than our computers. You can buy groceries, rent movies, shop for clothes, and even do banking with your smartphone. Unfortunately, we sometimes do all these using free Wi-Fi at a café or an airport terminal.

For this reason, you are at a higher risk of being caught out by attackers than someone transacting using a laptop. Initially, VPNs were actually meant for travelers. Hence, it was installed on their laptops and not PCs after inventors realized that software and cheap hardware were being used by hackers to crack private networks.


Hackers used devices used by executives while traveling. In the past, corporate executives moved around with their laptops full of sensitive personal and business data. Today, all this information has been transferred to our smartphones. We all have and use smartphones, and we find it easier to use them than carrying around a laptop. So grab VPN deals and setup the VPN on your smartphone now.

The Importance of Using VPN on Smartphones

There are different reasons why we should use VPN on smartphones, and some of them are listed below:

  1.   For security Purposes

Our smartphones are full of very sensitive data, including payment card data. Therefore, if we are using an insecure network, this data can easily be compromised. Hackers prey on innocent victims in cafes and hotels, and many have lost a lot in the process.

Modern smartphones are simply minicomputers and can do almost everything an ordinary laptop can do. Unfortunately, very few of us have put this point into consideration, but attackers have. Therefore, they are targeting smartphone users, as they have significantly improved their hacking skills and technology.

Therefore, if you want to be safe from them, a VPN is a must-have in your smartphone. There are tons of VPN service providers in the market today, providing you with different options to choose from. All of these providers charge different prices, and their level of security differs.


VPN providers for Smartphones use special software and are very different from what is used on desktops. Although some don’t work so well on mobile devices, some are specially designed for iOS or Android. Therefore do your research to find the best and ensure your data is secure.

  1.   The Freedom of Downloading Any Content on The Internet

If you have a good smartphone, you might have come across the different torrenting apps. Once in a while, you might get tempted to take advantage of them. Your carrier or ISP sends you an email notice expressing how displeased the company holding the pirated media’s rights is.

One of the reasons you might have downloaded the media was because it wasn’t copyrighted. Secondly, you might have paid for legal rights to this file. However, if you don’t have any legitimate reasons for downloading the media, torrents happen.

To download any content without getting on the bad side of your ISPs, a VPN will come in handy. This will replace your IP address with a different one depending on the location you choose.

  1.   Outside Access

There are plenty of reasons you would want to have a VPN on your mobile device, including access geo-blocked sites. When applying for a VPN connection, it is essential to choose your location. This is because you get much faster and more convenient services.

Have you planned to visit China either on business or any other reason and access Google services? Are you trying to stream a live show that is not accessible from your location? No reason to worry; with the right VPN, all this will be easily accessible.

People living in places like the US might not know how many services and sites are locked based on the region. This is because many of these services are open for people living in the USA and its surrounding. The moment you leave your hometown, you will appreciate the importance of accessing the internet differently.

  1.   User’s Privacy

Source: Android Central

You don’t need rocket science to understand the importance of encrypting your data. Whether you are in a hotel lobby, your office, or local coffee shop and using public Wi-Fi. Your privacy is of paramount importance, especially if there is any sensitive data on your Smartphone.

Although using a VPN won’t guarantee your safety 100%, it is the best and most trusted of protecting you from unwanted third parties. Therefore, instead of leaving your data unprotected, get the best VPN, especially one that features end-to-end encryption.


The browsing process can be very hectic when using a VPN. This is because there are some additional steps, but you can play with the options to get a much faster connection.


If you are not a fan of browsing using your phone, a VPN might not be necessary. However, it can come in handy when accessing the internet using an unsecured network. There are many VPNs in the market, and some of them include; IPVanishExpressVPN, and NordVPN, among others. You can go for the monthly or annual pack, depending on your preference. We suggest you grab VPN deals in any of the Paid VPN sales to get a discount.

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