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How to (Instantly) Backup Your Gmail Account? [Updated 2017]

Do you know that there are more than 1 billion active users who are using Gmail? ?

And if you are also in those 1 billion active Gmail users then I highly recommend you to read this post till the end so that you can Backup your Gmail Account right now so that you don’t have to regret later.

Do you know that your Gmail Account can get banned anytime? ?

Shocked? 😛

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Yes! You’ve heard it right your Gmail Account can get banned anytime and I seriously know how important data you’ve in your Gmail Account. 😉

Your Emails, Webmasters, Analytics, Drive, Adsense, etc. everything will be gone and you won’t be allowed to access anything.

This really scares me and I’ve been collecting all the data in my email from past 3 years and now in 1 second, it’s gone. ?

Once the account is banned there are rarely any chances that you will get your account back.

Recently few of my friends have lost their Gmail Account and with that, they have lost all the important data.

This can happen with you too! I’ll share all the tips that will help you to keep your account safe and secure so that you don’t have to regret later. ?

How to Backup your Gmail Account?

I know there are many websites, software which allows you to Backup your Gmail Account but I won’t recommend you to use such websites, software. Google itself provides Backup features then why sharing sensitive credentials with 3rd party apps?

Backup Gmail Account with Google Takeout

Instantly Backup your Gmail Account using the Google Takeout.

1.) First of all, Login to your Google Account.

2.) Visit Google Takeout.

3.) Now as you can see all the list of Google Products just select the product which you would like to take backup.

gmail backup account, backup gmail account

4.) To edit these setting just click on that drop down arrow as shown in the image.

5.) Once you’ve selected everything then click on next.

6.) Next, Select the file type (Zip files can be opened on almost any computer.)

backup gmail account

7.) Select the Archive Size.

Note: Archives larger than this size will be split into multiple files.

For Example, if you choose 2GB option and your file is of 3GB it’ll split into parts i.e 2GB and 1GB.

8.) Next, Select the Delivery Method.

I’ll recommend you not to choose the “Add to Drive” option because if in case your account gets banned you’ll also lose this backup. Instead, choose other options which are more efficient.

Note: After we finish creating your archive, we’ll email a link so that you can download it to your personal device. You will have one week to retrieve your archive.

9.) Click on “Create Archive” and it will start creating an archive which can take hours or days also so make sure you’ve enough patience 🙂

google takeout archive, backup gmail account

Voila! You’ve successfully Backup your Google Account.

Now let’s discuss what are the reasons that can get your Google Banned.

Gmail Account Banned! Reasons?

1.) Piracy: Sharing of Pirated Content like Pirated movies, games, etc can be one of the strong reasons to get your Gmail Account Banned. ❌

2.) Adult Content: Sharing Adult Content on Drive, Gmail, etc can also lead to banning of your Account.

3.) Bulk Emails: Sending Bulk Emails and Spamming can also get your Gmail Account Banned. ✉

These were the main reasons but apart from these are other reasons as well and for that, I would request you to go through Google Terms & Conditions.

How to get Unbanned from Gmail?

Once your Account is Banned the only way to get Unbanned is to Contact in Gmail Forum. Gmail Forum is a place where you can create a topic and you’ll get help from the community members. 🙂

1.) First of all, Visit Google Forum.

2.) Click on “New Topic” on the Top Right Section.

gmail forum, backup gmail account

3.) Next, Enter your Question and Description in the Post.

4.) Add all images, links for more information.

5.) Select Categories from Right and click on “Post”

By posting on this forum can help you to stay connected with Experts. By using this Method there are no 100% chances that you’ll get your Account Unbanned.

Enable Google 2-Step Verification

Enabling Google 2-Step Verification can increase the security of your Google Account. I highly recommend you to use this feature and even if someone gets your password he won’t be able to login unless 2-Step Verification is successful.

1.) Visit Google 2-Step Verification Page.

Once you are on 2-Step Verification Page make sure to read everything about Google 2-Step Verification.

2.) Click on the “Get Started” button on the Top Right.

3.) Next, Again Click on “Get Started”

google 2 step verification

4.) Sign in using your Google Account.

5.) You can enable 2-Step Verification using a Text Message (OTP), Google Prompt, Google Authenticator App, Backup Codes.

google 2 step verification


Note: Keep these backup codes somewhere safe but accessible.

Writing it in a book or Printing all the Backup Codes would be the Best Option.


I hope you found this tutorial helpful and informative and if you did then please do share it with your friends and help them also to Backup their data.

Your 1 share can help someone to save his important data. ? (Please)

In conclusion, I would highly recommend you to go ahead and Backup your Gmail Account right now before it’s too late!

The time for action is now. It’s never late to do something…

If you have any doubts/queries then please feel free to share them in the comments section. 🙂


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