10 Sites Like Quizlet

These days most people have the misconception that the internet is all about social networking and chatting. But there are certain websites as well as mobile applications that are specifically designed to learn new skills, manage everyday life, and also offer study tools to help the students prepare for their upcoming exams. One of the famous websites which are engaged in providing the same service is known as Quizlet. Quizlets offers the study tools to its users for creating sets in any subjects. As per the sets, the website will generate flashcards, practice sets, quizzes, and lots more. Not only this but there are also many other sites like Quizlet which offer similar services and tools to the students. So in this article let us have a look at the 10 Quizlet alternatives which you need to know.

10 best Sites Like Quizlet

Here are the 10 best sites like Quizlet which offer educational tools, games, quizzes, or digital flashcards: 

1. GoConqr

sites like Quizlet

The first site in our list of sites like Quizlet is GoConqr. The best thing about this site is the mind map that is a set of information that breaks down all the broad subjects into small topics. When the users create a map, it helps him or her in seeing how things interconnect. This helps in understanding as well as memorization. The site also contains various other features such as flashcards, self-designed quizzes, a note-making dashboard, a study planner, a collaboration tool as well as a tool that will measure your learning experience. 

2. Evernote 

Quizlet alternatives

We all know that studying may cover various platforms but through the help of Evernote, all your notes, research, and important information can be stored in one place altogether. This is like an invaluable organizational tool that syncs all the information across, phones, and computers. The information can also be shared with other users and further gather various web clips. So, basically Evernote can be efficiently used in several ways such as storing research paper, organizing presentation slides, making study notes, and many other non-school tasks. All these features Evernote as one of the best Quizlet alternatives. 

3. Marinara Timer 

sites like Quizlet

Marinara Timer is another site which is dedicated to boosting productivity. One of the best sites like Quizlet, Marinara Timer is inspired by the Pomodoro method of productivity that works for 25 minutes and then takes 5 minutes of break. It furthers helps its users in customizing their personal timer for studying efficiently. It is important to take a break in between studies as it increases focus and attention. This is where Marinara Timer makes itself stand ahead in the race.  

4. StudyBlue 

sites like Quizlet

The next site in our list of sites like Quizlet is StudyBlue which allows students in connecting with similar learning goals and objectives. Not only this but it also helps them in sharing as well as accessing flashcards, study guides, and lots more. The site further has the ability to connect students in particular classes by allowing them to chat with each other and further collaborate for the projects. Apart from this the site also has a wide range of content library, classroom guides, study notes, real-time self accessing score, and storage for all the notes which can track the performance of the students. These features make StudyBlue as one of the best Quizlet alternatives. 

5. StudyStack 

StudyStack has made the students study with flashcards so easily. This is because the platform helps its users in creating flashcard sets. And make use of what other users have already created. When you flip a card, you can choose whether he or she has got it right or wrong. Once done, the site will turn the information into various tools and games that are suitable for studying. 

6. Schooltraq 

When a student starts keeping track record of tests, assignments, projects, and events, the planning time of the study will become even easier. Scooltraq being one of the best sites like Quizlet is specifically an online digital planner that keeps track of the date. This site has successfully replaced the work of traditional paper-based record keeping. Not only this but also Schooltraq will never allow the students to miss their schedule as it syncs between computer and phone. 

7. HowToStudy 

Quizlet alternatives

The next site among the best sites like Quizlet is HowToStudy which mainly focuses on stress management. To be very specific, the website helps its students by gathering a wide range of study materials from the internet. HowToStudy is extremely easy to navigate where it organizes necessary resources as per subjects. Being one of the best Quizlet alternatives, the site allows users in learning how to study. 

8. Grammarly 

Any activities such as doing projects, homework, and assignments of college and school, you need to make sure the spelling and the punctuation of your English are correct. This is where Grammarly will assist you. You can easily add its extension in your browser which is extremely easy to use and informative that will help in rectifying all the grammatical mistakes of yours. 

9. Tinycards 

Tinycards contain a wide variety of flashcards starting from the periodic table to Greek philosophers to the animals of Antarctica. This website can be your go-to friend when you are not able to keep track of your individual cards. The site also contains numerous flashcards that are solely made for different languages. This is what makes Tinycards can be one of the best Quizlet alternatives. 

10. Anki 

Anki is a popular software that enables users in integrating various memorizing techniques into a significant study platform along with flashcards. This software also allows its users in learning different languages, memorizing presentations, studying for upcoming exams as well as practicing music instruments. 

So these are the best sites like Quizlet which can be your best study partners. However, some of these sites also have upgraded versions where you need to make the payment to enjoy additional benefits. Having said that each of these sites also has free tools that are also effective to its users. Do you know any other Quizlet alternatives in your mind? Let us know in the comments section below.

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