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How to Download Scribd Documents Without Download Option

There is never enough space to store your documents, but there is hardly any option that would offer security alongside. Scribd is such a great option that helps you to store your documents and secures them completely. However, as easy as it is to keep the documents in Scribd, not much information can be found regarding how to download Scribd documents without download option, especially when you do not have a Scribd subscription. But when there is a will, there is a way – and we are here to show you a way to it. Before you proceed, let us first know what you understand about Scribd. 

What is Scribd? 

If you are someone who deals with documents and stuff, then you must be aware of the application, Scribd. Just like you go to the gallery for the photos, similarly, some head to Scribd as it serves as the best digital library for storing documents, books, magazines, and much more. Though it is not absolutely free, you can avail of a 30-days free trial to explore the range of contents it has to offer. There are quite some subscription options for you to choose from after the free period is over. With each pricing plan, you get the chance to avail of different features, and it becomes easy for you to make the choice. 

How to download documents from Scribd?

If the ‘download’ option for your document is available, then it is always an easy opportunity to directly select the “Download” option or the “Print” option, and download it directly. But not all the contents come with a “download” option and thus we are going to tell you about the trick on how to download Scribd documents without download option.

No, it is no rocket science to understand how to download Scribd documents without download option, and we have come up with a relatively easy solution, that too, absolutely free. Do you know the best part about it? You do not need to sign in with your mail id or select the download or print option to do it. There are a lot of archives accessible on Scribd that would incorporate digital books, audio-books, magazines, and reports, yet it doesn’t give you an approach to download them straightforwardly. Except if you have subscribed to any Scribd plan or any premium alternative access, that would make you realize that there is no choice to download the records right. 

But in case, you do not want to pay for downloading contents from Scribd, here are a few tips and tricks to do it that would be really helpful. Hereby, we are explaining two simple options to do that without registering yourself as a user. 

How to Download Document from Scribd Using GreaseMonkey Script?

Being one of the best add-ons on Firefox, the GreaseMonkey can be used as a tool to download unlimited Scribd documents. Now, we will tell you about how to download Scribd documents without download option using the method.

Step 1: Download the Firefox browser on your device and launch it. 

Step 2: Set it up.

Step 3: Search for Greasemonkey addon in the browser. 

Step 4: Add the extension from here

Step 5: Download Scribd downloader.

You can also use the link:

Step 6: Paste the URL of the document that you want to download and then click on Get Link. 

That is it, and you are good to go! Your document will be soon downloaded in your device. Following the steps, it would be quite easy for you to get the job done, and download the documents you require absolutely free. 

For Google Chrome users, the extension TamperMonkey and add to Chrome to follow the next similar steps as above.

How to download the document from Scribd using Uploading?

If you want to download the document directly from Scribd then this can probably be the best option to do so. Follow the steps below:

Step1: Launch

Step 2: Click on “Read Free”. 

Step 3: Or, you can directly click on “Sign in”.

Step 4: Sign in with any option you prefer.

Step 5: Or, if you are a new user, then “Sign Up”.

Step 6: Do not select any payment option (you do not need to pay) and click on “Scribd”.

Step 7: If you want to experience the premium subscription free for 30 days, then click on “Start Your Free 30 Days”. 

Step 8: Once you do so and link your payment details, you will be eligible to explore the premium features of Scribd now. 

Step 9: To avoid any money deduction, you can cancel the subscription before the renewal date arrives. 

How to download the document from Scribd using a Third Party Downloader?

Step 1: Open Scribd from any browser you prefer and go to the search bar.


Step 2: Copy the URL of the document you want to download like this.

Step 3: Then, visit

Step 4: Paste the link you have copied in the search bar and click on download.

Step 5: Once it’s done click on “click to download”, and within some seconds, your document will be downloaded. 

Step 6: Choose an appropriate location on your computer to store the document, and you’re done!


All things considered, Scribd is an incredible storage facility for your records and has been compared to YouTube. On the off chance that you have discovered something fascinating on Scribd and searching for alternatives on the best way to download Scribd reports without download choice, the above tips ought to preferably be the most accommodating and reasonable. You can utilize the above techniques for downloading for all intents and purposes any substance that can incorporate Presentations, spreadsheets, research papers, authoritative records, and some other sort of reports that may intrigue you. We hope the tips suggested above would have been simpler and more straightforward and got you out with the inquiry of how to download Scribd reports. On the off chance that you are as yet confronting issues with downloading the archives from Scribd, you can impart your considerations to us.

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