10 Prank Links to Send to Your Friends – 2023 {Working Links}

Having fun is one of the best things you must not miss to do because in the fast going life we have a lot of sorrows and negativity around us which you need to overcome in order to have a happy life. Thus, you must include entertaining yourself in various ways. 

Pranks can be of any type such as you can play pranks in your college, in your office, or anywhere. But, if you are a person who is busy with a phone or computer, then this article is for you because I am going to share 10 best, funny, and nasty prank links to send to your friends to make them fool. 

Moreover, while playing pranks on your friends, make sure you don’t hurt their feelings by any means. So, without any further ado, let’s check out the best prank links to send to your friends.

10 Best Prank Links to Send to Your Friends 2023

  1. Love Calculator {Lovely Prank Link}

This is one of my most favorite prank websites that you can use to prank your friends. On this website, you have to first register with your details, and you can create prank link that you can send to your friend. Now, when you friend will fill the details of his/her name and his/her lover name to calculate love percentage, they actually end up sharing the details with you as this tool doesn’t calculate anything but send the details filled to the link owner which is you.

Apart from the prank, you can actually find the name of the crush/lover of your friends using this link. Have fun using this tool but make sure you don’t send this to someone who gets easily offended.

  1. Hacker Typer {Nasty Prank Link}

Hacker Typer is a website which lets you type like hackers type in hacking based movies. Yes, you can send this link to your friend so that they can pretend like high-end programmers. When you access this website, you will be prompted with a black screen, you just start typing, and you will see you are typing like a hacker.

When you are going to make a friend fool by this, make sure you activate the full screen on your computer so that it looks more legit, and you can easily fool them.

New Prank Idea: Special Mention

You can also play pranks with your friends by sending them Anonymous SMS. Without revealing your identity you can make any stories. Check this video to find out how:

  1. Geek Typer {Geeky Prank Link}

Similar to Hacker Typer, Geek Typer offers choosing your own theme. So, that you are not restricted to black-green screen only. I do not prefer this as the more customization you get, the more confusing it gets sometimes. But, for the ones who love to get more features, it is nice. You can customize the background and text colors as well. 

You can make your friends fool by showing their screen while typing the codes just by pressing anything on your keyboard.

  1. Fake Whats (WhatsApp Fake Chat Prank Link) is a website that allows you to generate fake conversations along with different options such as operator name, time, etc. You can use any of your friends’ names and generate fake conversations, and show you another friend to make them believe that the chat is real. This way, you can fool your friends easily. Moreover, please do not do anything that can hurt someone. Always play fair. This is one of the best prank links for WhatsApp.

  1. ShadyURL (Nasty Prank Link)

As the name says, it makes a link look shady. That means, even if you are going to send a normal link to someone, you can make them fool by sending a shady-looking URL which you can create by using this tool.

Go to the website, paste your link, and it will shorten, and make that look shady which you can send your friends to troll them.

  1. {Techie Fake Link} is a great prank link to send to friends who are Windows users as you can create various Windows update screens, and send them to your non-techy friends, and they will be trolled as they will be thinking something has happened due to clicking the link.

Moreover, they have the option to create an update screen for Apple users as well but for Windows, there are multiple options.

Even if you do not want to send this link to your friend, you can just open it on your PC, and switch to full-screen mode, and it will show everyone that your Windows is updating.

  1. Greatbigstuff

This is a shopping site actually but a great one. On this, you can shop for something normal in completely abnormal in size. I mean, if you buy a pencil, it will be abnormally big. That is funny, and you can troll your friends by sending them such great big stuff. This is one of the best prank links to send to friends which they can use to further prank with other people.

  1. Shit Express (Smelly Prank Link)

This is completely out of the box website, and actually shopping site where you can buy poop of the animal you want. You can just order poop of any animal and send to some friends directly. This is really one of the great prank links to send to friends so that they can have fun as well. 

The best thing is you can just order for someone, and give their address, and the website won’t reveal your details to the receiver. That is more fun!!

  1. Blow up the Phone

You can use this website to send a lot of prank texts and SMS anonymously to make your friends go crazy. Texts can be sent to US numbers only.

  1. Prank Dial

Using this website, you can select recorded audio, and send the call to any of your friends who will receive this call, and he will hear the audio as a real call. The audios on this website are very funny, and it is really a fun. You can even show any number from which you want this call to go.

Final Words

These are the best prank links to send to friends or enjoy yourself by playing various pranks with your friends. This is fun, and do this for fun purposes only. Don’t hurt anyone’s sentiments because when a prank or troll goes out of the limit, it can hurt someone. So make sure to enjoy these in a fun way. So, these are funny yet Nasty yet the best prank links to send to friends.

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