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How to Introduce Your Business on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps on the web, and is owned by Facebook Inc. When Instagram started being popular, Facebook bought it on 9th April, 2012, and since then it has been growing even more rapidly.

When it comes to business, it is quite obvious that promote it where most audiences hang out. Nowadays, the audiences are hanging out mostly on Facebook and Instagram as far as the online world is concerned. Thus, introducing your business on Instagram and Facebook is what you must do. In this article, we are going to talk about introducing your business on Instagram. 

Why Should You Introduce Your Business on Instagram?

With over 500 Million users and even without offering link sharing in the posts, Instagram is one of the best social media apps where the most businesses are being promoted. If you are an Instagram user already, you must have seen all the popular brands, celebrities, and companies are having accounts on it, and they regularly post updates to grow their audience base. More than 25 Million business accounts are there on Instagram already and counting.

As per various research, we remember 80% of what we see, and 20% of what we read and only 10% what we hear. So, Instagram is the best as you have to post anything in image format which is likely to be remembered by the audience. As Business Insider, Instagram had 84% brand engagement than Twitter, and around 10% than Facebook till the middle of the year 2016.

As per the information shared above, it is quite obvious that Instagram is the space where you must introduce your business and promote that for further success. So, let’s talk about how to introduce your business on Instagram.

How to Introduce Your Business on Instagram?

  1. Setup an Account on Instagram, and Upgrade it to Business Account

You cannot get a business account directly, so first, sign up for a personal account, and then upgrade it to business account. This is the first step because until you an account with Instagram, how will you introduce your business on it.

Sign up for Instagram, and create a personal account there. Now, once signed up, go to Settings >> Account, and choose “Switch to Professional Account”. You will be asked a few questions related to your business, and all. Do that, and your account will be upgraded to the business account.

  1. Write a Compelling Bio

Bio is one of the most important parts of the Instagram profile because you can show your character or type of business, and other things. In just a few words, you can say a lot. Thus writing a compelling bio is of utmost importance.

In the bio section, you can add your phone number if your business needs potential clients to call you to fix meetings and schedules.

This is the only section on Instagram where you can add a link. So, don’t miss this, and add your business website’s link in the website section.

One of the good examples of business based Instagram bio is this:

The bio gives details about the product, and also, a link to its website. This way, you can also write something amazing that instantly gives information about you or your business to the audience.

  1. Add a Logo

Not just Instagram but wherever you promote your business, you must include your logo in your accounts. Logo speaks a lot about your business, and it is the prime identity. Thus, wherever you create an account to promote your business, do add your logo.

The audience generally remembers your business through the logo when they see it everywhere. Thus, don’t miss to add the logo to your Instagram account.

  1. Content Planning

Content does the job well when it is seen by the targeted audience. Thus, you have to work more on improving your audience base by posting relevant content as a post. And, since Instagram accepts image-based content, make sure to create excellent images that are related to your product or service or business. And, publish them as a post.

To reach to wider audience base yet targeted, make use of hashtags that are popular in your niche.

  1. Make use of Hashtags

As mentioned in the previous point, to reach a wider audience base, make use of Hashtags. A Hashtag is actually the topics when you add to your post, it gets linked to that particular topic, and whenever someone clicks on that particular hashtag all the posts that have used that hashtag will be shown. 

For example, if you are posting about digital marketing, and you have added a hashtag, #digitalmarketing, then whenever someone opens the #digitalmarketing topic, your post will be displayed there along with all the posts around the world which have used the same hashtag.

Thus, it is a great way to reach out to a wide range of audiences around the world, and that too targeted ones.

Below is an example of using Hashtags:

  1. Use Instagram Stories

You can add photos or videos to your Instagram stories to let people know what you are upto or you can simply promote your product there, and include a link there as well. Your followers will be able to see your stories, and if they want they can swipe up to see the link, or directly message you.

You can also go live on Instagram, and talk to your followers. Your followers will be able to post comments while you are live to communicate, and you can respond to them. This way, you can easily promote your business and responds to queries from people in real-time. This helps you grow your business on Instagram.

  1. Consistency

There is fierce competition in the market in every field and business, thus you have to make sure that you don’t feel lazy. You have to keep promoting your business everywhere tirelessly. Same with Instagram, you need to be consistent in posting and promoting because when you are not consistent, you will see less engagement. Be consistent, and engage more with your followers. This will be very helpful in building your brand on Instagram.

  1. Sharing Inside Stories 

It is always good to touch your followers’ hearts, and for that, you should share your company’s inside stories such as annual functions, Appraisals, Awards, etc. Whatever happenings are there in the company, try to share them on Instagram to let your followers know how you guys work. This helps your business connect more with people.

  1. Track Growth

Always track your growth on Instagram to know how you are doing there. Since you are using the business account, you get a lot of features; use them to track everything to find out if you are succeeding in your goals on Instagram or not. And, accordingly, plan further strategies.

  1. Look for Potential Customers

Instagram allows you to send direct messages to the users. You can try finding out potential customers or partners and try to reach them out to discuss the further business. It is indeed a time taking the process as if you will send 100 direct messages a day, you will only get replies from every few. But, this is how you have to try to build a better clientele for your business. For this, you have to first make a list of users that can be your customers/partners, then start reaching them out. Write compelling messages to them.

The Bottom Line

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps out there for promoting your business. The best part is you need to post anything in image format, and I love it because images impact more than plain text as they are visually appealing.

I hope the above strategies help you well to introduce your business on Instagram.

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