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How to Stop Kahoot Bots?

In the world of Internet, there are bots everywhere to crawl websites, its pages, links, and all. Different bots are created for different jobs. Bots are basically computer programs that are programmed to do certain tasks such as crawling the websites, registering on some websites, etc. They are automated!

Bots are not always for good. They are many times created to spam websites, games, and different online systems as well, and Kahoot Bots are one of those bots that completely spam the game while you try to play.

Before talking on the topic “How to Stop Kahoot Bots”, let’s talk a bit about Kahoot as what it is, and how it has started and being spammed by bots.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is a learning program, in fact, it is based on gaming pattern, so you can say it is a game-based learning program in which all the students can join the game using the PIN that is generated to join. The game is displayed on a common screen in a classroom, and students can access the game on their own devices using the PIN, and give a response to the questions which are created by their teachers or trainers.

If you are a teacher and managing a classroom, you can use Kahoot to assess the students’ knowledge. Since the game is interesting, teachers love to host it, and students love to play.

Jamie Brooker, Johan Brand, and Morten Versvik have developed Kahoot in a joint project with Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and as per Wikipedia stats, it went viral in no time, and currently valued more than $300M.

Now, let’s talk about Kahoot Bots.

What are Kahoot Bots?

Some programmers have programmed bots that can join Kahoot game and answer to the questions automatically. Students are vastly using bots, and thus, the game is spammed a lot. They do it for their ease, and it makes things worse. So, the bots that are made to spam Kahoot, are called, Kahoot Bots.

How to Stop Kahoot Bots?

To be honest, as per my research and knowledge, currently it is impossible to stop Kahoot bots completely but there are some turn arounds that work well for some. 

If you visit this official Kahoot forum, you will come to know how the teachers/trainers are badly affected by bots.

On that forum, I see that the 2-factor authentication to join the game works well to stop Kahoot Bots, but many are there too who say that even this solution didn’t work out for them.

Different users are trying different methods to stop Kahoot Bots, but, even the Kahoot officials commit that they don’t have a perfect solution to this because bots are tricky programs, and it becomes difficult to stop them.

There is still no immediate fix to stop Kahoot bots completely but you can try 2-factor authentication as it worked for many users. If you are not sure, how to do it, check out this video:

One more thing, if you try checking out, you will be able to find websites and chrome extensions for bots. You must report such sites/extensions that generate bots to spam Kahoot. For example, I found this Chrome extension.

Not sure, why Google is not removing such extensions which are made to spam. Moreover, if you search on Google  “How to spam kahoot ” or “How to bot kahoot”, you will get a lot of tutorials and videos. That is the reason, it is very easy for many to bot Kahoot. 

There is a website, which you can use to spam Kahoot with bots too. That too again is a very easy way. 

I am sure that if you love Kahoot, don’t try to spam it. Play Fair!


As I said, if you type in Google, how to bot Kahoot, you will get a lot of information. Moreover, if you search for “How to stop Kahoot bots” you will have less information because till now, there is no perfect fix of this issue. But, Kahoot team is continuously working on finding the solution to stop bot spam on your favorite game.

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