What is Tracfone? 5 Best Trackfone Smartphone

Well, when we begin discussing smartphones, now and then – we come across a concept called Tracfone. What exactly is a Tracfone? The idea tends to get complicated quite often, and people tend to get confused. We thought of clearing this confusion and explore the concept of Tracfone in a more exquisite detail. Let us check out what is Tracfone and what do they do in this post. We will also explore a few top Tracfone smartphones as well.

What is Tracfone?

Tracfone is one of the wireless carriers who has been around since the year 1996. In fact, what makes them one of the excellent choices is the fact that they are the best options in terms of affordability.

With plans ranging as low as $ 15, Tracfone is something you would not want to miss out on. With the No Contract feature, they would be one of the best alternatives to go with in comparison to the host of other operators. You can be assured of the excellent coverage and quality, sans the restrictions and monthly costs associated with other carriers. You can carry forward your unused minutes to the next month, and that should be one of the attractive options that Tracfone offers you.

With those affordable options, you may be under an impression that you need to stuck with an inferior service with some below standard device in your hand. Don’t worry – Tracfone supports and allows the use of a dedicated line of high-end smartphones – the branded ones – that have been specially designed to work on their network. In fact, you can even use an unlocked smartphone you already have.

How does Tracfone Work?

Well, for a Tracfone service, you need to have a phone- whether a Tracfone device or your own existing smartphone. You can check the compatibility of the device with the Tracfone services. If you already have Tracfone compatible phones, you can opt for the airtime cards in different amounts.

You can buy airtime in multiple amounts of 60, 120, 200, 450 or more amounts. Each of these cards come with specific validity. You can make and receive calls as long as you have the validity and airtime available. You buy a new card when you exhaust either of them.

Why Opt for Tracfone?

If you are someone who is into using too much of your smartphone and make use of it for texting and calling quite a lot, you may not be well off with prepaid options. You will possibly end up spending too much on buying extra minutes.

However, in case you are someone who does not make not more than a few calls per week, and just a few text messages Tracfone is the best option you can go with. You can buy the minutes and phones either through the Tracfone stores or through online mode. You can also go with the promo codes you would continue to get at constant intervals for additional benefits.

Top 5 best Tracfone Smartphones

Whether you are opting for their BYOP program or choosing your own device, you have a good choice at your disposal. You can choose a few good Tracfone smartphones easily.

Here are a few best Tracfone smartphones you can check out.

#1 Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro should be one of the prime choices for the excellent Tracfone devices you can go with. With a large 5.5-inch touchscreen, you have access to over thousands of apps. The 8 MP rear camera coupled with a 5 MP front snapper makes it a good choice for your imaging experience.

The long-lasting battery of 3300 mAh should ideally last you over a day’s usage. An attractive design with a full 4G LTE functionality would make it a great smartphone. One of the most affordable Tracfone devices, it runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

#2  ZTE Majesty Pro Plus LTE

No matter what you are looking to hook into, the 1.1 GHz processor can handle all the tasks you throw at it. The 4.5-inch display would make it a great choice along with a 16 GB internal storage.

You have access to a 5 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera for your photography requirements. The non removable battery at 2100 mAh would make it a comfortable choice. The 2 GB RAM capacity would make it a great choice for all your requirements. The smartphone runs on Android 7.1.1.

#3 Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro

The Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro is one of the excellent Tracfone devices you can go with. It features a 16 GB internal storage and supports external storage up to 32 GB. The 1.4 GHz quadcore processor offers you an excellent functionality in terms of a great performance.

An excellent option for under $100, it offers you a battery capacity of 2600 mAh. You would have access to a larger 5-inch screen and a 5 MP rear camera. If you are looking for a mid-sized performer with your Tracfone SIM card, it can be a good option for all your needs.

#4 LG Rebel

One of the greatest Tracfone smartphones, the 4G LTE device comes with a storage capacity of 8 GB. The 1.1 GHz Quadcore processor can handle almost all your needs in terms of performance. The 32 GB expandability option available should help you make use of multiple applications.

The built-in MP3 player functionality should provide you a greater service. One of the excellent Tracfone smartphones under $ 50, you can consider it as a good alternative for the expensive Galaxy smartphones. However, the smaller touchscreen at 4.5 inches may be a negative option for some of you. However, we treat it an impressive smartphone.

#5 ZTE ZFive 2

The ZTE ZFive two can be one of the excellent devices for those who tend to be busy enough with their schedule. The processor comes with the 1.4 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM. The 2800 mAh should provide you a formidable backup.

The 5 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera should satisfy most of your imaging requirements. The 8 GB internal storage offers you a good deal of option to save your files. The phone runs on Android Marshmallow.

In Conclusion

Well, that was a brief description of what Tracfone is and which Tracfone compatible phones you can go with. In fact, Tracfone should be an excellent choice for your needs. In fact, the service has tie-ups with telecom services like Verizon, AT & T and Sprint and thus make use of their networks for the service provided through Tracfone phones.

If you have decided to go with Tracfone, you can either opt for the phones supplied by the service provider itself or go with any smartphone that is compatible with Tracfone. Choice is yours!




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