10 Best Games Like Eve Online

Do you love space exploration? Spacecraft combats? Great in-game trading systems? What if you get it all with great graphics? Then it will truly be a dream come true, right. Many people love playing games that offer an open world to explore. There’s something unique about putting in the hours to explore every nook and cranny of a galaxy and being part of a wide universe. If you love all these and more, then Eve Online will be the perfect game for you. 

What is Eve Online?

If you are new to the game or haven’t even heard of it, then, of course, this will be your very first question. The name Eve Online doesn’t give much away in terms of what it is. The game is an MMO community-driven spaceship game. Players can play freely here and choose paths, which then lead to further countless options. 

Why do we need Eve Online alternatives?

When people begin playing a kind or type of game they like, the urge is often to find similar games which give one the same satisfaction. With Eve Online, many people want to engage in space exploration, PvE, and PvP battles and interact with a large player fanbase. If you are looking for games similar to Eve Online, then scroll below to get a whole list of games like Eve Online

  1. Perpetuum

This game is like Eve Online and even features a player-driven world. Perpetuum has an MMORPG theme where players have to control robots. Players will have to travel from an island to the other using teleportation. Gamers will get to choose from a variety of in-game activities and professions. Players will get to trade, mine, fight, manufacture, engage in artifact hunting, and more.


  1. Star Conflict

This MMO action-packed space game is one of the games similar to Eve Online. The main theme here is of space simulation. This is an open-world game and features only the multiplayer mode. Players are assigned various roles, and they have to crew combat spaceships. While playing, gamers establish in-game personalized tactics and skills to survive. The different missions and modes help keep this game unpredictable and exciting. 

  1. Elite Dangerous

This first-person online game set in 3304 AD is one of the very best Eve Online alternatives. This open-world game will let you enjoy combat simulation, space adventure, as well as trading. Whether you love the multiplayer or single-player, both formats are here. The Milky Way Galaxy has inspired the world environment here. Elite Dangerous combined MMO elements too. Players will get to trade, mine, assassinate, and more in this game. There are both illegal and legal activities here. 

  1. No Mans Sky

No Man’s Sky is another one of the amazing games like eve online. This action-adventure, as well as a survival game, needs the player to engage in exploration, survival, and combat. The universe here consists of a giant 14-quintillion planets. Each planet is different and has a unique ecosystem. Players have to explore this open universe. Trading and collecting resources is a major part of the game. It allows for both multiplayer and single-player modes. 

  1. Vendetta Online

Vendetta Online is another game like Eve Online. The science-fiction universe here comes loaded with MMORPG elements. Players will be able to enjoy PvNPC as well as PvP fights here. The main mission in this game is simply to shoot the opponent’s ship while avoiding incoming fire. This 3D space game comes with a flight model that works in real-time. As for combat systems, you will control them from the third and the first person. 


  1. Oolite

Oolite gives players a 3D in-gameworld gaming experience. It is a good Eve Online alternative as it adds to it in its way. The game is free, as well as open-source. To accompany the open-world theme, there are open endings too. You will be able to engage in combat simulation as well as space trading here. Note that Oolite is a single-player game only. The player here is a spacecraft pilot. The craft can travel to nearby planets and planetary systems by going through wormholes. There’s just one inhabitable planet in the planetary systems; the player must identify and then explore it. 

  1. FTL Faster Than Light

This is one of the best games like Eve Online. FTL is a real-time space game that makes use of strategy. This game has to be controlled from the top-down perspective. Note that FTL only allows for the single-player mode. Players will have to control a spacecraft and its crew. The main objective here is to ensure that critical pieces of information reach the allied fleets. But it’s not going to be that easy since a rebel fleet will chase you. The gaming environment is eight broad planetary systems. 

  1. X3 Terrain Conflict

This game is one of the best Eve Online alternatives. Note that the theme here is to engage in combat simulation as well as space trading. The universe here has been divided into multiple sectors. These sectors are owned and ruled by multiple races like argon, split, tela, and more. Players will get to explore this vast in-game universe by using devices known as jump gates. X3TC game has only one mode, and that’s the single-player one. 

  1. Dark Orbit

Dark Orbit is a space action online multiplayer game and a worthy Eve Online alternative. In this game, players will have to command a spacecraft and combat against NPC characters. The gaming environment here is 3D isometric, while the plot is space-themed. You will have to select a company before beginning your mission. The objective of the game is to get wealth as well as power for your company. 

  1. Black Desert

Black Desert game takes the form of a conflict between the two nations and thus can be a good option for the best single-player games like EVE Online. While the main activity within the game is combat, you can also indulge in other activities and professions such as cooking and fishing. There are other advanced activities, such as establishing trade and tending to your housing.



Eve Online is a fun and engaging game. So people will want to look for other games which give them the same pleasure. These games similar to Eve Online, are not copycats. They bring there own unique world and gameplay, which makes it more fun rather than monotonous. Most games here will offer you the opportunity of space exploration, trading, and combat. These are offered by Eve Online as well. So sit back and enjoy these alternatives, which bring their unique twists. 

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