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HGT – Best Cryptocurrency Under $1



Before we start anything to mention about the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, we would like to state a disclaimer that, “trading/investing is risky, where you might multiply your wealth or even lose it completely. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, this market is super volatile, thus we do not want you to blindly trade/invest. Although the returns look astonishing, there is equally a very high risk of losing all your money in crypto, hence please do your own research before trading / investing. The information on our blog is not an investment advice!

best cryptocurrencies for 2018

Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2018

As we see daily, there are new altcoins coming up, several new updates about the existing coins, forks happening regularly etc… and some of these might just skip our eye, which might affect our investment portfolio.

We are here to provide you the updates about an at least couple of coins a month, brief you about their projects or sometimes we might just alert you about some news on the existing coin which might impact your investment decisions, and you might find the best cryptocurrencies of 2018 to invest in!

So, without spending more time let us get into knowing the best altcoin to invest in!!

# HGT – StableCoin from HelloGold Foundation

GOLDX is an operational coin that is gold-backed which can be purchased using Bitcoin or Etherium. This aims to offer the investors of crypto coins with the one of the world’s oldest stablecoin that helps them manage their crypto portfolio.

GOLDX is the product of HelloGold Foundation. The foundation believes that GoldX can play a very important role in investors’ crypto portfolio.

HGT holders receive a monthly share of profit, i.e. 10% paid in GOLDX tokens. HelloGold partnered with many lending companies that offer affordable loans to GOLDX holders depending on their balance.

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