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How To Protect Your Self From WifiKill – 2016

Today many people know how to block other users from wifi if you dont know read by previous article by click here,But problem is if your friends knows your wifi password and if they block you then.What you will do ? So Today i will show you “How To Protect Your Self From WifiKill” Just follow the below steps

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Steps To Protect Your Self From WifiKill

1.First of all, you need a rooted android and that’s very easy and you can do it.


2. Download Wifi Protector by clicking Below Button

   Click here to download

3.Open Wifi Protector and tap on menu button

How-To-Protect-Your -Self-From-WifiKill

4.After tapping Menu button menu willl open then tap on Settings

How-To-Protect-Your -Self-From-WifiKill

5.On next window Tick mark on Immunity (Root)

How-To-Protect-Your -Self-From-WifiKill

6.After you tick mark,tap on NOtification Settings

How-To-Protect-Your -Self-From-WifiKill

7.On next window tick mark on Vibration on Attact,Hono phone silent,Ringtone on Attack like below image

How-To-Protect-Your -Self-From-WifiKill

8.Thats It! Now whenever attacker attack on your device you will get the attack alert and its IP address Wifi Protecter Automatically prevent success of attacker

How-To-Protect-Your -Self-From-WifiKill

Now You Are Safe From Any Wifi Attackers 🙂

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So Above Trick is all about How To Protect Your Self From WIFIKILl ,Hope you like the post , don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below about any related queries

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