Are You Using Your Video Editor to Full Effect?

Now that everybody has a camera in their pocket that’s capable of recording in HD, there’s a staggering increase in the number of people who are creating and uploading content around everything – from their hobbies to just their normal lives. Some people think of it as more than just a way to document what they do, while others have turned it into a full-time job.


The goal of these content creators is to make the best content possible that will result in as many views as they can get. More views equal to more income – simple as that. In this oversaturated market, any budding video creator needs to be able to stand out from the crowd and have as much as they can go for them. Editing software has been the not-so-secret weapon of bloggers for years, but what’s always changing is the video editing techniques.

Here are some of the bigger trends in modern video creation that any would-be blogger needs to at least consider when making videos:


Our attention span appears to become smaller and smaller with each passing year. We click from video to video and webpage to webpage without a care in the world and leave the moment our attention fizzles out for greener pastures. Often, this translates into lazy scrolling or other forms of mass consumption. Adding subtitles to your videos allows your viewers to watch your content even if their current situation doesn’t allow for sound. These captions are easily added in from the editors overview in most software. It’s a low-commitment way for any viewers to get a small bit of your content to see if it entertains them. If you play your cards right, you’ll have something riveting right from the beginning, so they’ll want to watch more. Without captions, you alienate that entire section of viewers who don’t want to listen to the audio but might enjoy the content. It’s similar to uploading age-restricted content. In both scenarios, a large portion of potential viewers become alienated.

Trimming the Fat

Your content should be as concise and digestible and as humanly possible. Your viewers don’t like to be kept waiting, and if it takes you four minutes to answer a question that only needs thirty seconds, you won’t find a lot of people coming back. Editing software allows you to better dice up your content into individual, purposeful slices that can be tied together nicely. There’s also a significant opportunity to get rid of bad bits of sound where the speaker is hesitant or stumbles over their own words. It can be difficult to film a video that covers several different topics in a single take. With video editing, all of those mistakes can go away in post-production.


One of the best possible tips we can leave you with is that you should look at what sneaky editing tricks the most heavily watched videos employ, or scroll through your social media and see what techniques happen again and again. Adding captions to draw in people who can’t commit to switching audio sources has been a fairly recent change with stunning results. Editing is of the utmost importance when making videos. All the top dogs employ their software heavily, so if you want to contend with them, you’ll have to do the same.

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