7 Sites like Pastebin {Best Pastebin Alternatives}

sites like pastebin

The web-based application has catered to the interests of the mass by allowing them to share, upload, and write online. From an intuitive interface to convenient solutions, rare extensions and add-ons, and availability of unique tools for free. The application gives it all to its users. Still, sometimes, it might lag, and make, and to avoid any risk factor regarding your work, it is essential to explore some sites like Pastebin. 

Alternatives to Pastebin

1. Ideoneideone

The online compiler and debugging tool has much more to it than Pastebin and allows you to execute it up to sixty programming languages. It comes with several built-in features and tools that ensure your code works smoothly. It introduces us to the latest Sphere Engine technology that secures the server by keeping it remote while the program is running. Designed specifically for beginners and the pros, the particular website has a lot of sample codes to offer you that can help you solve significant glitches. 

  • Both experts and beginners can use it. 
  • It is equipped with Sphere Engine technology. 
  • A powerful editor ensures better performance. 


Do you want to create a blog or a newsletter? Then, is the perfect platform to do so. It is just not for building any website out there, but there is a lot to do with it. Unlike other websites, the particular one is quite hassle-free and allows you to publish your thoughts without being tracked. Whether you are a student or a writer, or anybody who loves to write, this platform caters to everyone’s interest. The best part about the particular website is that it allows you to avail of independent domains led by open-source software so that you can always self-host it. 

  • Simple and user-friendly interface. 
  • Keeps you focused.
  • Promotes reader-writer interaction. 

Price: $9/month, $72/year, $240/five years

3. PrivateBin


The online open-source platform makes sure that the server has no hint of what has been pasted on the page. The webpage is equipped with 256bit AES in Galois Counter mode that can encrypt and decrypt the data in the browser. Though a branch of ZeroBin, the particular one has been upgraded to a safer and easier extension. Compared to the other websites, PrivateBin doesn’t let you worry as a server administrator and gives you the option to delete any required paste from your system if any illegal activity enforced.

  • Avail storage for documents, texts, code samples, etc. 
  • Translation system and automatic browser language detection. 
  • QR code generation of URL for secure paste transfers to a mobile device. 

4. Hastebin


Developers out there who struggle to develop their website on Pastebin, Hastebin has come up to be the ideal peer. The platform makes it easy to create, upload, and share codes with your acquaintances. All you need to do is register with your email address and required information, and after signing up, go ahead and share unlimited content. Moreover, it’s a user-friendly interface, and accessible features make it convenient to navigate. 

  • Create independent snippets. 
  • Simple web interface. 
  • Post and share URLs via Twitter. 

5. JSFiddle


The online community and IDE service offer the users to feature the CSS, JavaScript, and HTML code snippets. It also works as a cloud-based JavaScript background that allows the users to tweak their codes and see real-time results. It is not only restricted to JavaScript but also allows HTML and CSS codes. Further, it promotes popular JavaScript frameworks, including JQuery, ReactiveJS, and Angular JS. 

  • Share codes easily. 
  • Access features with registration. 
  • Entirely free to use. 


Made specifically for front-end designers and developers, is known to be the best platform to create a website. It offers an excellent opportunity to showcase your work and derive inspiration from the front-end development portfolio. It is also led by a powerful editor that offers advanced settings, sources, and services that enhance your code and makes your code run faster. No matter who is your target audience, you can create something for everybody out there. CodePen includes core features such as live view, asset hosting, collaboration mode, embed themes, professional style, and custom CSS.

  • Showcase your skills.
  • Build test cases. 
  • Makes your code faster. 

7. CodeSandbox


Considered to be prototyping and an IDE tool for web development, the CodeSandbox allows the users to execute their ideas and test them whenever they want to do. All you need is just a web browser, and you can code from anywhere on this Earth without even availing any software. You are either provided with a template along with the application, or the website gets updated accordingly. The best part of the tool is that as you write, you can see the real-time changes that will help you improve for the best. 

  • Avail templates developed by the community for rapid web development. 
  • Embed iframes on any social platform. 
  • Promotes team collaboration and cooperation.


Each of the sites like Pastebin that we have mentioned has something unique of its own, and in no way can one be replaced with another. However, you can always get your work done with these options, in case one doesn’t work out. 

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